Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Post: The Medium is the Massage

Sometimes, reading the Bollywood press is like watching Sybil argue with herself.

From a piece on Kai Po Che:

Over the last few years, low budget films and films which have not much big star cast, is gaining popularity among audiences. Analysts believe that 'stereotype' cinema doesn't sell like a hot cake any more, audiences demand 'content'.

Meanwhile, Race 2 joins the 100 Crore Club.

It's like nobody wants to admit that there is room for both mass entertainment AND middlebrow multiplex flicks in the same industry. Let alone admit that the mass entertainment has some value to do and the middlebrow stuff isn't all worthwhile.


A trio of quotes on the culpability of film makers in public tastes…

Punjabi comedian Gurpreet Ghuggi:

"The ones who promote vulgarity in entertainment industry usually blame it on the audience. But the fact is they themselves make the audience addicted to such stuff. Although I won't deny that society too lacks awareness, but its like saying, drugs are in demand, so does that mean you will feed drugs to the masses?"

Bollywood's cranky uncle Om Puri:

"Hindi films today are crude and titillating. They are giving the wrong kind of education to the masses. And no, I don't buy the argument that films today are made on demand of what people want to watch. For even if that's true, it is ourbloody responsibility to reform society."

And our conscience Onir:

"What have we been showing in cinema since ages? That the hero comes in a dashing way and teases the heroine, slaps her and subdues her and she falls desperately in love. Imagine, we are taking small children, boys, to see such films, so what are we feeding them?

I have to admit that it warms my little left-learning heart to hear this. On the one hand, yes, films are just a way to make money but they are also more than that. There is a real power contained in narrative and on film - the mere presence of a Censor Board admits this. The question is how to balance those elements. Too much of one and you end up with trash, too much of the other and it's a film only a small elite will see.

One of the reasons that I'm so frustrated with some of the middlebrow films coming out recently is that they seem to only have a message of: This is how you REALLY make films.

To me, there is something far more powerful in "brainless" film like Khiladi 786, which has a romance of equals (and no stalking or eve teasing) at its heart, or even the anti-corruption subtext in Special 26, than all the films about Serious Topics.

Final word from Rani "money where her mouth is" Mukerjiee:

She adds, "When a man misbehaves, girls should slap that person right then and there rather than screaming for help. I have taken that rudra form of Kaali Maa and slapped men who have misbehaved with me."


For no other reason than Rajshri just uploaded it… BINDU!

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