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Friday Post: You mean I have to sit WHERE?!

So, my worries of Loehmann's Twin were unfounded. It turns out they must have been negotiating what films would be showing this week - Paradesi and Attacks of 26/11. Ah, well. I'll see some DVDs instead and wait until HIMMATWALA next week. I'm very excited for Himatwala… though the music seems less than stellar, maybe the songs will grow on me in context.

One thing I did learn, though, while googling around for information on Loehmann's - they had been briefly shut for health code violations in December 2012. Ew.

Speaking of violations, the juicy story today is SAIF ALI KHAN FORCED OUT OF VIP LOUNGE at the Lucknow airport.

The economizing nawab only had an "executive club" boarding pass which did not entitle him to VIP LOUNGE access.

The Nawab of Pataudi demanded to speak to the General Manager of the airport. But, we hear that by the time the GM arrived to handle the situation, an angry Saif had stormed out of the VIP lounge. Later the General Manager sat with the actor in the regular lounge until he boarded the flight to Mumbai.

HA!!! I can just picture Saifu scowling in a corner, forced to breathe the same air as us normals.


Saif vs. the indignity of having to sit in a public waiting room is a much more fun story than Sanjay Dutt going to jail.

You know, I do agree with the view that at the time he was young, stupid, and seduced by the power and glamor of playing with guns. Though he deserves to be punished, of course, but what pleasure can we really take in a story about an uncle being sent to jail.


If you can stomach it, here is Sanjay Gupta, Anurag Kashyap, and Sujoy Ghosh discussing Quentin Tarantino.

Sujoy is on point but the other two… it's getting so every time Anurag Kashyap opens his mouth, my bullshit detector kicks into high gear.

Anurag: I feel sad if somebody steals my work before it has come out. After, is all well. I’ve really never seen directors feeling offended if someone’s copying their work. They feel good about it, they feel flattered. It’s actually the producers, the studios who stand to make money and lots of film geeks who feel offended.

Sujoy: I don’t know because normally people don’t steal anything directly probably because they only take an idea. Like I take a lot of ideas from him (points at Sanjay.) Half of my movies I copy his style, you’ll never know it. But it’s more or less just learning the style in order to represent something visually.

Film geeks like the guy who, in 2008, was outraged (OUTRAGED!) at people thinking Aamir was a copy of Cavite? What was his name? Let's see… one Mr. Anurag Kashyap.

And THIS guy who is outraged (OUTRAGED!) that somebody would say Lootera's music is copied. What's his name? Um… Anurag Kashyap.

So, people copying from him is fine. Just fine! But never insinuate that he or any of his friends are ever influenced by anything other than the overwhelming emotions of being put-upon men who a) don't know what love is and b) just want to be writers, man.


Geez, Vashu Bhagnani should have spent more on buying the critics and less on last year's viral video hits.

Although, Rediff's check seems to have cleared.

But the review you want to read is on Daily Bhaskar, where Mayank Shekhar really has fun ripping into it!

Eventually, you’re either a star or you’re not. You either have fans or you don’t. No harm trying still. Ambition is a bitch. It’s only the audience that suffers sometimes, that is, if they choose to buy the ticket of course.

DAMN! THAT is how you end a review of a Jackky Bhagnani film. Bravo!


Irrfan Khan is going all out and it's not even for a Hollywood film! He'll have a perfect Karachi accent for Nikhil Advani's D-Day.

So get the awards for Singlehandedly Solving India-Pakistan Relations ready!!


Wow. Prabhu Deva's brother is the one choreographing SRK's item in Chennai Express because they want to keep it "sober." AKA Prabhudeva was too busy for this shit and/or Shahrukh can't handle his sweet, sweet moves.

But you do kind of have to love that an item in an SRK film obviously will include SRK.

Obviously. SRK knows why people go to his movies - to see him do stuff.


Priyanka Chopra is allegedly upset that Sunny Leone is hogging the spotlight in Shootout at Wadala.


Ajay Devgn explains manly roles.

