Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday update... RIP Rituparno Ghosh

I had to post today when I saw the news... Rituparno Ghosh has passed away at age 49.

There is a nice tribute by Deepanjana Pal over at FirstPost.

With his bald head, kohl-lined eyes and feminine attire, Ghosh was unlike anyone Bengal (and India) had seen. Cross-dressing had been in the realms of caricature and parody in Indian society. Ghosh, however, was not treating either his wardrobe or his sexuality as a joke. The rumour mills churned away, but there was also grudging admiration at this proud display of transgender identity.

I don't know much about him but I feel inspired to watch his works now... and my thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.

And as long as I'm here, let's see what else is happening...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Get Ready To Be Boyzvoiced: A Norwegian Interlude.

Here is a little something that was sitting on my harddrive for a while. I had submitted it to another site but they never got back to me so... in lieu of Bollywood talk, please enjoy GET READY TO BE BOYZVOICED aka the Greatest Film You've Never Seen.

“Because modernism has conquered art, kitsch is the savior of talent and devotion.” - Odd Nerdrum

In the winter of 1999, Norwegian boy band Boyzvoice’s debut single “Let Me Be Your Father Christmas” reached the number one spot on the pop charts. The song was a catchy, sleighbell-tinged slow jam dedicated to a woman who had lost her faith in Santa Claus:

Let me be your Father Christmas tonight (tonight)

Klippety-klopp, ding-dong (ding-dong merrily on high)

Feels alright

Let's make love behind the Christmas tree

Where nobody sees us

Hooray, hooray, it's the birthday of Jesus

Boyzvoice, in true boy band fashion, wasn’t a real band but were hastily assembled by Espen Eckbo and Henrik Elvestad to give a face to the song they had written. The unexpected success of the single, which stayed in the Top 20 for ten weeks, extended Boyzvoice’s expiration date and the “Boyz” - going by the stage names M’Pete, Hot Tub, and Roar - would have the chance to record an album and perform at Norway’s annual HitAwards.

This is where Get Ready To Be Boyzvoiced (2000) begins.

Everything up to this point in the story of Boyzvoice is true.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

CANNES! We're reaching the end...

What in the name of Helen is this outfit?! I want to love it for being solid gold funky but somehow I just can't.

Well, let's get to the last bits of filmi news dribbling out of Cannes.

Sunday Post: Caught at the airport edition!

My dear friends, I'm sorry to say that posting will be sporadic at best until next week... probably Tuesday. You see, my brother's wedding is on Saturday and there are a lot of family and friends coming to town and my services are required.

I'll see if I can get permission to post a few pictures!

In the meantime...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Post: Ishkq in Paris... as stupid as the spelling?

Shall we start off with a little Times of India douchery? Sans Serif catches us up with their harassment of a 22 year old legal student for writing a blog post about their ongoing dispute with the Financial Times by posting an excerpt of her professor's response:

10) “We are particularly amused at your allegation that a 22-year-old law student caused “irreparable injury” and “loss of reputation” to a powerful media house by highlighting a highly technical trademark dispute of public importance and reflecting on the protracted nature of the litigation. Continue to amuse us, and we may begin to reciprocate.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cannes Day 8-9!


AMEESHA PATEL, ladies and gents! Here she is in the (undead) flesh, straight from the sets of Go Goa Gone. That pancake make-up is so thick, it looks like the make-up artist thought she would be starring in a 1960s film opposite Mehmood instead of walking the red carpet at Cannes.

I'm also a little disappointed at her dress. I was hoping for something a bit more fun from Ameesha but I suppose Sherlyn Chopra already cornered the market on see-through dresses.

And now for actual film reports...

Thursday post... send in the models!

Ah! Quick edit to add that the new film this week is... the Telugu remake of Vettai. Probably with no subtitles but I might check it out... AFTER I SEE FAST AND FURIOUS 6, BABY!

Come to Filmi Girl, Michelle... and back to your regularly scheduled programming.

One of the more thoughtful reflections on Hindi cinema to pop up...

For an explanation, one could go back to classical Indian aesthetics with the actor as a mirror on which emotions appear and vanish; it was about representation, not reality. Or one could subscribe to the idea of the actor conveying a mode of actorly being rather than a sense of being in the world. Looking at Shahrukh Khan (that consummately bad actor, who asserts with ironic pride that he has five expressions in his repertoire) one sees a stratified history of Hindi film acting. He is the medium summoning up shades of earlier actors like Shammi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna and Dilip Kumar, and at his best he is Bachchan. But we have been there. We are among family.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CANNES Day 7-8! (It's day 8 now, right?)

