Thursday, May 16, 2013

CANNES DAY 1!!!! Are you ready for FASHION OVERLOAD!

First up... Great Gatsby! I love how Amitabh is enjoying his moment in the Hollywood sunshine. And why not, dude. He's certainly earned himself a victory lap or two. The Big B don't have to prove himself to nobody.

And let's take a moment to admire the fine Cannes Fashion Moment of a powder blue 1970s style jacket belted under the belly, with white slacks and white loafers, since he's being cropped out of most of the American and Western press photos.

SHINY TUX! Amitabh in a shiny tux!! Leo Who Now?

Oh, hello, handsome Silver Fox! Is that your coat dusted with glitz or are you just happy to see me?

And onstage.

I have zero interest in The Great Gatsby, although I think I'd like to read it now. I was listening to an NPR show on the film/book yesterday and the panel was gushing over the romance and how the reader/viewer at the end really just wants Gatsby to hook up with Daisy forever. (TWU WUV!) But... come on, now. Isn't a dude holding a torch for some girl for all those years just creepy and pathetic? I want to see if Fitzgerald is really that much of a romantic or if we've just been projecting it onto the story for the last 100 years.

Chin chin, old chap.

Vidya making us all proud!

Being pretty on stage...

Are you even prepared for this? SONAM-PALOOZA 2013!

I really want to know what they think of each other. And I love that Sonam makes Freida look like a gremlin.

Channeling Sharmila Tagore.

She looks oddly like Rekha. Don't you think? But like Rekha now... very gaunt.

Freida's shoulder blades.

And some... actress? model? Just kidding! Mallika Sherawat!

Photos courtesy Cannes Official Site and L'Oreal Paris.


Moimeme said...

You didn't read The Great Gatsby in freshman year at college? Sheesh! the kids these days! :)

TGG is as much of a romance as Devdas. A complex psychological study has, in both cases, been reduced/simplified on screen into "boy pines for girl forever." TGG is more social commentary than romance, in my view. But then I say the same about Jane Austen's novels, too. :)

eliza bennet said...

The Great Gatsby is not just about a creepy guy pining for the same woman. And to be honest I never thought it is a romantic book (in fact I don't think any of his books are romantic) And I certainly NEVER want him to end up with that Daisy bitch, no matter how shady he actually is.

The thing about the novel that gets to me most is how essentially good Gatsby is and how evil the Buchanans are. At least that is the way I see it.

With Fitzgerald I do not like any of his characters but his prose is simply and utterly delightful and he is a great storyteller.

The Great Gatsby is a book worth reading.

Janeheiress said...

I saw Gatsby last night. Yes, he pines for Daisy for years, but it's part of the complete illusion of the life he wants for himself, the stubborn hope he has for a flawed dream. Creepy, no. Pathetic...yes, perhaps. But we love him for it, anyway.

Amitabh was dynamite for the 5 minutes he was on screen. He oozed so much charisma that I wanted to reach into the movie and convince him not to leave!

Mo Pitz said...

Saw the pictures on Big B's Facebook this morning and was shocked. I thought Leo had lifts on but looked it up and saw he was 6'2" as well. Whaaaat? He does not look like a tall person.

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