Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Post: No Preferential Treatment Edition!

Vancouver Desi is the one outlet staying on top of TOIFA. Today they look at what stars are likely to be paid.

t’s hard to know exactly what members of India’s entertainment A-list will be paid for their appearances and performances at the first-ever Times of India Film Awards, set to take place April 4-6. But if it’s anything like what they earn for events in India, some are in line for six-figure paycheques.

Also, Anurag Kashyap tweeted out the link to my rant on TOIFA and I couldn't figure out why (since I've been busting his ass for years and I assumed he didn't know I existed or thought - fairly enough - I was full of shit) but apparently he was mad that tabloids were circulating a rumor that he and Huma Quereshi were having an affair.

Suspiciously the link to MY blog in that "Tweet no. 5" that Bollywood Life posted is missing. Hmm…


Breaking my new rule about linking to the TOI for this hilarious story about Jackky Bhagnani.

Does it bring ease when your father producers a film and do you become more demanding? "I'm just another actor I get no preferential treatment," answered the actor.

HA HA HAAAA! Actually don't bother to click, that is essentially the whole piece right there.

Filmfare needs to bring back the Best Comedian Award JUST to give it to Jackky for his interviews.

(And PS: According to Box Office India, Jackky's Rangrezz opened to 5-10% collections. My only question now is… who were those 5-10% people and didn't they have anything better to do?)


Sanjay Dutt is struggling to finish his films before surrendering himself to jail. Unfortunately it seems like there is some trouble with Policegiri. Whether or not it's actually the Chennai stunt men's union or actually some issue with the production team unwilling to pay is something I can't say.


Sajid Khan on Himmatwala. (CANNOT WAIT!)

Working with his sister, choreographer Farah Khan: “She is the best in our business. I made her watch ‘Himmatwala’ and all those bad movies of the ’80s. She didn’t like it but she did it because she had no choice, since she’s my sister. She can never turn me down but she was clear that she will not copy steps or make a spoof of the original songs. She will interpret the songs in her own style. And if one more person asks if Ajay Devgn will be presented as a jumping jack Jeetendra, I will knock them down with the script of Himmatwala.”


Photos from the launch of Bombay Talkies trailer.

And Aishwarya Rai opening a jewelry store! Very pretty, madam!


Mohar Basu speaks up for OMG over at KoiMoi.

So what exactly went wrong with OMG! Oh My God. Giving Bollywood satire a unique dimension, attaining the status of a trendsetter, I opine the film essentially failed for coming down too strong with its message. An offbeat, small budget film, this one was no star studded affair. It wasn’t lustrous and boasted minimalist airs. Awards, whether we accept o deny, is frankly swayed more by the glitterati than by sheer strength of talent. It is negatively amazing how the jury failed to notice a film this good!


Trailer for Toofan - the Telugu version of Zanjeer. And it looks… potentially awesome! Well, the non-PC parts, anyways. Much like Agneepath. The teasing glimpses of the songs and Prakash Raj are more than enough to convince me to fork over cash for a ticket. Well, no, wait I suspect we'll be getting the Hindi version instead.

Ah! And speaking of, everybody wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Prakash Raj, Indian cinema's reigning undercover hottie and beloved uncle, villain, and character actor!


Aishwarya does a flamenco-inspired dance at the Pond's Femina Miss Inida 2013 pageant! (Did I mention I love beauty pageants?)

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