LOOK! It's Kylie!! I'm suddenly feeling the need to fall in love at first sight!

Before gorgeous Aishwarya pictures, please to be having some interviews!

Wednesday Post: So many star sons, so little time...

Here's a nice little piece from The Diplomat about Bollywood and Indian cinema.

But in the midst of all this chatter, one simple fact often gets buried from view for all but aficionados of Indian film. In short, Bollywood – as we know it today and as it is being reported on heavily this month by media around the world – has only existed since the 1990s.

“The term 'Bollywood' is used to mean the Mumbai-based Hindi film industry in its post-liberalization phase. Economic liberalization came to India only in the 1990s,” Parichay Patra, a graduate student at Monash University who is co-editing Salaam Cinema: Representations and Interpretations Celebrating 100 Years of Bombay Cinema, told The Diplomat.

I'm not sure I'd use the economic angle but certainly the 1990s is a dividing point we can agree on.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cannes Day 6!

Here's the toast of France, one Mr. Anurag Kashyap, receiving his Order of Arts and Letters. Four films he's associated with are being screened. FOUR. France loves them some Anurag.

But one question has been niggling... where on Earth is Kalki?! Come on, now! How come we haven't seen her in fabulous frocks all up and down the red carpet?! Don't tell me there is something to those rumors of D.I.V.O.R.C.E.? I mean, with KJo also in Cannes and Kalki in Dharma's upcoming Another Film In Which A Young-Ish Guy Doesn't Know What Love Is And Has A Girl Helpfully Teach Him At The Expense Of Her Own Autonomy, I would have thought she'd have made an appearance or two.

And Reema.

I'm disappointed that Zoya didn't give Reema a chance to wear a flash tux and strut down the red carpet exactly like the boss she is.

Meanwhile Vaiju Naravane at the Hindu gives a round up of happenings at the Indian Pavilion... including a VEGETARIAN DISASTER. (I empathize. Seriously, I do.)

But this quote was telling:

Thierry Fremeaux, the Festival’s co-director said: “There have always been two traditions in Indian cinema, that of Bollywood and that of the cinema d’auteur of which Satyajit Ray is the best-known exponent. Today we can clearly see the emergence of a third stream, that of independent film-makers who are going international through co-productions, breaking away from the old mould to give us a new vibrant cinema that portrays the fast-paced reality of a changing India.”

Read: "breaking away from the old mould" and "portrays the fast-paced reality" to mean "making movies that Europeans and Americans can understand instead of that Communist Song and Dance Crap."

Well, AK seems to have gotten one thing out of this besides a trip to the sea side... Fox Star Studios is producing Bombay Velvet. Which is now apparently the first part of a trilogy. Get ready for Cannes 2015-2018!

Tuesday Post: Kid Krrish... how many signs are we at?

Here she is, ladies and gents, India's most beautiful... according to some dude at People Magazine who was encouraged to tie this up with the promotions for Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and dragged Dippy in her orange coverup straight from the pool.

Monday, May 20, 2013

CANNES!! Days 5-6!

Our Lady of Glamour returns! AISHWARYA RAI IS BACK! Rocking an classic, hour glass, Mad Men style that I highly approve of.

Monday Gossip: Rocking a sweet Ghostbusters hat.

Good morning! So, who actually went out to see Aurangzeb? Not too many, apparently, since box office wasn't too good. By all accounts, the blame doesn't lie with Arjun Kapoor but with Aditya Chopra and Yash Raj - the reason I didn't go.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cannes Day 5

A piece from Reuters on how India is trying to ditch the "Bollywood" tag at Cannes. Nothing new but I thought this statistic was interesting:

In 2011 India saw a 42 percent jump in the number of Hollywood movies shot there with several Hollywood studios such as Disney, News Corp's Fox, and Sony entering deals with or buying stakes in Indian companies.

There has also been a surge in the number of Hollywood movies released in India, where 3.6 billion film tickets were sold last year. Hollywood studios have been releasing their films in India simultaneously with their North American releases and also dubbing films in various regional Indian languages.

Snap of the Bombay Talkies crew courtesy of Karan Johar's twitter feed.

The only story today is Ugly promotions from Anurag Kashyap.

