Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Post: WOMEN! Women, women, women. Women.

Happy Women's Day! And there is a huge outpouring of women-related stories.

Setting the tone for the coverage is a MID-DAY post titled: "It's raining women" followed by a whole string of photos of male filmmakers. Because nothing says "women" like Sudhir Mishra and Subhash Ghai.


Sonam Kapoor launches the he L’Oreal Paris Femina Women Awards 2013. She's quoted as saying things "exuberantly" but looks rather drawn and wan to my eyes. Less "glamorous fashionista" and more "tired, hungry paper doll."


Asian Woman Magazine lists their Top 50 Women, separated out into categories so the list can have both Frieda Pinto and Captain Durga Banerjee, the first woman pilot for Indian Airlines.


The Times of India picks five actresses who changed norms… including Karisma Kapoor.

Karisma was one of the few actresses who made fitness a fashion and fought the flab which was a highlight of the 90's actresses.

Go woman power!

Seriously, TOI?


The Hindustan Times films where women stood their ground.

Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dor (2006) gave a new lease to women's lib in Bollywood. While Zeenat (Gul Panag) is the typical strong woman who braves all odds, Meera (Ayesha Takia), a widow, is the real surprise spinner. Meera's husband gets killed in an accident and Zeenat's husband, who is responsible, is set to be hanged. Zeenat calls on Meera to secure her husband’s life. Meera gathers enough courage to forgive and flee the narrow confines of her milieu but not before exposing the community she was married into.

For some reason the phrase "typical strong woman" really amused me. but their selection of films felt a bit more like masochistic viewing of women getting shit on by society than anything celebratory of women's strength.

The TOI gets in on the act with 10 Pathbreaking women oriented films… that are the same grab bag of masochistic viewing of women harmed with Fire and Kahaani thrown in for good measure.


SRK has been using his Tata Tea advert as a talking point on Woman's Day and Firstpost calls him out on empty rhetoric.

If he really wants to “bring a change” as he put it let him act in a Dirty Picture and take rightful second billing to a Vidya Balan instead of dominating every frame of a Chennai Express and treating his top billing as a hand-me-down he is graciously donating to a Deepika Padukone.

And REALLY calls him out… as well as the other patronizing Women's Day nonsense:

But was [SRK's willingness to put his heroine's name first] necessary to proclaim from the front page of the Hindustan Times? And does it help his women co-stars to shine better or is this merely intended to let SRK show how benevolent he is towards women?

To be honest, I hate this kind of "one special day for women" nonsense for just this reason. What about the other days of the year? Shouldn't women be part of the conversation then, too? We are half the world's population.


Telecom companies are dropping celebrity "brand ambassadors."

"With most contracts now signed on a per-day basis, celebrities are expensive," he said. According to TAM data, not a single telecom brand figured among the top 10 advertisers using celebrities in 2012. Industry insiders say Tata Docomo has ended its endorsement deal with actor Ranbir Kapoor while one person said it is up for renewal. Tata Docomo did not respond to queries from ET.


Zeenat Aman to make a filmi return in a film about beauty pageants!

Zeenat, we hear, will play the chairperson of a beauty pageant in the movie. Though the title is not decided yet, the film will show the dark side of the glamorous world. Zeenat’s character Maya is a megalomaniac who is full of herself. She lives in a delusional world and her illusions are further fuelled by a false sense of power. The movie will be in 3D and the director thought that only Zeenat could do justice to the challenging role.

I am ready and waiting to watch this. I love beauty pageants!


Kai Po Che cutie Amit Sadh signs another film? Maybe?

And Kai Po Che cutie Sushant Singh Rajput scores a KJo film? Maybe?

Best of luck to both!! I thought they were both fantastic.


Saif Ali Khan is out of the Judwaa sequel but desperate to work with Sajid Khan… according to a "birdie." I believe it, though. Saifu is desperate for a hit. Even Race 2 didn't crack him into the 100 Crore Club. ETA: It did but it still doesn't feel like a clean hit for him, somehow.


Ah~ whatever. Let's all just enjoy Ranveer Singh being ri-donk-ulous on the red carpet.

Ranveer Singh: WHERE THE PARTY IS AT! From the massive mooche to his insistence that he will flirt with any woman who comes into eyesight, I love Ranveer Singh.


Moimeme said...

You know what's really ridiculous about SRK's billing announcement? It's that back in the 90's, when he started, the order of the credits at the beginning of the film was strictly based on seniority, no matter how big or small the role of that actor might be. So in fact, Madhuri and Juhi were billed ahead of him in films like Anjaam, Darr, and RBGG. It's only when Bollywood started trying to be "on par with Hollywood" and did away with that tradition (of showing respect to elders) that we have this present "sexist" tradition. Some people still follow it, though. So in Veer Zaara, my memory says that Amitabh Bachchan's and Hema Malini's names came first, even though they were just in guest appearances, but I could be remembering wrong.

odadune said...

For added hilarity, TOI gets the plot synopsis to Gulzar's award-winning and semi-famous (and extremely boring) Aandhi completely wrong. Haven't looked at the HT list yet.

CoffeeQueen said...

Interesting article by Sunera Thobani, an activist and teacher of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of British Columbia regarding the TOIFAs.

Another regarding auditions.

Theyre charging 39 bucks for an audition. Is this the norm?

CoffeeQueen said...

Interesting article by Sunera Thobani, activist and teacher of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of British Columbia regarding the TOIFAs.

CoffeeQueen said...

Can I ask why my comments keep being deleted? Is there a problem?

Filmi Girl said...

@CoffeeQueen - they had been sent to the spam filter! All fixed. :)

And WOW! Charging for an audition is NOT normal. This whole TOIFA just smells like a scam from start to finish.

CoffeeQueen said...

hehe oops :D

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Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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