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Tuesday Post: Whither Feroz Khan...

Good morning! Sorry for the downer tone of the last few posts. I'm actually not an angry person but I feel like watching Paradesi really gave my soul a good scrubbing. And things I had grown complacent about felt wrong somehow.

I don't know if that makes sense.

It's been a while since a film has sat this long with me.

And through that filter, things like this list of marketing strategies for Bollywood seem even more crass and pointless than they usually do.

Such Viral marketing was used by the makers of “Heroine” also who collaborated with portals like Fashionara.com. Pre-orders for clothes were opened, inspired by actress Kareena Kapoor’s glamorous look in the film. Movies have started to allot a fair share of the marketing budget to online media. In addition, the web is relied upon heavily for word-of-mouth publicity and sales of movies and music.

I'm not saying I don't want my very own Being Human T-Shirt or something (BECAUSE I REALLY DO) but there has to be some substance to the film that the pre-ordered outfits are promoting, you know?

Anyways, to the extent that I can identify Times Group outlets, I'll be steering clear of them. Yes, including Filmfare.

As long as I'm on a soap box, I think it's worth pointing out the troubles being faced by Rhythm & Hues, the special effects company that worked on Life of Pi, which has offices in Mumbai.

You can read my boy Danny's take on the state of the industry.

And a piece from the Guardian on the workers protesting the Oscars - something I had no idea about! Thanks, American corporate media conglomerates!

Apart from a march on the street – which Twitter users report has seen more than 450 people assemble, calling for "a piece of the Pi" – achartered plane has been circling overhead towing a banner with the protest slogan: "Box Office + Bankrupt = Visual Effects vfxunion.com".

There is a lengthy piece in Entertainment Weekly about what exactly is happening and why these companies are going bankrupt and aren't able to pay staff.

AND Rhythm & Hues has a buyer. A South Korean company.


Is Sidharth Malhotra really saying what I think he is?!

In this endeavour of his, he is getting good support from his mentor Karan Johar who is keeping a close tab on the kind of films that he does and the endorsements that he picks up.

"He is very intelligent guy. If he has invested in me, he is also making sure that there are good enough returns. He is keeping his ears and eyes open on people who are currently casting for leads. I am getting good help there", he adds.

Is it wrong that I find this kind of cute? Well, if Salman can "invest" in Katrina, there is no reason Karan can't "invest" in Sid.


John Abraham is in and Akshay is out of Welcome 2. It's not going to be the same without Feroz Khan, anyways…


And Deepika Padukone confirmed for Kick.

"Sajid Nadiadwala wants Salman’s leading lady in Kick to perform heavy duty martial arts and stunts. Deepika is perfect for the part,” added the source.

Deepika is actually pretty good at action - at least judging by Chandni Chawk to China and Lafangey Parindey! I'm glad to see somebody taking advantage of that instead of casting her as a party girl. Again.


Shahrukh Khan is selling his 20% stake in the Kolkata Knight Riders.


Am I the only one concerned that Subash Ghai is going around renaming girls with "M" names again?


An image of Sunny Leone's item song. There has been a real backlash against calling items "items" the last few months, following the Delhi rape case.

Sanjay says, “This song is not a quintessential item song. In fact, I think it’s derogatory to term a song an item number. ‘Laila’ is extremely crucial to the film and the twists and turns in the storyline."

But a good item DOES serve a purpose in the flow of the film - like "Munni" - even if not in the overall narrative. (Check out the uPodcast episode I was a guest on where we discussed it!)


So, Bollywood has (cluelessly) decided that sexualizing women in films is the cause of gang-rape. ( Certainly not gender inequality or income inequality or the misplaced rage of the lower classes. Nope, nothing to see here!) It's almost funny to watch them scramble around to pretend like they aren't doing just that while discussing a former adult entertainment actress dancing in a skimpy outfit in front of a group of men.

They'll do it but they want us to know that they feel bad about it.


Manoj Kumar was upset to discover that the version of Om Shanti Om released in Japan contained the scenes that mocked him! And this after he'd been told they had been cut.

Oversight on Farah's part? Or laziness?


Rajeev Masand answers your questions.

Q. The regional films are being addressed in National Awards only. Why the other awards named themselves with "Indian" don't consider languages other than Hindi...? Asked by: Elango B

A. Each state and each region has their own awards functions for their film industries. Bollywood has many. National Awards are the only ones which picks best films/performances/technical achievements from across the country.

Er… dodges your questions.


Trailer for Prakash Raj's new film Gouravam.



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odadune said...

I've only seen bits of Welcome online, but I had the impression that the "ornamental male romantic lead" was one of the more expendable characters ...he probably figured he had better things to do with his time.

odadune said...

Forgot to add, on the vfx controversy, I suspect the powers that be are just gonna start outsourcing to, well, people like SRK's outfit.

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