Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Post: Was Jeans really that bad?

We start today with an interview with the four directors behind Bombay Talkies.

There was a time when the distribution map of India was as well known as the political map. Do filmmakers today need to know their audiences that well?

ANURAG I really don't understand how a film can reach out everywhere. My logic is that your biggest hit is 3 Idiots (2009) and 25 million people have seen it in a country of 1.2 billion. The only thing I have always done is to work my films in such a way that they do not flop, so that I can make my next film. When my films were not releasing in India, I got a passport and took my films abroad. Before 2004, I didn't have a passport, I didn't know how to speak in English.

KARAN Research by FICCI Frames says there's only 8 to 9 per cent of this country that is invested in cinema. And we say we are a film-loving nation. Actually we are not! The challenge is to get that 90 per cent to watch films.

Not to harp on a point but is this the percentage of the population invested in films or in HINDI language films? I mean, either way, I'm sure some suit is interested in getting that 90% into see UTV's latest release but the implication is different.

The whole conversation is pretty interesting, though. They talk about the audience; Zoya reveals herself to be a Gone with the Wind fan; and then everybody busts on Jeans, which I haven't seen but now I kind of want to. Maybe that should be a new series… A look at India's submissions to the Oscars.


A few more tributes to Shamshad Begum have trickled out. I liked this one.

Though she faded away in the 1960s because the listeners opted for a more sweet, syrupy way of singing of Lata and others, she will always be remembered for her full-throated, lively, unhindered way of singing, which was at least in part due to lack of formal taleem in classical music. A fine reader of the mood of the moment, she was unfailingly sensitive to the actors for whom her voice was used.


The Supreme Court has issued a stay on the Zanjeer remake. If we're lucky, maybe we'll never get to see it… (yeah, right.)


Randeep Hooda staring in a jailbreak film?


Done and done, sir!



Somebody replace Imran Khan in every movie ever with this guy instead.


Or this guy. I don't know what it is about Ranveer Singh's erratic and overblown behavior that gets me all pumped up! Is it the crazy facial hair? The way he emerges from above in a red jumpsuit to strut down the staircase and fake-play piano for a hot second before shaking his hips all over the stage? The way even Rehka is like, "Oh my GOD!" before hearts fly out of her head? Is it the way Priyanka Chopra is giving him bitch face like there was only room for one diva on the Gunday sets and she thought it was going to be her? I don't know! All I know is Ram Leela can't come soon enough.

Somebody please cast him and Rani in a film where he is a junior employee at a big company with an enthusiasm problem (i.e. he has too much of it) and they get tired of his "ideas" and send him to do some bullshit work out in a small city but THEN he meets sensible, brash Rani who is running her family's sari (?) business (or something) and realizes that his big multinational is up to all sorts of shady business in the small cities and bands together with Rani and a disillusioned old timer (Would Mithun do it?) with connections who remembers when people cared about more than money, man, and they work to expose the wrong doing and get the company to pay for restitution. (Well, they say Bollywood is fantasy, right?)

The old timer should also have a spoiled brat of a grand child who is working against Ranveer and Rani until he/she has a change of heart at the VERY end.

And Helen can play Rani's auntie. Because that's how FG rolls.

Also, Pito as the adorable guy who works in the shop next to Rani's and has a thing for her.


So, somebody make that film, okay? But for the love of all things filmi, do not let Devika Bhagat write it.


Gwennie.928 said...

I liked Jeans, but only after seeing the Tamil one. Don't see it in Hindi, that was my mistake.

Divya said...

Jeans was a mediocre but entertaining timepass movies. In true Shankar style the songs were the best part. As an Oscar contender though it was laughable and I am sure even Shankar realized that.

and FG, you really ought to start script writing, get that awesome Rani/Ranveer story typed out and send a dozen copies to KJo. Maybe he will bite :)

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