"Be it Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore, Singham... You can't take a boy as it won't to do justice to the film and the role. Like boys can do romance and all but eventually they grow to be men. The boys (young actors) are just beginning. Everything is about maturity and being a man.. Heroism is being a man," Ajay told reporters.


Do watch this adorable trailer for Thangameenkal!!


Moimeme said...

I've pretty much had my fill of comments on the verdict on Sanjay Dutt, but let me take this opportunity to make *my* comment.

First, everybody really needs to read up on the case and understand what this is a part of. These are the verdicts in the trial on the biggest terrorist attack in India The attack consisted of coordinated serial bomb blasts across the whole city of Mumbai, resulting in 257 people being killed, and a further 700 being injured and maimed. It has taken 15 years for the trials of hundreds of people charged in the attack. It took that long because of the complexity of the cases, many of which were overlapping. The initial sentencing was done in 2007. Many people, including Sanjay Dutt, appealed their sentences to the Supreme Court of India. What has been given now are the decisions on those appeals. The charges against Sanjay Dutt were of obtaining prohibited assault rifles, ammunition, and grenades from the people who planned and coordinated the terrorist attacks, storing the weapons in his (father's) house, and then getting rid of them and having the remaining assault rifle destroyed in an attempt to hide the evidence. These are not trivial or whimsical charges.

Now let's get to your statements/excuses.

He was young? He was 33. He was already a father, a widower, and had been married two times.

He was stupid? Yeah, probably. Still is, if you listen to his statements on the trial (like saying he was picked on because his mother was Muslim).

Seduced by the power and glamor of playing with guns? Wow. He already had three licensed guns in the house. But he needed grenades to feel safe? Since he was living in his father's house at the time, who was a much respected Member of Parliament, he stored illegal weapons obtained from terrorists in his father's house without that father's knowledge. All this because he was "seduced?" OK, if you say so.

Nobody is asking you to take pleasure at his going to jail. Neither am I taking pleasure. But I am pretty sick of this outpouring of pity without any context. If you must pity someone, pity the people who have been in jail since 1993 awaiting trial and then the result of their appeal, because they didn't have the means to pay bail and get out, like Sanjay did. Pity the hundreds of people who were denied bail, because they didn't have the political connections of Sanjay Dutt. Pity the guy who took the bag of weapons from Sanjay's house to a drop off house, and had them in his possession for one hour, who is sentenced to ten years under the terrorist act. Everyone else in this case was tried in a special court under the terrorist act (TADA) -- except Sanjay, even though he, too, was initially charged under that act. But his father managed to get him charged under a different law, so he would not be subject to the draconian sentencing requirements of the terrorist act.

And if you want to feel sorry for "an uncle" being sent to jail, there are many other men, and women, too, who are older than Sanjay, and have been sentenced to longer terms. Many have been incarcerated for the duration of the trial and appeals (yes, all 20 years), and have missed the entire childhoods of their children, for whom they are essentially strangers. Sanjay is at most going to miss three years of his chidren's lives -- that's if he actually goes to jail. There are already petitions filed on his behalf to the governor Maharashtra to obtain a pardon, and Sanjay plans to file one himself, on the grounds that he has young children to be provided for.

As to who can take pleasure at someone's going to jail (again, not just Sanjay, but scores of others), maybe the survivors of those 257 people who died in the attack, and the hundreds more who were severely injured, can get, not pleasure, but a sense of closure.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme That's some comment! You should think about starting your own blog. :)

I don't have much time but I did want to briefly stick up for myself. Contrary to what you're implying I have read something about the attack and I have read deeply on terrorism in general. I just think that it's better to forgive and understand than to accuse and punish. Cycles of vengance can only lead to tragic Telugu-style defending the family's honor films.

After all, I was raised in the Catholic tradition of "hate the sin, not the sinner." If you go back a few posts, my reaction was the same as Rahul Bose.

As to Sanjay's "youth," perhaps I should have used the word immature. I just finished a biography of the author Mishima who was seduced by the power of guns in a very tragic way at the youthful (immature) age of 40.

I respect your opinion and hope you'll respect mine.

Moimeme said...

