Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Gossip: Young, enterprising and beautiful edition!

I just got an incredible desire to stay home and watch Rangeela instead of going to work. #BollywoodFanProblems


Unfortunately, I'm having car troubles at the moment so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get out to the cinema this weekend! (!) I KNOW, RIGHT?!

We're getting Zila Ghaziabad, Kai Po Che, and a Tamil film called Aadhibhagavan. I want to see ALL THREE!

If anybody in the DC area wants to give me a ride… hit me up!


What is it about literary novelists being mega-douches? Chetan Bhagat has been vomiting up nonsense all over the media and now that asshat Salman Rushdie is feuding with Shabana Azmi?

According to sources, Rushdie was not pleased with Akhtar’s remarks and dashed off an email to Shabana saying that he was disappointed that a ‘supposedly secular’ man like her husband had attacked him for his writing.

Because - according to Salman Rushdie - anybody finding Rushdie to be a big pompous blowhard is clearly an Islamist. Or something.


The Big B is letting Anurag Kashyap film inside his home for Bombay Talkies.

Have I mentioned I'm really looking forward to this?


Here's the thing: I know, intellectually, that Shahid Kapoor is a douchebag but I can't help but enjoy his screen presence. He's just so charming… on film. There is just something about the acting of dancers - or actors who are talented dancers - that really appeals to me. Maybe it's because they can use their entire bodies to convey emotion and meaning.

Seriously, one of the best scenes I've seen from Shahid is from Chance Pe Dance where his character is getting ready for work and brushing his teeth. It was a masterful display of motion and control.

All of this is leading to… pictures of Shahid on the set of a new film.

It's been too long. TOO LONG!


More on-set pics from Gunday, with PC looking as heavily made-up as ever. Check out how fake she looks compared to the darker skinned woman in the picture on the top right.

Yup. As natural as a Barbie doll.


Does the Karan Johar-Akshay Kumar-Punit "Family Connections" Malhotra film have a title? And is that title Gutka?


Hey, girl. Neil Nitin Mukesh has been writing some songs he wants you to hear.

I can only hope the album cover art cultivates the Michael Bolton circa 1993 designer stubble and bed head look Neil is rocking in this photo. I'm imagining a fireplace and a half-open shirt.


Not only is I Me aur Main one of the most odious films to come out of Bollywood since…. um… Inkaar, but the promotions have been just as odious.

John Abraham took some journalists on a date. Except they weren't journalists, they were lady journalists. Actually, no, according to John:

I must compliment all the journalists who were here. Actually I would not like to call them journalists, I would like to call them young, enterprising and beautiful women, who are passionate about their dreams.

Because in the world of John Abraham, it's better to evoke the image of a middle schooler clutching a rainbow binder with the word "wander" written on it in puffy paint than to call a professional woman a journalist.

Well, can we really expect better from a film where the synopsis reads like a parody of the Imran Khan genre?


This story captures everything utterly stupid about the Bollywood media.

"Nawazuddin is touted as the next Irrfan and neither of them is pleased with it," revealed our source.

Oh, Times of India, trying to start a filmi feud between two legit actors. I love it. Now, make them fight over Priyanka Chopra and invites to KJo's birthday party and make sure the graphic has a boxing glove on it!


In non-dancer news, there is nothing less appealing than an item featuring a non-dancer. So, now we have to suffer through Mugdha Godse posing at us while making "sexy faces"? Thanks for nothing, Tigmanshu.

What else can you do but roll your eyes, when these supposedly "non-filmy" directors go for bold-faced names, no matter how talentless. And Mugdha Godse is pretty damn untalented.

Unless she's secretly been studying dance since this happened:

Um… nope. It doesn't seem like it.

Yup, those new directors… always going for talent over style. Here's the real question - will Sunny Leone be better or worse in her item for Shootout at Wadala.

We'll all just have to wait for Lady Raveena to grace us with her screen presence in Shobhana Seven Nights.


Song promo from The Attacks of 26/11. I have a feeling this works better in context.


The smooth vocal stylings of one Mr. Ali Zafar are always worth listening to...


For some reason the "embed" feature isn't working for me on this video so you'll have to click through to "enjoy" a song promo featuring Jackky Bhagnani's lack of talent half-heartedly disguised through the use of quick cuts.

Maybe Uday Chopra is hiring over at Daya Prochu central?

OR BETTER YET! How about a reality show starring Uday and Jackky?! Something along the lines of that reality show where the princes come to the US and try to pick up women. It would be hilarious.


Moimeme said...

Hi FG, can you please tell me your definition of "douche bag?" I'm genuinely puzzled. As I was saying to GetFilmy, even if one doesn't like Chetan Bhagat's books, I don't think he's done anything to be called a douche bag. And what has poor Shahid K. done? I mean, you used to call Shiney Ahuja a douche bag after his rape conviction, and these two seem hardly to be in the same category.

At any rate, I hope you realize that you've opened yourself up to major criticism from many, for the solecism of calling Chetan B. a "literary" novelist -- and mentioning him in the same breath as Salman Rushdie! :)

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme HA! Excellent question and one I need to think on. I tend to use it as a less vulgar (not by much) expression of disgust. At least judging by his interviews, CB is a pompous ass. I suppose there are many shades of pompous ass - some (Shiney) stronger than others.

I.e. I think if you asked CB, he would probably put himself in the same category as Rushdie, so I'm okay with it. XD

Yunus Perveez said...

I got to say when watching Rajeev Masand's Round table I already felt a few cold vibes between Irffan and Nawazzuddin, whenever Nawaz spoke, Irffan made a weird face.
But that might be the effort he needs to put in to pull his face out of his ass every time someone speaks...

Moimeme said...

@FilmiGirl -- thanks for the explanation. But you're off on Bhagat. He takes pride in *not* being "literary" and being the antithesis to people like Rushdie, so he wouldn't be happy to be lumped into the same category as Rushdie. OTOH, if you had wanted to insult him, there's probably no worse thing you could have called him. :)

eliza bennet said...

I have read all the Chetan Bhagat books and they are far better than the films. And it is definitely true that Mr.Bhagat is not a "literary" novelist and his writing is very very different from Mr.Rushdie.

Mr.Bhagat is a good story teller and his books just flyby as you read them (come to think of it, I have read almost all of them at Indian airports - heh!) Sure they do not fill you up like when you read extraordinary prose but then again they don't need to and he sure has not aimed for it.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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