Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Gossip: And those hip hop fakers, Vishal and Shekhar edition.

Hrithik Roshan: decent human being. And happy Pride to people in Mumbai and Hyderabad! 300 people turned out to Hyderabad's first gay Pride parade! Check out a couple pictures and ignore the clueless comment over at The Hindu.

Over at Firstpost, Venky Vembu explores what Amar Akbar and Anthony would think of films today.

And what of Anthony? When his separated-at-birth brothers are so prickly, how can he be immune? After all, it’s a congenital disease that afflicts the entire family. So, Anthony today is offended by Mani Ratnam’s latest cinematic offering Kadal. And much like the extra-judicial, extra-constitutional authority wielded by Muslim groups in Tamil Nadu to get Kamal Haasan to excise seven minutes of his film Vishwaroopam – Anthony now wants some scenes deleted from Kadal.

Zeenat Aman to marry a much younger man? You don't even want my theories on this but let's just say they rest on Zeenat's status as a gay icon.

SRK gets invited to Harvard in March and Bollywood Life asks if he's going to get stopped again - though I suspect it has less to do with his name and more to do with the company he sometimes keeps. You travel with the Ambanis, people might want to ask you questions about sketchy business practices.

Whoa, whoa… Ranbir x Jackie Fernandez? Okay!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is playing a petite businessman. I don't know what his stature has to do with anything but okay!

Deepika Padukone talks shop.

You have made shorts and hot pants look stylish more than anyone else has!

I have worn shorts only for my films. They are not my personal favourites. In real life, I love wearing sarees. I hope that women continue to wear them more often than they do today. I see a lot of young collegians wearing shorts. I feel girls should wear what makes them look good and not to make point or follow a fashion trend. Confidence matters more than having a great body. You should not look awkward when you are wearing a gown, a saree or hot pants.

Is Race 2 moving down South?

Does anybody really care about Arjun Baweja? Why is he still getting press? These models turned actors are almost universally terrible. The best come from the theater. It's the same in every industry and why the theater-based acting scene in the UK turns out so many better actors than the modeling based one in LA.

And a big Happy Birthday to the actor I love to hate… Abhishek Bachchan! A few of his new projects including…

The 37-year-old recently said that he is keen to reprise his role in a sequel to the 2005 film Bluffmaster.

Um… yeah. Thanks but no thanks, dude. I hated that film. Super boring, yaar.

Do not inflict more of this upon the world... just don't.

ETA: I thought this was cute! Arshad x Soha? Yes, please!

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Amaluu said...

I can't read that Deepika quote without thinking of the Simpsons episode where the sea captain referred to a boat full of hot pants as his precious cargo. "Aye the hot pants" ...


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