Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Post: J bole to Jail.

Good morning, friends! So, usually on Thursdays I check the local movie schedule but there is nothing listed this weekend at Loehmann's Twin! Does anybody know what has happened? Please let me know!!

But my little troubles aside, the big news today is… Sanjay Dutt is going to jail. Al Jazeera has the full story. For his participation in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case, Sanjay was sentenced to 5 years, of which he's already served 18 months.

The BBC has a really nice photo spread of Sanjay, looking back at some of the milestones in his life.

Manorama Online has Bollywood's reaction. Sanjay has three films in production right now. Sucks to be them.

And Sandip Roy over at Firstpost takes a flippant tone with an instructional piece for stars:

If you are a filmstar and you need to act out in public, try and avoid national security risks. Blackbucks, pavement dwellers, security guards at Wankhede stadium, diners at the Taj, Farah Khan’s husband are all legitimate targets in our society for shooting, mowing down, abusing, or slapping.

Don't forget journalists who work at Star and Style!


Meanwhile, over in Cloud Cuckoo Land, Vashu Bhagnani is paying a small fortune to PSY so that Jackky can dance to last year's global hit in his third (is it?) relaunch.

The best part of the story is that PSY made Jackky actually DANCE FOR HIM before agreeing.

Oh, and Vashu is angering people with his posters of Jackky.


But forget all that. Remember Sanjay Dutt as the floppy haired youth singing in the voice of Kishore Kumar in Rocky...

Remember him as gangster with a heart-of-gold Munnabhai…

Forget Chattur Singh No Stars and Rascals and hope he uses his jail time to really think about things and that he'll come out on the other side ready to get back to work.

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odadune said...

And happy birthday to Rani! :)

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