Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Post: GET READY TO PARTY!

TOIFA. It's coming closer… and the IB Times is on it.

It is not a surprise that fans and the audiences of the show would be interested in the film stars and their upcoming performances more than the controversy of "vote scandal" lurking around the show.

The IB Times seems to be referencing this article from Vancouver's Metro News where an intrepid reporter went to the airport and talked to three people who were waiting to see stars arrive.

But TOIFA won the Liberals at least one vote in the crowd – if only Maheep Pannu was old enough to hit the ballots. “If I was voting, I would vote for the Liberals because they’re bringing Bollywood into Vancouver,” the 17-year-old said.

Unfortunately the IB Times missed the one epic comment at the bottom of the page from one Yogesh Kumar Bhatia:

The likes of SRK, the Bachhans, Kapoors, etc. are all elitists who have a C-rated skill of making supposedly "entertaining movies with well-built, thinly clothed women who can certainly dance. But that does not make an actor or give them the right to spend my money for their ego-driven self-aggrandizement!

The Vancouver Sun is on top of the C and D list celebs and bold faced names arriving though they seem to be confusing them for A listers… possibly because the Vancouver Staff can't tell their Shreyas Talpades from their Shahrukh Khans. Or maybe it's just the spell of the notorious personal charm of one Mr. Abhishek Bachchan. Who I suppose is technically an A-lister, or at least has an A-list name.

Meanwhile poor little Surrey has been totally overlooked.

BUT if you are in Vancouver and want to spot your own C-lister, do check out this list of star spotting locations. I will totally post any photos sent to me. especially with Anurag Kashyap whose interest in the scandals seemed to extend as far as the media not talking about his troubles with Kalki.

The TOI itself is busy keeping up with all the hot news - like how Sunny Deol (who is my dad's age and romancing a girl younger than me in his next film) doesn't work out for six pack abs.

"I have always been a fitness freak but I am not here to work for six pack and gloat about muscles around, that is not who I am. When I joined this industry, that time action was really action. There were no safeties for stunts, no cables.


Well, whatever. We all know the REAL action is going down with Shahrukh and Mr. Pitbull over in Kolkata for the IPL opening day!



The jacket is off and SRK welcomes a group of little children on stage, all of whom have strings of flowers wrapped around their heads as the strains of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai fill the air.

Now we have moved on to Chammak Challo as Shah Rukh is surrounded by a bevy of female dancers.

Off the stage and onto the field now is our Shah Rukh. He is giving this his all. Then, almost completely out of breath, tells everyone the show is still not over. Then he says, “What can I say, the IPL has this much money so this is what you get”.

He also introduces Bapi-da and Usha Uthup, calling them tiger and tigress and urges the audience to put their hands together, which nobody does.

Who are you cheering for this season?! Given my recent super infatuation with Tamil films, I'm supporting the Chennai Super Kings all the way, baby!

Beyond that, I'm rooting for another "scandal" of the type that got SRK banned from Wankhede Stadium. Because that was HIGHLY entertaining.


It's all over - our eyeballs will be soiled by Sholay 3D.

Our eyeballs will also be soiled by cartoon versions of a handful of Rakesh Roshan films. Why? WHY?! WHY?!

Isn't it bad enough to colorize (aka ruin) classics like Mughal-e-Azam?? Now we have 3D and cartoonize?


I suppose, on the plus side, that at least this means they aren't getting remade…


One of those Bollywood for beginners posts from - but it's an odd collection of films, and clearly coming from a Shahrukh enthusiast. Nothing against SRK enthusiasts, but not everybody falls for him, you know? I took down all my beginners posts a while back to re-tool them but then I lost everything when my computer crashed.

Maybe it's time to do another series? I mean, sure SRK is charming but I think Devdas would scare more people away then get them to watch more films.


Fainlly! From Tehelka, a case against Himmatwala that I can get behind.

Again, that is not to say that the mould created to cash in on the star appeal of Amitabh Bachchan and Jeetendra back then is the same as the one created to cash in on the star appeal of Salman Khan and Devgn now. It has evolved — it had to, to come back from the lows of the ’90s — to include the multiplex crowd, who essentially bailed out the industry by paying inflated ticket sums and munching on overpriced popcorn. But the obsession with the übermensch as lead has continued, and as the industry has become a corporate one, the übermensch has become corporatised as well.


The trailer for Aurangzeb, which looks freaking AWESOME!


And some Dippy and Kat at the IPL opening for you!


Moimeme said...

Oh, no! Say it ain't so!! Did you really lose all your Bollywood for Beginners posts? They were the best introduction I've seen on any of the Bolly blogs!

Now I'm depressed. :(

Mo Pitz said...

What about the Dhoom 2 recap!? That was the best!

eliza bennet said...

Yeah Dhoom 2 recap was excellent.

ThisnThat said...

Sunny Deol and your dad are the same age? Just curious since I'm not up to speed on your background (Sorry!): Either you're really young (recently finished college?) or your dad was a very young dad when they had you..which one is it??

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