Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Post: GABBAR... I mean, um, GABBAR!

Good morning!! I know I have a pile of writing that I owe you but... it's SPRING TIME!

FLOWERS! ORANGES! PINKS! AND BEBO! Picture snagged from this write up of Namrata Joshipura's Lakme Show. I wore an orange dress yesterday and am tempted to dig out a pink one today.

Let's hit it! ONTO THE NEWS!


To start with today, please enjoy this nicely written piece about the many failings of Filmfare's 100 Years of Bollywood cover.

My inner Leftist may roar in protest, but there’s no denying that star actors have become the most important aspect of Bollywood. Get a star on board for your film and producers will back your project, whether or not you have other minor details like a script or an editor or cinematographer. So a starry cover is not just predictable; one could argue it’s perhaps an accurate reflection of priorities in Bollywood. What’s unfathomable to me is that Filmfare didn’t find anything odd about the absence of women in the edition of the magazine that’s supposed to celebrate Bollywood.

Game. Set. Match. Deepanjana Pal.

On a related note, I thought it was interesting that only a handful of outlets have picked up on Bebo's line about women not just being objects of desire upon receiving her "Entertainer of the Year" award. Everybody else has either stuck with the "I'm in love" angle or the "looking gorgeous in her sari" angle.


Sanjay Dutt is getting four more weeks to finish up his film commitments before returning to prison.


Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Akshay Kumar. GABBAR!

Titled Gabbar, with Akshay in the lead role, the film highlights the fight against corruption, and will mark South director Krish's (ofGamyam, 2008, and Vedam, 2010 fame) Bollywood debut.

Yes, please!


Breaking my TOI rule for this amazing interview with Saif Ali Khan in which he reveals himself to be the type of person who finds the New York Times Style Section to be mandatory reading.

And then there are exchanges like this:

Coming back to harder Oriental realities, you got another social reprimand recently.

Yes, recently this gentleman wrote a letter to me about smoking a cigar on Go Goa Gone's poster. And I'm wondering whether to reply or not.

To the point about that, being a public figure, you have to see what influence you have on people, etc?

Yes. And I think, isn't that what mothers are there for? To tell you what to do and what not to? Not actors, surely! I mean, respect the audience a little more than that. We play characters - some of which may take drugs as well. Smoking cigarettes, I feel, personally, is a form of drug abuse. I wouldn't encourage it in my friends, my children, anybody. If I see somebody smoking in the street, I associate them with being weak, or unconscious of the damage they're doing to themselves. You see a guy on a bike puffing away on a fag. That regular, mundane, feeding the habit - it's a complete addiction.

Shhhhh... nobody tell Shahrukh.

But, seriously, can you write a letter to Saif Ali Khan critiquing his life choices and he'll personally respond? Because I have a few choice words I'd like to give him on the inadvisability of clinging to youth with a death grip as one heads into one's 40s.

Why not try heading into a distinguished Jon Hamm-hood, instead? ----

Apparently John and Abhishek are not confirmed for the Vettai remake. Which is good, because John is all wrong for the part.

Abhishek is great for Maddy's role but for Arya's… somebody more Vidyut Jamwal-shaped would be better.

Better they do Dostana 2: THIS TIME WITH MORE MAKE-OUT SESSIONS instead.


Meera Chopra is replacing Prachi Desai in one of Vikram Bhatt's endless sequels. Is she really Priyanka Chopra's cousin? Who knows.

Speaking of PC, Uday Chopra has come to her rescue by ponying up the cash to send the body of her staff member back to his family in India. So, should we be on the look out for PC in a thankless role in one of Uday Chopra's pet projects?

Daya Prochu: The Movie, starring Priyanka Chopra?


Here's a bit of interesting news, if it's true - Govinda to play a negative role in Shaad Ali's new film. I wasn't a fan of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom but that was mainly due to the cast and subject matter (i.e. rom-com style romance featuring Lara Dutta is not my thing) but if he's doing full-on masala with a villain and everything… I'm definitely on board.


And a couple of snaps tweeted by Farhan in anticipation of the big reveal of his Mooches for Men campaign or whatever it's called.

I find something seriously tone deaf about a man campaigning to end gender discrimination with a group called MEN Against Rape and Discrimination. Shouldn't women be included, too? PEOPLE Against Rape and Discrimination? HUMANS Against Rape and Discrimination?

Gender Warrior Farhan apparently also recited his infamous poem at the same event Bebo spoke at.


odadune said...

Izzums Bebo cuuute? :D

I do like that one bit where Saif talks about his ilk being held more accountable than in the past and that being a good thing. even if he doesn't mean it, it's the correct thing to say.

I have no idea whether Gabbar would work at the box office, but the original struck me as a dark, gutsy movie hampered by a weak cast, and I'm glad to see that they apparently found an equally gutsy director for the Bollywood version. Now, if they can just round up entertaining people for the policeman on the hero's tail and the not-girlfriend, and encourage Akki to go all bespectacled and beta-male for the nonbada$$ parts, they might just have something.

Sonia said...

Yes please to talented south directors entering Bollywood. It desperately needs fresh blood. I wish there were more Hrishikesh Mukherjee types who could take simple themes and turn them into charming masterpieces. I was just re-watching Khoobsurat so I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Amazing movie. Have you seen it?

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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