Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Post: Let's all Harlem Shake!

Possibly the best review of I Me Aur Main you will read.

The first time we see [Chitrangada Singh], we wonder if we’ve accidentally walked into the screening of Inkaar 2. Either that, or she had no time between wrapping up the original and starting this movie to even change her hairstyle or nail polish, never mind get a new wardrobe. Ok, maybe I’m nitpicking. But there’s so much time to get distracted during this film that it was bound to happen, and I will generously forgive myself.


Delightfully cranky letter about the Times of India Awards.

"As an Immigrant from India, now a citizen of Canada, I strongly feel this is a serious attempt to woo ethnic votes and in this economy should not be a burden on B.C. residents, when the Bollywood Industry has enough money to do such events with commercial dollars."


Kiddie pictures of the stars!!


Kat shows PC how to be queen of the film set.


Do you have a trend? Jackky Bhagnani is on it! The desperate star son is including both "Gangnam Style" AND "The Harlem Shake" in his upcoming Rangrezz. No word so war on whether the film includes "entertainment" and/or "acting."


For some reason, the profits of KANK have been called into question.


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