Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Post: Sona sonaaaa!

Surprise, surprise… neither the Times of India nor any other Bollywood press outlet has not picked up on the story that B.C. Premiere is in hot water for leaked memos about her party using public money to gain "easy" ethnic votes (from, say, Indian-Canadians) by doing things like HOSTING THE TIMES OF INDIA AWARDS.

I also haven't seen any reference to I Love NY being an "adaptation" of the Soviet classic The Irony of Fate… no, I lied. There was a post on Koimoi about it.

“With both films seemingly carrying similar plotlines, one waits to see the kind of ingredients that director duo of Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru (who have earlier made Salman Khan starrer Lucky – No Time for Love) have added to I Love NY to further spice up affairs. One thing is sure though that the film carries ample scope for entertaining audience”, the source adds.

AKA it's a ripoff of The Irony of Fate but nobody cares because a) it's Sunny Deol and b) it's not HOLLYwood, darling.

To be fair, I only care because a) I've seen the original and love it and b) I'm grossed out at the thought of Kangs in a romance with Sunny Deol.


IPL accounting irregularities have Preity Zinta back in the news.


And the Battle For Zanjeer is not yet over. I'm on Team Salim-Javed on this one. They wrote the original film; this is clearly a remake and not an "adaptation" or anything; they should be compensated.


Prakash Jha teams up with Indian Ocean for SATYAGRAHA!

Indian Ocean has composed a track for the film and the members of the band will also be part of the movie, as Prakash wants them to feature in it. The band will be shown belting out a youth anthem that motivates characters in the film to stand up for their rights at a crucial juncture in the story. The band was very excited to have composed the track for Prakash's film.

Judging by what the Big B posted on his blog the other day, it seems the film is going to be about the mass-media and an Anna Hazare type figure?


Is Subhash Ghai really still doing the "M" thing with his heroines? On "Mishti":

“I am so relieved to find an apt actor to play the character of Kaanchi that I had conceived. Mishti is a combination of beauty and talent, all the way. She is one of the best actors I have found.” says a proudSubhash Ghai at the end of the 9th day of Kaanchi‘s shooting.

I don't know for talented but that is a finely sculpted pair of eyebrows right there.


An image of Akshay Kumar being all boss in Boss.

And Ranbir and Dippy for Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

And Kangana doing a mujra.

And Sunny Leone on the sets of Shootout at Wadala. ----

Arashad Warsi to play a Dacoit.


From Settai, the Tamil Delhi Belly remake. ^^ TAMIL FILMS DOING IT RIGHT!


One thing about actresses coming to Bollywood from South - they know how to work those eyes! Tamannaah may not be a great dancer but she's great fun to watch!


And the trailer for an odd looking sci-fi film called Sona Spa, directed by my fave Makrand Deshpande.


Moimeme said...

Re the Zanjeer remake, if Bollywood were to be "on par with Hollywood", the script delivered by a screenwriter (or two) for a given film is considered "work for hire" and all its right belong to the producer as soon as it has been delivered. Salim Javed were hired to write a script for the original film, for which they were paid. All its rights, including remake rights, then belong to the producer, who can do whatever he wants with them. In this case he sold them to the Telugu producers for the Hindi remake. All square and aboveboard. It's just like Karan Johar could go ahead and remake Agneepath, without paying anything more to the original screenwriter, because the rights of the script were owned by his production company.

Sorry, but I'm firmly not on Team Salim Javed. They haven't a leg to stand on, and I'm quite disappointed to see so much greedy behavior from them.

Jess said...

I read they had to cut the toilet humor and whatnot way down to remake Delhi Belly, but isn't that the selling point of the original? That it had a bunch of bad language/poop?

If you watch her south films, Tamannaah is a great dancer. This whole song she must have been praying for Ajay to remember the choreography.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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