It’s a terrible tale of corruption, indifference, and systemic violence, shot full of a wicked, black humour. When the father and his friend approach the police to register the child’s disappearance, there is a meandering, cruelly drawn-out scene that comes straight out of absurdist theatre. Kafka’s influence on Kashyap is very evident in this remarkably crafted and acted scene.

You know, it's odd. Last night I watched the inconsequential but pleasant Mere Dad Ki Maruthi. What really separates a film like Ugly from one like Mere Dad Ki Maruthi? Aren't they just two sides of the same coin? A lost car and a lost girl. Only one is optimistic at the end, full of belief in consumer culture, with no time for old men's complaints about corruption. (Like literally, there is a very funny sequence where the Hero mocks his father and uncles for rambling on about it over their whiskey.)

I'm not sure what my point is here but the Kafka mention got me thinking about some other reading I did this week. It's all well and good to rage against the machine but if the only people you're raging to agree with you but have cynically accepted whatever it is you're raging against, what's the point but a big circle jerk? Yesterday I also happened to be reading about the modern day slavery that exists in places like Immokalee, Florida and when I went to the grocery store, all I could see was blood and sweat and tears covering every strawberry and leaf of lettuce. And I paid a dollar more for organic, not that it wasn't the same people picking both but we all felt that good left-wing righteousness, I'm sure, with our organic strawberries.

Actually, going back to the first piece, do you know what my dream project from Anurag Kashyap is? I think I've said this before but I would love to see an American encounter film made for mainstream global audiences based on the Wounded Knee Incident. How badass would that be? Kashyap flipping the tables and pulling a reverse Danny Boyle to make a film about how badly Americans screwed our own indigenous population.

Back to more glamour tomorrow with Aishwarya making her appearance!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

CANNES Day 3-4!

The big excitement of the day apparently occurred when some douchnozzle fired blanks into a crowd, causing a huge panic.

Oh, right. And there was a massive jewel heist.

Because the world is going to shit and not even the glamour of Cannes is safe.


There were no snaps of big Bolly stars, but instead we had the premiere of Monsoon Shootout!

Friday, May 17, 2013


First of all, I can't get enough of this outfit, okay?! YOU MAKE IT WORK, BIG B!

Friday Post: *shares Significant Look with Ranveer Singh*

Cannes, Cannes, Cannes... I'm loving the fuss but not everybody is excited:

It is fine to insist, as some do, that international film festivals and their awards are of little consequence. If that is indeed so, let’s also please ban the Bollywood-rules-Cannes blather that we are forced to endure each year. If high-brow global cinema is pretentious, then let’s not use it as an excuse for low-brow publicity for the likes of Sherlyn Chopra who breathlessly claims, “I can’t wait to doll up in various Indian avatars to promote the epic film at the most prestigious film festival.”

The ‘epic film’ that Ms Chopra will be unveiling at Cannes: The second trailer — of Kamasutra 3D.

Okay, okay. Point taken.

But what if I enjoy the seeing Ms Chopra all dolled up and posing next to Audrey Tautou because the low brow-high brow contrast?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

CANNES DAY 1!!!! Are you ready for FASHION OVERLOAD!

First up... Great Gatsby! I love how Amitabh is enjoying his moment in the Hollywood sunshine. And why not, dude. He's certainly earned himself a victory lap or two. The Big B don't have to prove himself to nobody.

And let's take a moment to admire the fine Cannes Fashion Moment of a powder blue 1970s style jacket belted under the belly, with white slacks and white loafers, since he's being cropped out of most of the American and Western press photos.

Thursday Post: Just one puff...

A non-fashion Cannes update! Remakes of Rambo and the Expendables among others, have been announced. How many signs of the Apocalypse have there been this week already? Does this make seven?

“We believe by officially remaking these titles we can maximize the fan following these titles have enjoyed over the years as they will surely be record breaking box-office draws when remade for Indian audiences,” [Samir Gupta of WaterFront Films (part of Cinema Capital Venture Fund)] said.

Why? WHY?! Not that the story of Rambo wouldn't make a good foundation of a masala film but who is the audience for a remake like this? Shouldn't they be looking for "adaptation" rather than "remake"?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


First up we have Sonam Kapoor and Freida Pinto... are they friends? Frenemies? Do they ignore each other as soon as the cameras go away? Who can say.

Snap is courtesy Sonam's instragram page, which apparently I need to check more often because in between the selfies and snaps of food she isn't going to eat there are gems like this:

Selfies with Bebo! Probably posted because she makes Bebo look short and fat and rather ungainly... you know Kareena wouldn't let this out. How much would I love to hang out with this crew?! And by hang out, I mean follow around and observe all the petty bickering brought on by hunger and too much air-conditioning.

