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Tuesday Post: Why so serious?

Good morning, friends. Apologies for my small break. I took very ill over the weekend and had trouble doing anything beyond laying in bed with my eyes closed listening to audio books. (Side note: Wolf Hall really is pretty great!

I'm feeling much better now, though, so let's start the day!

A witch's perspective on Ek Thi Daayan.

But if I was Chakraverti, what I would have taken umbrage to would be none of the above. I would have taken umbrage to the fact that a dolt like Emraan Hashmi would be shown as the object of any daayan’s affection. And that a dimwit, the same Hashmi, who goes by the name of Bobo the Baffler would be my undoing. The shame of it all. Also, how can it be complimentary to be shown as someone who can be done in by someone simply hacking off my pigtail or plait? Not nice. Not nice at all.

As I got very ill this weekend, I was unable to get out to see Ek Thi Dayyan and now I'm kind of glad. Witch movies can hit hard on the misogyny side of things and unfortunately Ek Thi Daayan seems more male fantasy than Craft-y.


On a similar topic, Bengali actress Swastika Mukherjee walks off a film shoot in protest of a unnecessary bedroom scene.

Swastika also clarified that though she had no reservation about shooting an intimate scene, she wouldn’t shoot one unless it was integral to the script of the film.

Very few are, my dear. Very few are.

Part of the problem, Shai Venkatramen discusses in her piece on women are caught between idol and item.

A strong indictment but simply an accurate analysis that while times may have changed and there may be fewer rape scenes in Hindi films today, the industry continues to objectify women. How else, argues film editor Deepa Bhatia, who has worked on My Name is Khan(2010) and Rock On!! (2008), can we explain Katrina Kaif dancing to ‘Chikni Chameli’ like a Barbie doll? “She is saying look at me. It is commodification and that is the way it is,” says Bhatia. “You needed to show flesh under some pretext. Now heroines are item girls so everything is up for grabs.”


Hyperventilating right now. GOVINDA AND RANVEER SINGH?! Yes, please.

About the Yash Raj film to be directed by Shaad Ali, Govinda says, "It's a full-on masti film. Bahut mazaa ayega. It's very much in league with the kind of films that my audiences like to see me do."

Also, somebody reached into my deepest subconscious and pulled out this film.


100 Years of Indian cinema to get a special shout out at Cannes with an odd variety of films.

“We aim to get away from the clich├ęs that surround the idea of Indian cinema in France. We therefore chose films that had new modern themes that tread a completely new path. Most French people equate Indian cinema with typical Bollywood fare — the song and dance boy-meets girl routine, and we wished to show that Indian cinema could treat themes as diverse as AIDS, prostitution, or the Indo-Pak conflict,” Jean-Francois Thermoz, Director South Asian Film Festival, told The Hindu in an interview. The films from India included Delhi Belly, B.A.Pass, My brother Nikhil, Ezham Arivu, Alms for a blind horse, Pizza and Vazhakku Enn 18/9.

I have no idea what links all of these but I'm glad to see such a wide variety - My Brother Nikhil and Pizza! Let's hear it for Indian films!


Meanwhile Australia is hosting a film festival of uncensored Bollywood films.

The festival beginning April 25 will open with a screening of the 1933 classic Karma starring Himanshu Rai and Devika Rani, whose onscreen kiss was considered the first in a Bollywood film and was deleted at the time.

A 2004 documentary called the Final Solution, which looks at the highly sensitive subject of Hindu-Muslim religious rioting, will also be shown after it was banned for being "highly provocative".

I'm curious about the screening of Final Solution and who is the audience for this festival. Will they have enough context to make sense of it?

And what is the meaning behind the juxtaposition of kissing scenes and communal violence? Is it to show how trivial the kissing is in comparison or to add razzle-dazzle to an otherwise sober topic?


A thoughtful piece on Kai Po Che from Aakar Patel at Caravan Magazine.

The problem that Kai Po Che’s critics have with the movie is that it does not blame Modi for the riots. But ultimately, a ‘riot’ is violence by civil society, enacted when the state steps aside. It is usually the neighbour, not a stranger, who burns your house and rapes your daughter in the pol, the Amdavadi word used in the movie for a neighbourhood inside the walled city. (Surtis call it sheri.) The state is the villain in Gujarat’s riots largely by omission.


Anurag Kashyap talks Bombay Talkies.

Kashyap’s sense of rootedness in small-town India is one of his hallmarks and he’s clung to it with fierce pride, making it an intrinsic part of his public persona. It’s an unusual trait in Bollywood and Mumbai where being “wannabe” is almost an occupational hazard. Kashyap, in contrast, constantly reminds his audience that he’s an outsider (even though it could be argued that by now, he’s very much an insider). “My films are based on what I know,” he says. “My films are not about high society, because I don’t know that society. I don’t know that world, so I am very awkward in that world. I make films about the world I inhabit, see and absorb from, and so most of my movies are based in small town or villages.”


Is Ekta Kapoor producing Mani Ratnam's next? And if she is, my next question is, can Mani pull a decent performance out of Tusshar? Considering his track record with Baby Bachchan, my instinct says "No."


Jackie Shroff talks about his new film and his kids.

Being a star son, has he imbibed your qualities? Does it make a difference? He is a sportsperson who used to play serious basketball. So discipline is part of his personality.

How about your daughter, will she follow in her brother’s footsteps? No, she wants to go to the other side of the industry. She is keen on production and direction.


Nana Patekar won't work with Sanjay Dutt any more.

Sanjay Dutt has bigger concerns, like producer Shakeel Noorani accusing him of having gangsters make threatening calls.


Here we go. This is what I'm talking about - Anil Kapoor is allegedly John Abraham is stealing all the press for Shootout at Wadala.

Which is probably why Anil has been pushing this story at every news outlet that will publish it… to combat John's onslaught of stories like this.


Johnny is also teaming up with Force director Nishikant Kamat again.


This is something I've always found deeply ironic - that so many hours on a computer can be spent recreating simpler days. Is it really worth it? Better to spend time on hair, make-up, costuming, and… oh yeah that one thing. What's it called? ACTING. When it comes to time period authenticity. IMHO anyways.


Krrish 3 is a wrap! I kind of love that there is no Krrish 2.


First poster for Prabhudeva's Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya.


And because all I've been getting from Bollywood recently are incompetently gyrating starlets (for the love of Helen, somebody bring Mumaith Khan back on screen), have some G-Dragon:


odadune said...

The irritating thing about John is that it seems like he never wanted a film career all that badly-was "selective" about roles and preferred to make his money off endorsements and investments, and all of a sudden he turns forty and turns into Priyanka Chopra at her most attention-grabby.

He should have been running flat-out, belly to the ground, trying anything that had a prayer of working, from the time he got his first break.

It's also something I find kind of frustrating about Vidyut. "Oh, I want to be selective about my projects...Oh, I want to do action forever, I'm not really interested in other stuff." Dude, you're thirty-four, and based on past history the action craze in Bollywood will probably taper off around 2017 or thereabouts. Get a plan.

odadune said...

Forgot to add: sorry to hear that you were sick, and glad that you are doing better.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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