Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Post: It's not a flop, it's defamation!

My choice this weekend is… Bala's Paradesi! I'm hoping the US release has English subtitles but even those in Northern India can watch it, too, because Anurag Kashyap is going to be distributing it.

I am disappointed that we won't be getting Mere Dad Ki Maruti, since (in my opinion, at least) young Saqib Saleem is one to watch out for. But it should play just as well on the small screen and Y-Films has been good about making things available online.


Mani Ratnam is the big story of the day.

First of all, he's taking a gamble and letting Rensil D'Silva write his next film. Did Mani Ratnam not see the filmic turd that was Kurbaan? That is hte only possible explanation.

Second of all, Mani Ratnam has got distributors really angry at the losses they incurred with Kadal - by all accounts a mediocre project - so he is suing them. For defamation.

Okay, then.


The high cost of being a starlet...

Dresses and Accessories

Rs 70,000

Repeating a dress or an accessory is a sin. With at least two media appearances every week, the cost of dressing up and stepping out is high. You need at least 20 dresses a month on rent. And rentals for designer lables start at Rs 10,000, while shoes and jewellery can be rented at upwards of Rs 25,000 and more

Incredible! And for what, exactly? A page view or two at High Heel Confidential? No matter where in the world, this kind of consumption-of-goods-driven celebrity culture is poisonous.

What happened to PC's campaign to repeat outfits, I wonder...


Aishwarya Rai may perform at Femina Miss India, which would be fantastic!

(Also, I love beauty pageants. Me and Sushmita Sen love beauty pageants.)


Three of my faves shooting in Jaipur - Rishi, Parineeti, and one Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput!

I'm looking forward to this one regardless but I really hope it's not being written by Devika Bhagat. That might be too much to ask from a Yash Raj Film, though. OH!! I just checked her wiki and she wrote the filmic atrocity I Me Aur Main. When is somebody going to shut her laptop down on her hands and save the world from any more of her garbage?


The producers have pulled out of La Pinto's Hindi debut.


While talking about different directors to Karan, Kajol said, "A good project but a poor director will always make a mediocre film, but an average script and good director can make a good film as he will put in everything to make the film look good.

Kajol speaking truth at FICCI.




Personally, it's too early for boob guns at the moment but some of you are later in the day than I am.


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