And here is our Vidya reporting for Jury Duty in the 2013 equivalent of a sensible frock... or am I missing something. She looks too matronly. More oomph or more glamour. Or both, please, madam. This is Cannes, darling!

Wednesday Post: If every word in my post was replaced letter by letter...

Happy Birthday to Madhuri Dixit!

Koimoi has 10 things to love about Madhuri:

My painting teacher once told me the story of world famous painter M.F Hussain’s eloquent love for Madhuri. Labelling her as his muse, she personified the epitome of womanhood for this celebrated painter. Hussain went on to cast Madhuri in one of his films, based on the painting that drew inspiration from the persona of the actress. It is rumored that the painter had watched Madhuri’s 1994 blockbuster 67 times and when she returned to acting in 2007, he booked an entire hall to watch Aaja Nachle all by himself!

Mid-Day has a couple more images up of her item with Ranbir. YOU JUST KNEW WHAT WOULD MAKE ME GO TO THIS STUPID FILM, DIDN'T YOU, DHARMA! Well, who knows. Maybe the trailers are deceiving and it's not yet another film about a boy who doesn't know what (Hollywood-style rom-com) love is and has it taught to him by a girl whose only purpose in live (apparently) is to provide (Hollywood-style rom-com) love tutions.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Post: Brrrrr... I mean Brrrr...tles.

Good mornings! We've hit a bit of a cold spell here... it's been FREEZING COLD! IN MAY! As a great man once said: *brrrrrrrrr*

Speaking of *brrrrrrrr* - Americans! Go have some Penn Jillette ice cream, which is delicious and only available this week. I think I've mentioned before that I'm a huge Penn & Teller fan. Actually, I'm mostly a Teller fan, BUT I like Penn, too. His podcast is always worth listening to for old show biz stories and his theories on entertaining, which are wonderful. Penn always surprises. Plus he's from my home state of Massachusetts!

Anyways. Americans. Penn ice cream. It's delicious. I'm not getting paid for this. Listen to his podcast.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Post: There's a Hamm-aconda loose in India...

It's interesting, isn't it, how our expectations can color a viewing of a film. I know I've written before about that odd feeling of waiting for an interval that never appears and of the tension that comes if the first song is held off too long. But I was struck by a line in this review of Go Goa Gone [minor spoiler alert]: "...Nidimoru and DK’s screenplay fizzles out halfway through, failing to flesh out a budding love story between Luv and a pretty young partygoer (Pooja Gupta)."

Um... what budding love story? The "love story" where Vir Das is a semi-creepy "nice guy" and Pooja has to say she's not interested about a billion times?

I wonder how much the expectation of a love story between those two characters colored the reviewer's impression of the second half of the film. When it didn't go as expected, did she get frustrated? Personally, I was glad there was no romance - especially between those two characters. It was a nice negation of the usual trope where the hottie falls for the pushy, whiny writer/audience stand-in dude as soon as danger strikes.

I haven't done a broad look at Go Goa Gone reviews but I wonder if this so-called "love story" is mentioned anywhere else.

Neither Go Goa Gone nor Gippi is breaking any box office records but I wish the best for both films! They are both targeting niche audiences, after all, so a large response is probably out of the question.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Go Goa Gone: Go Goa Go... the theater to check it out!

Let me state up front that I am not a zombie film connoisseur. Actually, I’m not even a zombie film fan. My opinion lines up more with Bella’s snarky frenemy Jessica in the New Moon movie:

“I don't know why you wanna sit through all those zombies eating people, and no hot guys kissing anybody. It's gross. Like why are there that many zombie movies anyway? Is it supposed to like draw a parallel about leprosy? My cousin had leprosy, it's not funny, you know? And like is it supposed to be a metaphor for consumerism? Because don't be so pleased with your own like...self-reverential cleverness, you know? Like, some girls like to shop.”

I think it’s important to state this up front because zombie movies, like many other Western horror/fantasy/sci-fi genre films, have dedicated fanboys who can and will debate minutia until the sun comes up and fries them all. Are they fast-moving or slow-moving zombies? Is it canon? What are the mechanics of zombification? Who gives a shit? It’s all fucking made up, bro. Filmi Girl don’t play that game and she doesn’t care what kind of zombies feature in Go Goa Gone and whether or not they fit arbitrary fanboy criteria for this and that.

