Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Good morning, friends, and what news to return home to. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston this morning. I worked very, very near to one of the blast sites for about five years and it is really sad to see my old neighborhood covered in blood and debris.

I share the anxiety, waiting to see who the FBI will finger and desperately hoping whoever is arrested won't give hateful idiots an excuse to bash up on Muslims or "Muslims" (aka brown people.) Not that uncertainty has stopped the idiots on twitter and other places from throwing around accusations.

If you need some thoughtful writing on the topic this morning, please check out Juan Cole's piece on sympathy.

Terrorism has no nation or religion. But likewise its victims are human beings, precious human beings, who must be the objects of compassion for us all.


Speaking of terrorism, Sanjay Dutt has asked for more time to surrender to prison so that he can finish his work commitments first.


Pran is to be awarded the Dada Saheb Phalke. Some outlets have been trying to stir controversy but let's just ignore them, eh, Prem Chopra?

Actor Prem Chopra, famous for his negative roles, too felt that it was a late honour. "He is the most deserving case. He should have been awarded much earlier. But it is never too late. He has been a source of inspiration for many people and stayed in the profession for such a long time," he said.

CONGRATULATIONS PRAN!!!! You are much loved and respected by film fans across the globe.


Chashme Baddoor is continuing to hold steady at the box office, which makes me happy! I saw it over the weekend and was charmed.! Commando also seems to have done well at the single screens! Congrats to Vidyut!


Remakes are the hot topic of the day...

Director Subhash Ghai, whose iconic 1980 film Karz (which was inspired by The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud) remade 28 years later as the cringe-inducing Himesh Reshammiya-starrer Karzzzz, finds the outrage misplaced.

“Filmmakers of every generation have a different interpretation. It’s foolish to compare the two or feel hurt over a ‘bad’ remake,” he says, adding that what matters to him is that the original Karz is still remembered.


Here's a slice of news I'm not sure what to make of… one of Priyanka Chopra's assistants died in LA last week and nobody has come forward to pay for the body to be shipped back to his family in India.

Shouldn't PC step up and do it? Or at least help the family get in touch with somebody who can?

The website of the Orissa Society of the Americans appeals, "...We are requesting Priyanka Chopra's team to take the responsibility to send the body to Orissa. The family at India was helpless and no one speaks English/Hindi. We are in contact with PC's team and also the LA-Coroner police department and updating the family. After Jiban's death his family is devastated and will face an immediate financial disaster. There is no one there to help them…"

Makes her choice of butterfly sneakers, black leggings, and baby doll T with the logo "let's get weird" seem like a less than appropriate outfit to be wearing and the make-up tweets and stories about her role as Mary Kom seem rather heartless.


Farhan Akhtar and Men Against Rape and Discrimination are handing out mustaches at an IPL. match on the 26th. If the charity is in support of women, though, should they being handing out something more… womanly? Unless he's coming out in support of sexy ladies with facial hair, like Le Tigre's JD Samson.


An interview with Danny Ben-Moshe who directed a documentary about the Jewish stars of Bollywood. The English in the article is less than elegant and there is one line about lighter stars being "better suited" for celluloid and I'm pretty sure the meaning is "for the technology at the time", which is sadly true, than any value judgement.

This month marks the centennial of Bollywood filmmaking. Is there any awareness in India – or anywhere – about the roles Jews played?

I have spoken to many prominent industry figures in India past and present and few knew these people were Jewish. That is part of the story my film tells, which is because of the stage names of the Jewish stars people assumed they were Muslims. The Indian Jewish community was and is so tiny people don’t even know what a Jew is. They were often confused with a prominent minority, the Parsis.


Saqib Saleem and Huma Quershi are siblings? Also, I doubt Saqib actually said the phrase "oodles of weight" in reference to himself.


I'm sure this casting news is probably bullshit but imagine the drama!


Sigh. Can people just shut the fuck up about Aishwarya's weight? She's a beautiful woman who happens to be approaching 40. Stop acting like it's an international tragedy that she no longer looks like she did when she was 18. The linked article talks about a recent sleeveless picture and features an unholy number of fat puns. Click at your own peril.

In better Aish news, she has been invited back to Cannes! Woot! Aishwarya at Cannes is always a glamour moment worth savoring.


Look, Kareena Kapoor is busy and doesn't have time for your questions about babies! OKAY!

Both Saif and I represent a modern-day couple with a very contemporary way of living, and starting a family is not our priority at all right now. Also, I have a lot to achieve in life at the moment. My career is keeping me busy," she said.



Times of India Film Awards are a success! According to the Times of India.


O ho ho! Drama between junior artistes on the sets of Salman Khan's Mental.


And Selena Gomez performs her "Bollywood" song at the MTV movie awards. I'm not sure if non-Americans can see the video I linked to but needless to say, Malaika Arora Khan has nothing to worry about. (And WTF are those costumes?)


Trailer for Ethir Neechal, notable for being the next project of the talented 3 music director, young Anirudh Ravichander.


Teaser for Vijay's Thalaivaa...


ADORABLE song promo for Go Goa Gone.

Also, a selfie from Kunal Khemu for your enjoyment:


Ali Zafar being his usual charming self and Nargis looking for all the world like she's stopped out of one of those White Model Visits Exotic Land and Brings Beauty to the Natives photo shoots.


And... Excel brings us another exercise in male bonding with Furkey.

Alas, NOT directed by Zoya.


Moimeme said...

@FG - This comment might be slightly off topic, since it has nothing to do with films. On the other hand, you brought up the subject, so maybe it's not so OT.

Can you please explain what this statement means? "Terrorism has no nation or religion."

I see this a lot, especially in the Indian papers and news sites, and maybe that's where you picked it up from, since I've never seen such a formulation in American news reports.

It seems to me to be a misguided attempt to convey one of the following messages: Don't jump to conclusions about who is responsible for any given act of terror; don't malign an entire community for the actions of a few members of it; don't assume that terrorism is limited to a particular country or religion.

Now I agree with all these positions and can support anyone who says any one of those statements. But the statement "Terrorism has no nation or religion" seems to me to be just daft, because there are terror groups who are explicitly committing their acts in the name of a particular country or religion. Why be blind to that?

Filmi Girl said...

Hiya! Perhaps I should have been more explicit - that was a quote from the piece I linked to, not my words.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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