@FilmiGirl - I should have made it more clear that I wasn't responding to you particularly, but to all the people who have made similar comments. You represented the gist of most of them. And the reason why I gave the background to the case was that, while you may be familiar with it, not all of your readers may be, especially if they're not from India. I've seen a lot of comments like, "oh, why jail him now for something he did 20 years ago?"

As for forgiveness, I'm all for it in my life, but only the wronged people can forgive those who hurt them. It's not for others to forgive the perpetrator on their behalf.

I agreed with Rahul Bose, too, since I don't support capital punishment.

Sorry for the length of the comment. I didn't mean to usurp your blog space.

Moimeme said...

Also, how does Mishima enter into this? He only killed himself, but didn't harm others.

odadune said...

Ajay is somewhat delicately skating over the fact that the three of them are actually more or less reverting to the kinds of roles they played when they were younger. But he is correct that the pretty young twerps of today need some growing up before they can take on "mard" roles.

Prabhudeva claimed, when word got out that he was guest-choreographing a song for Boss (this would be mid-Feb, I guess, a bit before the official first look), that he was busy enough to were he only did choreography for his own movies or as favors for friends (cue couple of sentences of bromantic gushing about Akki). At the time I thought the Rambo Rajkumar team were giving him grief about it, but it must have been aimed at the Chennai Express gang.

Moimeme said...

The other big problem with Ajay's statement is that the films they are remaking all starred young actors in their original Telugu/Tamil versions!

Maybe what Ajay is "delicately skating around" is that the current crop of young heroes in Hindi films are not "manly" enough to play such roles. :)

Jai said...

Thanks FG for a sweet run down of the news :D

And I like the FG-MM double act in the comments section too haha. I did not know much about the Sanjay Dutt case. I don't really care one way or the other about his fate. I just hope the rule of law was not cirumvented because of his celebrity.

Saif and Ajay seem like douches. As does Priyanka. And Anurag Kashyap and Sanjay Gupta. The only part of Bollywood that is still likeable and amusing are the critics, bloggers and blog commentators :D

Unknown said...

I feel Sanjay dutt was let off lightly. He was not simply "playing with guns". The terrorists were shipping guns & lots of ammunition to Muslims across India because they wanted them to be well prepared for the backlash that would come after the train bombings.
Otherwise why would anyone need grenades?

But as always, it is one justice for the rich & famous ...and quite another for common man.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme Ah! Yes, okay. I agree that some are DEFINITELY taking this too lighting, asking for Sanjay to be pardoned etc. That's why I'm always clear to say "respect the sentence he's given." I'm a big proponent of rehabilitation (if possible) but to accomplish that, certainly some punishment or penance is involved. That step cannot be skipped.

Of course some people never even seem to think they've done anything wrong - look no further than the documentary on Dick Cheney that aired - and in cases like that rehabilitation is impossible.

As to Mishima, I brought him up not because he massacred anybody but because he was seduced by the idea of righteous violence - in his case, in support of the emperor - at about 40. He retained an adolescent mindset throughout his life. And did actually plot terrorist attacks to inspire revolution before realizing it was futile and decided to just make a statement by committing sepuku after which his lover beheaded him and then killed himself.

He also commanded a small militia which would certainly have acted, if he had commanded it. There but for the grace of god... so you see, there are some simularities. Mishima was also quite frail and weak as a child and became involved with body building when he turned 30.

@odadune @moimeme Ajay never was so good with subtlety... heh. We'll have to see how Vidyut's hero debut pans out.

And nice catch on the Prabhudeva reference. You're right, I bet he was referring to Chennai Express. I wonder if the "South Indian" minstrel show aspect of the film had anything to do with his refusal...

@Jai Hey, thanks! I appreciate that. :) There are plenty of douchebags in Bollywood - I've met a few. ;) But their antics are fun to read about. Especially when it reveals how clueless they really are. Anurag didn't used to be this bad. Seems like success really went to his head.

@Unknown I hope you didn't think I was being flippant. Like I said to Moimeme, I certainly think he should be punished but you are right when you say one justice for the rich and another for the common man. It is the same in America - how many bankers when to jail for tanking the economy?

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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