Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Post: Never getting married edition!

I've written about this before but those of us non-desis who write about Indian film really need to be aware that for many second-generation (and beyond) in the Indian diaspora have a deep cultural attachment to films that goes beyond our love of films as an art. (And far beyond the jollies some of us get from mocking the campy costumes and plots or whatever.)

Irna Quershi writes about exactly this in the Guardian.

Classics like Pakeezah, Mughal-e-Azam and Taj Mahal infused in me a sense of belonging. This was the first time I actively listened to Bollywood music, usually just recording the songs from the TV manually, by holding a cassette recorder near the speakers. These songs felt special because they were in my mother tongue which I rarely spoke outside home. It was the first time I hummed popular songs that weren't in English. These films made me feel that our language, music, clothes and culture were worthy of appreciation.


And now, let's all appreciate the special type of no-filter interview that can only be given by my one-and-only Kangana Ranaut!

Do you see yourself getting married?

No, I don’t want to ever get married. I cannot even handle a full-time boyfriend. I have so much to do everyday and cannot address the person’s needs of just wanting to be around them. People who get married need to go to a pyschiatrist. Even if people are happily married, a legal contract for possessing someone’s body and soul is so needy. If someone does that to me I will lose interest in that person.

And I feel the same way, my dear. Kangs also talks about her relationship with her father (terrible, natch, given her predilection for daddy figure-boyfriends) and how awful it was after her sister had acid thrown in her face by a scum-of-the-earth guy.

Plus a bonus little PR story is that about Kangs' Rajjo, which ended up having a majority female crew.


A little more with Rajkumar Yadav's new film with La Pinto.

"It's a film entitled NH10 meaning National Highway No 10. It will be shot around Delhi. I signed the film because I am a great fan of Navdeep's Manorama Six Feet Under. Having Freida Pinto as my co-star is definitely interesting," says Rajkumar whose next release is Vikas Behl's Queen opposite Kangna Ranaut.

Oh!! I didn't realize he was in Queen!! Very cool!


Priyanka Chopra to voice a character in Disney's attempt to remake Cars but with airplanes.

I wonder which accent she'll use… (just kidding!) She's a fine choice, I'm sure.

Personally, however, I loathe this kind of CGI animation. I can't sit through ANY film that uses it. Is it a generation gap? Does anybody else have trouble watching that kind of CGI? There's something creepy about it.

Related: Kat and PC to perform at the IPL opening ceremony. I don't care about that but I do care about getting some cat fight stories from it! You know there will be juicy ones!


Kabir Khan talks about his next film.

The director feels that after the success of Ek Tha Tiger, it has become relatively easy for him to meet producers and actors to present his ideas. "Fortunately or unfortunately commercial success is a big element of recognition in our industry. So, when a film like Ek Tha Tiger does the kind of numbers it did, somewhere I get an access to producers and actors and be able to present my ideas in a stronger way and have the freedom to do anything I want to," Kabir said.


Have some Kangana since I was just talking about her!


Nadia_Rahman said...

I respect people's opinions as long as they are not judgmental and condescending to me. While no one is surprised at her opinion about marriage (going by her track record of being involved with married men like Panscholi and Devgan), saying that married people need to psychiatrist is extreme. Besides she will be married eventually when the roles dry up so this kind of comment will only come back to haunt her.

I like her honesty and enjoy reading her interviews, however when she says stupid things like this it dilutes an otherwise refreshing outlook.


Stuart Martin said...

I respect Kangana's right to her own view of marriage, but to insult the mental stability of everyone who does not share her view is crass and comes across as overly defensive. She could have explained her position with personally attacking others - ad hominem is often the sign of a weak argument.

Caravan Family said...

Kangna is a barely educated starlet and has nothing noteworthy to say. She and people of her ilk have frequently compromised themselves to get ahead. These compromises include (but are not limited to) sleeping with married producers, married men, any man, woman whatever it takes!

As a result, such people have a very blurry idea of what life (married or otherwise) or morality is. To give any credence to anything such people have to say is to do a grave injustice to ourselves. She looks like she needs a little psychiatric help herself ;o(

Let's just enjoy what they have to offer in screen and not waste a second more on their frequently nonsensical spouting..

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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