So, bearing all of this in mind... I really enjoyed Go Goa Gone!

Friday, May 10, 2013


My filmi plate is full this weekend! GO GOA GONE! Although the glowing reviews have me nervous, since I so rarely agree with critics. We'll see, I guess! (Check out pictures of a filmi screening to include a bitchy looking Saif and a gorgeous no-make up Bebo AND Lolo giving some sweet side-eye to the photographer.

New Yorkers! I'm considering coming up to see Bunty Berman Presents... Has anybody gone? What did you think? The New York Times is less than complimentary but then some of the complaints seem to be that the parodies aren't funny but I wonder if that has something to do with the reviewer not knowing what the parodies are parodying in the first place. (If you know what I mean.)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday post: HAIL TO THE KING.

With Shootout at Wadala still doing okay at the box office, on it's heels come the two medium-ish sized competitors: Gippi and Go Goa Gone. (Though I'm assuming Shootout is doing better business at single screens and the two this weekend will be more multiplex fare.)

To start, GO GOA GONE! It's playing at my theater and believe you me, after the horrible weekend I had last weekend, I am NOT MISSING THIS for the world. Kunal Khemu. Raj & DK. Zombies. SAIF PLAYING A RUSSIAN HIT MAN! I am already queuing for tickets. In spirit.

Saifu talks about his role:

...[T]here was a moment where we really did all stop and ask, 'Look, do we really want to do this?' and there was a bit of a shrug of the shoulders and we thought, 'Well let's just go for it', because we were driven by the idea of doing something fun. But it does get a tiny bit frightening because it could not have been received like it has been received so far. The trailer made a big difference, because it was funny."

I think Saif is really nervous about this but he has my vote of confidence! Besides, Saif also dropped this gem: There's this video game called Duke Nukem.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sonam Kapoor for L'Oreal... for Cannes!


Madam Sonam is one of the starlets walking the red carpet for L'Oreal, so expect to be seeing a lot more of her! These are from the L'Oreal press meet to show off their L'Or Sunset Cannes.

I love the glamour of Cannes! And despite the inherent biases in the selection process, I love that it gathers cinema people from all over the world. One of these years... one of these years... I'll get there.

(Photos courtesy of L'Oreal Paris, India)

Wednesday Post: The Cannes-spolsion is'a comin'!

Maybe I'm just in a good mood this morning (finally, ammirite?) but Amitabh getting all excited for a shout-out in Variety is really cute.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Post: Shut up and Bounce

Let's start today with an interview with Ranbir Kapoor, in which he says absolutely nothing of consequence.

Except maybe this: You have to understand film-making is a very expensive medium, and by doing in film endorsements sometimes you cover a large part of your cost. But you have to do that sensibly. It cannot seem forced because you are anyway trying to create a world and make people believe in that world that you are showing and if you are holding a packet of detergent powder and advertising that in a movie through your character it doesn’t make sense unless it’s part of the screenplay. So I don’t believe in that myself.

Very interesting to see his take on endorsements as something practical that you do for cash.

But, like anything, there are consequences to taking this money.

Imagine Shahrukh wearing that Gap sweartshirt today, knowing that Gap makes their clothes in the same kind of death trap factories that have caused so many deaths in Bangladesh. What is his responsibility, if any?

But coming back to "Pepsi," Ranbir's character in the upcoming film, soda and sugary drinks, taken in moderation, are perfectly fine for health but there are also huge negative impacts on the environment. When there is water insecurity and drought for many people across India, is supporting these huge multinational companies that contribute to this problem the right thing to do? Or is it just a sugary drink? And what does this corporate funding mean when it comes to who these films are being made for? i.e. People who can afford to buy a Gap sweatshirt instead of the people who make them.

I'm not saying I have the right answer or that taking corporate money to fund a film is necessarily wrong but what I am saying is that taking corporate money means these questions never get raised - especially in the films that they fund. We won't see Ranbir dishooming any factory owners or participating in garment worker strikes but we will see him in a Gap sweatshirt, drinking a Pepsi and I don't know if he's even thought about his decision.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Post: Dum, dum, da-duuuuummmmm...

As I am already beyond tired of family wedding drama (with still a month to go), let's forget all about bullshit heteronormative rituals thought up by the American Wedding Industrial Complex and concentrate on the big story today, which is from Mid-Day, which is on top of the Nargis-Uday flirtation. Nurday? Urgis? Let's make it happen, people, and ship her out to LA to be a real housewife.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Post: Good for certain things...

