Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Post: Enjoy your bath!

Salman Khan on the Internet: "It's actually very tiresome."

His take on social networking is worth reading, as always.

“Yes, I tweet in Hindi cum English, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t tweet ‘gyaan’ (knowledge) stuff. Nor things like I’m going to the bathroom, I am driving, etc.”

(And completely unrelated - Being Human to launch a women's line! Now if only they did online sales.)


Rishi Kapoor to release his AUTOBIOGRAPHY!

I cannot wait! One copy to be sent directly to Washington, DC, please sir!


Take a fond look back at Bollywood journalist Devyani Chaubal!

The sight of her in the premises filled actors with fear and trepidation. Whose career would be destroyed tomorrow? Who would be raised to the heights of glory? Bollywood in the 70s and 80s quaked at the sight of this feisty lady.

And then read her obituary.

Some fond remembrances from Anil Thakraney.

Devi passed away in 1995 and I must say there hasn’t been a filmi journalist like her since. What you get these days is convenient ‘leaks’ doled out by the stars’ agents and sometimes the stars themselves. Film reporters have become sub-servient, and not wanting to rub stars the wrong way seems to have become the credo. Part of the problem is the media boom. With so many media options now available, the film industry can block out an ‘inconvenient’ journalist without batting an eyelid, and the show goes on.

And a piece from Open Magazine about filmi reporters.

The late Devyani Chaubal, nicknamed ‘Poison Pen’ by the film industry, was a queen of insinuations in her ‘Frankly Speaking’ column in Star & Stylemagazine. “She was the mother of negative journalism. Stars were scared of her. They hated her, but always tiptoed around her because they did not want to be in her column. She really destroyed people with her pen,” says Ali Peter John, a veteran film journalist of 40 years.


Meera announces she's re-making Pakeezah. You know, as soon as they lock in a director, producer, co-stars, etc.

Ah~ they don't make movies (or heroines) like this anymore.


Anurag Kashyap and Amitabh Bachchan to team up for a film.

The film is a thriller with an ensemble cast, and Bachchan in the lead. It will go on the floors early next year. Bachchan is all praise for Anurag as he says, “I am delighted to be working with Anurag, a director, who has through his rugged belief in his kind of cinema compelled us to fall in line with him. I have a general concept of the story and anxiously wait for him to begin shooting.”

Oh, to be a birdie on that film set! But sometimes a Clash of the Egos can create a pretty darn good product and sometimes it just produces a pretentious mess.


Important bulletin of concern to me and possibly three or four others: SHIRISH KUNDER IS BACK, BABY!

Alas, it's only as a producer but still. Like he would let the opportunity to meddle pass him by.


Jackie Shroff is currently shooting a Bengali film on land acquisition.


Tamannaah to work with Akshay Kumar (here's the important part) in a mass-entertainer by the guys who wrote the Golmaal films AND Housefull 2?



Harry Baweja is making a 3D animation film. No word on him making his son's career.


And here's a scoop from me:

Horrid looking Sunny Deol-Kangana Ranaut starred I Love New Year appears to be ripped directly from the Soviet classic The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath! And we won't even get to see Kangana wandering around frozen streets in a big furry hat like in the original! OH THE HUMANITY OF IT ALL!


Video of the music launch of 3G. I see that nobody has broken it to NNM that he still can't sing. (Psst… closing your eyes won't help you hit that high note, buddy.)

Check out the real musician's reaction to Neil's "singing." Heh.

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