Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Gossip: It's like so ironic, yaar...

Good morning! Sorry, things are a bit disjointed today. I got sucked into an epic conversation on Subhash Ghai on Twitter while I was supposed to be writing...

I don't know why every Western publication talking about Indian music feels the need to trash Bollywood to establish some indie "cred" but other than that line or two you can enjoy this write up of Mumbai's music scene.

Karan Johar in Forbes India

The younger generation [of actors] will not have it easy because there will always be too many options breathing down [their] neck; they will also have to combat Hollywood, because the young audience are watching movies [from] across the globe, they’re watching sports stars, they love too many people. So their love is also divided; the intensity of love is much less; that mad fandom that you see is not that hysterical because it is divided.

Either you love Bebo: Bollywood's Begum or you hate her. I happen to love her silly self.

Madhuri's Dedh Ishqiya to start filming soon.

Sona x Mahesh Babu = a match made in heaven.

Ranbir Kapoor to co-produce Bombay Velvet. I'm so over Anurag Kashyap but… Ranbir. It will be nice to see him in something I can watch (hopefully) without wanting to vomit.

Is PC entering Madame Tussad's or talking marriage rumors? It's hard to tell from this picture.

The Baby B is going to remake Do aur do paanch and if that isn't enough for you, guess who is producing? HACKMEISTER GENERAL Kunal Kohli. I swear, this guy is like a slot machine. He spewed out a couple of hits like ten years ago but despite all evidence to the contrary people keep putting in money, hoping he'll do it again. (Hint: He's not.)

I don't know why I'm feeling so negative today but… can we please call an end to IRONIC AND CAMP LOOKS AT BOLLYWOOD. Please? The only thing more unnecessary than that charity star kids remake is Nautanki Saala.

Launching the trailer of the film, Ayushmann revealed that he has imitated Shah Rukh in the film, mouthing dialogues with the name of his films like 'Darr', 'Devdas' in SRK style.

Why do I need to see Ayushmann doing SRK "ironically" when I could just watch Darr?

Mika Singh gets caught at the airport with a ton of cash.

The 35-year-old singer was unable to give satisfactory answers about the currency in his possession following which he was arrested under relevant sections of Customs Act. Bollywood Life hits up the month's fashion mag covers. My favorite is Jackie Fernandez doing a 1930s flapper look.

Ali Zafar. Fact. I think this passes the smell test.

This one... same general feel but not so much.

Now, cleanse the perky young strivers from your mind with a dose of old-fashioned Bollywood charm. Bappi Lahiri.

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