Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Post: No names required.

No new films again this week at my local theater but I'm glad Kai Po Che is still holding strong. For sure, it's definitely the best Hindi film I've seen in ages and ages.


More drama for the Times of India Awards - no events schedule in the Asian-populated town of Surrey.

Savkur said organizers haven’t been able to proceed with a Surrey event yet because there have been “issues” with theatres and venues. He said he has even met with the city’s mayor a few months ago. “The majority of the South Asian ethic population is here in Surrey,” he said, noting it would be “inappropriate” not to have a film event in the city.


This never even occurred to me but I guess it's true…. why there are no star names on posters.

In Bollywood, we believe our stars to be larger than life and hence, don't feel the need to name them. Most stars have near-perfect recall with audiences, everyone knows them.

I mean, do you really need Salman's name on a poster when his face this there?


Sajid Khan on Himmatwalla:

"This is an open challenge that if viewers won't clap on Ajay's entry in Himmatwala, I will refund the ticket money. I have designed such an entry for Ajay that I was clapping while I was writing it, I was clapping while I was shooting it. I have given a lot of stress on entry," he added.

This is why I love Sajid Khan. He's saying, essentially, that the film is not a spoof but a pastiche. I can get on board with that. I'm really looking forward to Himmatwalla!

(Related? Star India snaps up Ajay Devgn's films for the next six years.)


The non-story of the day is that *gasp* Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan are not active on Twitter.

And… who cares?

This was picked up by quite a few outlets, though. The fuss of over the TOIFA? None.


Parineeti drops Remo D'Souza's film.


Unfortunately, this biopic of Divya Bharti sounds less than respectful. And why is a Greek girl cast as Divya?


Mallika Sherawat loses out for a role on an American sitcom to Nosheen Phoenix. I'd never heard of her but it seems she's had a few bit roles on popular shows like Modern Family.


SRK's new Tata Tea commercial! Will he really switch the hero and heroine's name in his next film, though… hmmm…


I'm morbidly fascinated with Rangrezz. ALL of this money and effort spent on… Jackky Bhagnani. A dude who has less talent and charisma than most of the Junior Artistes I've seen.


And a new song from JAL.

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