Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Post: Let it snow, let it snow...

Good morning!! And a big Happy Monday to you, friends!

We're piled under a mountain of snow here in Washington, DC today and - alas - all offices are still open, so imagine me wailing like Karishma in the voice of Alka Yagnik as I head out into the snow, hoping that Akshay will pick me up on his dog sled and deliver me to work safely.


The Globe and Mail has an update on TOIFA. The allegations of racial profiling of staff have been confirmed and the person is STILL working for TOIFA!


“It was not a directive from the Times of India Group. It was a word choice by one staff member within dozens of staff members. It is very unfortunate and they have apologized for that,” Laura Ballance, a spokeswoman for the TOIFA event, said in an interview on Sunday.

Ms. Ballance said the unidentified person who made the comments works as part of the event’s “logistics team” and is currently in Vancouver from Mumbai. The individual continues to be employed by the awards show.

Why hasn't that person been fired!? And that is a pretty weak apology.

(Check out the comments of another post on the topic for a cross section of how people are reacting.)


Tamannaah talks about Sajid Khan and Himatwalla.

Fun, masti, dhamaal – Is there all of this and more that one should expect from ‘Himmatwala’?

Yeah, this is Sajid Khan’s ‘Himmatwala‘ so you can just imagine what kind of made fun would be in there. Comedy is an extremely hard genre to crack and this is something which is Sajid’s forte. The films that he has made in the past have been out and out comedies. Now with ‘Himmatwala’, he is adding drama into the narrative. Outcome is a good family entertainer which is very interesting. If he has said on the posters that the film is a ‘Sajid Khan entertainer’, he means it because the film has been made from the audience perspective and what they would enjoy.

Apparently Sajid saw the original film 36 times in the theater! I'm really looking forward to seeing how he interprets the film.


I have a lot of respect for Hrithik Roshan. He works hard and takes his work seriously. Hrithik talks about stardom:

"There are no side effects of anything. If there is a negative feedback then it is just a feedback. There is no negative side-effect. We all have areas in our life which are not perfect and we can choose to sit and complain about that," Hrithik told IANS.

I know I've said this before but I think Hrithik really means it when he says stuff like this. Whether or not he lives by these guidelines I can't say but I think he's sincere.

Interesting, the big man and his wife showed up at Kangana Ranaut's birthday party! At first I thought the bonds of Kites run deep but it I forgot Miss Thing (looking quite lovely in a black & white dress) is also in Krrish 3.

Also check out Ekta Kapoor! I'm loving the Studio 54 look. Oh, the stories she could tell. I'd love to have cocktails with Ekta.

And Sushant Singh Rajput and Maddy and Dhanush!!!

What a fun collection of friends and co-workers!

Hrithik also has nice things to say (albeit a sexist compliment)...

Talking about Katrina, Hrithik says, “I’m so excited about working with her again, after ZNMD. She works like a man. I respect the labour she puts into her work. We are here for work and glamour is something which just comes with it.”

They are doing a "remake" of Knight and Day.


And pictures from Manish Malhotra's Lakme show.


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