Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Post: Why is this so difficult?

Zohra Sehgal is 101 years old!!! WOW! Congratulations and happy birthday!


India Today has a collection of milestones of Indian cinema that appear to have been thrown together in five minutes using wikipedia. And, really? The first Indian to win an Oscar is a milestone of Indian cinema? Come on, now...


Gracy Singh is baaaaa....aaaaack. What is her deal? Is she just very difficult to work with?


Naseeruddin Shah talks Bollywood.

Shah has no high hopes of cinema bringing about a huge transformation in society. “I don’t believe in cinema as art and I have my doubts about films being a medium of change in India. I don’t think people take movies as seriously as we filmmakers would like to imagine that they do. Sometimes we tend to over estimate the importance of our own contribution. I don’t think films can bring out any huge change. While I agree that films and TV do change the fashion of thought but that dramatic and real change that we are talking about is not going to happen. The transition may happen gradually, over a period of time, which puts the onus on filmmakers to make movies which reflect the truth of the times we live in,” he maintains.

Not that he's wrong about everything but Naseer is so bitter you can almost taste the lemon peel. One wonders why he still bothers acting. Or talking to the press...

Maybe it's the ever thwarted hope that he'll get to make meaningful cinema that keeps him going but stops him from enjoying the fluff - like Krrish. He was great in Krrish.


Speculation on Kangana getting close to Salman, which could be the best thing that ever happened to her. If I trust anybody to tap into Kangs' Daddy complex and help her sort her life out, it's Salman.


And have some Ali Zafar and his golden voice singing the oldies...


Stuart Martin said...

Zohra is amazing - as much as I enjoyed the main story of Cheeni Kum, I absolutely adored her in it and thought she stole every scene she was in.

martoufmarty said...

I remember seeing Zohra in an episode or two of Doctor Who back in the early 60s! She's still great.

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