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Monday Post! Remember when heroines weren't CGI'ed?

Check out my SPOILER FREE review of The Reluctant Fundamentalist! And ignore the American reviews which are mostly either bitching that it's too different from the book or demanding that the film provide all definitive answers to why there is Islamic terrorism or are white guys complaining that discussion of racial profiling and hatred of Muslims in America feels irrelevant in this day and age... to them.

My man Kenneth Turan over at the LA Times gets it, though. But OMG the comments! THE COMMENTS!

The novel, intended as parable, was pure pabulum. The character Erica represented AMerica, and that was about as subtle as it got. Directed squarely at the self-loathing Left, the film should do quite well in Los Angeles.

Okay then.

And for the love of all things filmi, how do Shabana Azmi and Om Puri not get mentioned in most of these reviews?! Or Meesha Shafi? It's like all of the non-American actors were one big blur. Well, at least we all agree that Kate Hudson was crap.



INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY! Choreographers tell their favorite songs!

Ganesh Hegde: Any dance number that has set a new trend is a favourite. I think no one captured the essence of a woman’s beauty the way Sarojji did with Madhuri and Sridevi. That combination is always a winner. Prabhudheva is a trendsetter too, his songMuqabla is also something I like a lot. My own songsKambakkht Ishq (Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya) and Mast Mahol (Fiza) are my favourites. It was Kishore Kumar songs like Hum The Woh Thi (Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi) that changed the way dance was looked at. I am a big fan of Govinda too, especially his Street Dancer number from Ilzam.


Also, having recently re-watched Napoleon Dynamite... did Jon Heder borrow liberally from Govinda or it is me?


Anurag Kashyap is being accused of stealing the story for his segment of Bombay Talkies.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui talks about films. Does Bollywood need more reality?

Too much of reality becomes boring. What Bollywood needs is truth. It invests in fakeness. Crores are spent on dance sequences. A hero is shown running after girls. Ladki-baazi is his chief job.

I've been saying that for years. But try telling that to the reality-pushers...


Oh ho ho! Priyanka Chopra is getting called out (by somebody who is not me) for her casting as Mary Kom! Assem Chhabra is on team Manipur:

… [N]ow reports suggest that Chopra’s face (especially her eyes) will be given a CGI makeover during the postproduction period. Icannot emphasise how bad all of this sounds and I am surprised that people from Manipur and other neighboring states have not taken offence to this plan.

To me, the idea smacks of strong racist tones, almost at par with the time when Hollywood would apply black paint to the faces of white actors - going back to Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer (1927) and Peter Sellers in The Party (1968).

Preach it! Is a "Priyanka Chopra" performance really worth all of that money and effort? Why not just cast an actress from Mary's state and spend the CGI money on something else?

In other news, Priyanka Chopra will have an item called Pinky in Zanjeer. Just like Jaya Bhadhuri didn't in the original.


Remember how awesome the feisty, knife wielding Mala was? And how she didn't wear booty shorts or simper? And how her face wasn't CGI'ed?


What is the point of attaching the title and re-make tag to Khubsoorat if the film is going to be completely different from the original?

Says Sonam: “It will be very Mills and Boonish. I make movies for girls. It is a chic flick.”

*double sigh*

Happy Monday, everybody!


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