Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Post: Setting my soul on fire!

Yes, that's right! I'm off to Las Vegas and updating will be irregular until... Wednesday or so.

I expect Vegas is going to be exactly like Elvis Presley starrer Viva Las Vegas, so I'm packing my Ann Margaret style swimsuit and a clean pair of white gloves.

(But if I see any suspiciously Imran Khan looking types, I'll walk swiftly in the other direction. The last thing I need is a fake marriage.)

For those looking to go some place far colder and less sunshiney than Las Vegas, please note that despite the crowing TOIFA is far from sold out and "hundreds" of tickets remain available. A little birdie tells me that that Labour Party propaganda is flowing pretty heavily at the press events. I'll be curious to see how this all plays out. Understandably, I suppose most stars really don't care about being used for crass politicking in another country, as long as they get paid.

(Huffington Post has some starry arrival snaps, crass politicking does have some glamour!)

And PS How about that game yesterday!! What a nail biter at the end there... but why put Pollard on so late?! Since my brother will soon be marrying into Guyanese family, I feel a tie to all the Windies players. Go, Chris Gayle, go!

(Photo credits: Jacques Rossouw/IPL/SPORTZPICS)


I plan on seeing Settai when I return from Vegas but Chashme Baddoor looks like it will be worth a watch on DVD at least. The Wall Street Journal has a review round up. Speculate away on why reviews are so mixed. About half the critics are calling it as bad as Himmatwala and the others seem to have found it charming. The divide probably lies in the ability to appreciate David Dhawan style comedy. The review I linked there by Trisha Gupta is probably going to most closely echo my feelings:

The new film may not be a classic, but it is undeniably a fascinating creature – a well-acted, crazily high-octane comedy whose sense of pastiche bears the un-mistakable directorial stamp of David Dhawan. It has the simplicity of the 1981 plot, remade with all the oopari coolness of 2013 – but also, at its core, a laughing, deliberate, gloriously musical homage to the high-decibel, lowbrow humour of Bollywood’s 1990s. Fun stuff.

But the real test for me, as always, will be if audiences enjoy it.


You know I love reading these types of West meet Bollywood articles. This one is better than most, although I have a few niggles with her framing and history. (e.g. there were item numbers far before the 1980s.)

In a television interview during his four-day visit, Spielberg mused over the differences between Hollywood and Bollywood movies and audiences. "I would like to conduct an experiment one day where I take a movie made in America and remake it in India," he said, as though the industry has not been doing exactly that for decades. "I would remake the same story with an Indian director and Indian screenwriter to do the necessary adaptations, and an entire Indian cast. That would be something I would be very interested in doing."

Two thumbs up for this paragraph alone. Maybe somebody should slip Mr. Spielberg a copy of Partner.


Well, what do you know! Recently arrested Vikram Chatwal, known here as Lindsey Lohan's some-time sugar daddy, had some small roles in Bollywood!


Dear Ranbir, Please stop being so charming or you make my head explode into hearts. TKX! FG

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Medha said...

This music / these music videos are making me SO excited for Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

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