The Denver Post has fun, if scattered, slide show up celebrating 100 years of Indian film!

Look it's Chitrashi Rawat in a barrel! What does it have to do with 100 years of Indian cinema? Who cares! Hi, Chitrashi! I missed you!

I've had to sift through a pile of crappy articles aimed at the kind of person who reads Yahoo! News in America, that all seem culled from the same set of talking points about how Bollywood is turning 100 and, wow, they make romantic song and dance movies but, gee, now the industry is "evolving" and isn't that something.

What a load of tripe.

Sometimes I wonder... do people not care about not getting things right? Do outlets just assume people don't read these things anyways so why not throw up a lazy set of talking points and a picture or two of Aishwarya Rai just to get page clicks? There is so much garbage out there masquerading as information...

Lucky for you, you have me to sift through it with the trained eye of a librarian.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Post: Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?

My dears! Apologies for missing yesterday. See, my brother is getting married in about a month and big wedding countdown has started. Events; functions; events. Things will be patchy until the beginning of June. Please bear with me!


Review round-up for Bombay Talkies. Reactions range from over-the-moon to meh. I have no idea what I'll think about it. None.

Meanwhile, Shootout at Wadala seems exactly as advertised - a gore fest peppered with bits glamourizing organized crime. And terrible dialogues, terribly delivered.

Also - have some chucklehead on FB offering to take my hand and "pull [me] out of the Rabbit Hole of Fantasy away from Bollywood and show [me] the real World of Indian & World Cinema."

Helen save me from condescending dudes with a hard-on for "real" cinema.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Post: (And so tired I misspelled that twice...)

(You'll have to excuse me, I'm a little sleepy today because I stayed up late watching the new concert DVD of my FAVORITE IDOL GROUP which was just delivered from Japan last night!! And WOW! If you are a fan of stagecraft, light design, and... AMAZING POP MUSIC... here is the commercial. This stuff is really hard to find online or I'd share some clips with you. Why didn't they get this production team to do the song for Bombay Talkies, hmm?)

^^ Bebo at the Bharat and Dorris Hair and Make-up Awards!

Also in attendance were Hrithik, Salman, Jackie Shroff, Raveena Tandon, and Anil Kapoor.

I checked a few places and India Today has the best gallery of photos. And I also checked to see what the program was or awards or who was honored and aside from a few filmi blurbs, I didn't see anything.

But if anybody can sing the praises of hair and make-up artists, it's Kareena Kapoor!

Here's to the talented people who keep our stars looking so gorgeous! May your brushes never dull and your powder never cake.


People out in the Bay Area (San Fran, I mean) might want to check this out. Filmmaker Rucha Humnabadkar is making a film out that way...

“It’s the story of every Indian who comes to the Bay Area with dreams of making it big,” says Rucha. The script is written by Rishi Bhilawadikar, who is actor Atul Kulkarni’s nephew, and is based on posts from his blog, Stuff Desis Like. “I met Rishi about a year ago and we got talking about this script that he’d written. I was interested in making the film right off the bat,” she says.


A sarcastic letter in support of Ekta Kapoor, regarding the matter of tax relief.

Let me offer you five reasons why Ekta Kapoor should be spared from these IT raids.

1. Through her family-oriented teleserials, she has taught an entire generation of Indian women the social graces of how to conduct themselves within the family – or face expulsion. Sociologists concede that her serials are arguably the most potent threat to the joint family culture. But then, that automatically means many more nuclear households, with more drivers of consumption, all of which contribute more tax money. By rights, all those tax credits ought to come to Ekta Kapoor.


Ishkq in Paris is going to be released and though I'm looking forward to the reviews, I think we'll all end up regretting this one.


Check out this fantastic interview with Reluctant Fundamentalist star Riz Ahmed! He seems like a sharp guy... I'm pretty sure we wouldn't get along, though. But then maybe I should have guessed, considering he apparently thinks Trishna was good. Definitely worth checking out the interview, though.


Finally, Mala Sinha is boycotting the Dadasaheb Phalke Awards because she does not feel they treated her with respect.

Speaking exclusively to After Hrs, the actress says, “They’ve done grave injustice to me. They haven’t even mentioned my name on the invitation card!"

Ma'am, you will always be A-list on Filmi Girl's blog. You tell those people a thing or two! Old is gold!

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