Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Post: Jackky Bhagnani better watch his back... there's a new producer's son in town!

Mala Sinha is back in the news for quipping on the number of awards that actors receive these days.

"I see awards on TV, every week there is some award function happening. We used to get award rarely. But today there are so many awards. I wish I was heroine today and you all would see me getting award on every channel."

Oh, Mala! You deserve an award on every channel.


Report on the first quarter films.

Any favorites so far? Kai Po Che and Chashme Baddoor for me…


Bollywood Life reports Boney Kapoor's displeasure at the media attention on his daughter Jhanvi but ignores it.

How old is she? 15? Let her be an archeologist or spy if she wants to. Do we really want to see a 15 year old paired opposite the Three Khans?


Emraan Hashmi says he's finally getting his due but isn't it more that he has finally become an okay actor?

"During the first five years of my career I was criticised for doing similar kind of roles. I always tried to get out of my comfort zone. During these years I created a new genre of mainstream films, which this industry hadn't seen earlier. Our mainstream films are mostly family dramas or comedies but my films have always been different from the rest," he said.


Look, you can ask Arjun Kapoor to do a lot of things but he is NOT shaving off his stubble. OKAY HE'S NOT GOING TO DO IT! You can only push a man so far!


And now we know why Salman decided not to waste his time…

Really? You get all the big stars together and this is the result? I'd rather watch "Deewangi Deewangi" on repeat.


I would have zero interest in Ramaiya Vastavaiya if not for four little syllables: Pra.Bhu.De.Va - if anybody can whip a fat-to-fit producer's son into something watchable, it's him.

Though he certainly appears to have his work cut out for him. Oh, boy. If this is a sample of Girish's "talents"… Ranbir et. al. have nothing to worry about but Jackky and Adhyayan may want to start watching their backs.


Mr. Charm busts out the moves for "Dilliwaali Girlfriend."

And is it me or have the song promos for Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani been REALLY heavy on the Ranbir. Not that I'm complaining but it's interesting that Dippy really hasn't been dancing, more just standing around and posing and taking shots.


Title track from Rangeelay which looks beyond stupid, which means I'll probably enjoy it. I mean, come on! Jimmy's sidekicks are wearing BLUETEETH!! It doesn't get funnier that that.



Moimeme said...

You know why that Bombay Talkies song is so bad? Three out of the four directors involved in the film don't even *like* songs in films and, I think, are probably ashamed of that aspect of Indian films. It's the curse of the montage song being played out. Only Karan Johar knows how to stage and integrate songs into a film's narrative, and he might have been involved on the few glimpses of actual choreography.

Besides, this song is not any kind of history of Indian cinema, but a kind of calling card for all the stars being shown -- bits of signature tunes from their famous movies, or phrases. The whole thing is exactly in line with the endless lists of "100 years of ..." this or that that have been bombarding the entertainment pages of TOI lately. They're mostly random lists thrown together by people who are probably too young to know anything besides the last two, or at a stretch, five years of Bollywood films (not Hind films), and for whom the 1990's represent ancient history.

And this film will be shown at Cannes to showcase "100 years of Indian cinema." It serves to reinforce and confirm every single negative stereotype of Bollywood films.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme Preach it. Agree 100%.

And even KJo has been hedging about filminess in the group interviews. Stick up for yourself, Karan!!

odadune said...

I confess, the hokeyness of Apna Bombay Talkies appeals to me. Plus Sasha's and Akki's ironclad determination to pull focus from the Khans (and each other?) in the finale by any means necessary is amusing.

Can only tolerate Ranbir in microscopically tiny doses, so not gonna comment on the YJHD song.

Moimeme said...

@FG - the stars they assembled look like whoever was free on the random afternoon they shot it, or whoever they could grab off the street. They make NO sense in their selection.

odadune said...

Moimeme: I believe they shot everyone separately as available and composited together. The selection is overwhelmingly people who've made films for Dharma in the past or have one coming up in the future or are related somehow to/friends with someone who has (Anil, Sridevi, Ranveer).

Still, there's enough people involved with ties to the oldtimers to where they could've done something with that: Aamir and Imran referencing movies produced by their ancestors, Saif with one of his mom's songs, plus THREE Kapoor starkids of the Pritviraj line to play with.

Moimeme said...

@Odaune -- Yes, I know they filmed all the stars separately. I was just describing how it *looked*.

Your ideas for the song picturization are at least two orders of magnitude better than what we saw here. :)

I haven't seen a single positive reaction to this song from any of the BW forums I regularly read; pretty much everyone hates it. But there are some rumors that this is just a promotional video, and the theatrical version will have some of the big stars who are missing here, such as Hrithik and Salman (Oh, no!)


@FG -- Another thing I realized when @getfilmy said the idea of the song is to show the love of fans for movie stars -- this is not how Indian fans watch movies! Think about it. They show a lone guy sitting in a darkened theater with a tub of popcorn, munching away while the stars appear in front of him. But movie watching in India is a *communal* activity (using the word in its American, and not Indian, sense). In fact, the fan mania really only occurs when the fans are in groups, which is evident in any of those "X-star craze" videos taken in the theater. So that right away tells us that whoever is trying to portray the fan-star relationship here doesn't even get the first point of how it works in India. Dare I say that what is represented is more of a "western"/American experience of the movies, rather than an Indian one?

HK said...

I think the song is really horrible, it does look like random people showed up (Farhan??). The best part was Ranveer and Shah Rukh's entry which gave me goosebumps in a good way (and I'm really an Akshay superfan!)

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