Monday, February 25, 2013

Thank God it's... MONDAY! (Post)

So, Oscars-Schmoscars. Apparently Anupam Kher turned up for Silver Linings Playbook but I can find photographic evidence. It's too bad Tabu didn't get to show those Hollywood twigs who's boss in a fabulous frock of some sort but we can't have it all. I do hope that Kai Po Che gets to go next year - imagine those three studs in formal wear on the red carpet!

Actually, no, I bet the voters wouldn't understand Kai Po Che. Too bad. Maybe I'll get my triple formalwear image at the Filmfares or IIFA instead. Speaking of... there hasn't been an announcement yet, has there? (Come on, Vegas!)


(Why couldn't it have been Sohail?!)

Sonu Sood has injured his leg playing celebrity cricket. I often wonder about things like this~ actors doing things with the potential to get hurt and yet…

Said a friend of the actor, “Sonu would be off his feet for at least one and a half months. There are three Hindi films and at least three South Indian films on the floors featuring Sonu in various stages of completion requiring his shooting dates. God only knows what would happen to them.”

PLEASE TAKE CARE, SONU! We'll be thinking of you while your leg heals. We want to see you healthy and back steaming up our cinema screens.


(One of my favorite filmi kisses...)

Kiss, kiss! A lovely piece on kissing over at the NYT's India Ink.

As a longtime pop culture buff and dispassionate observer of screen-kisses, while I may agree with the author’s observation of Shah Rukh Khan’s lips historically tending toward those of his heroine’s but never quite getting there, like the limit of a function, I firmly dispute the notion that Mr. Khan’s tepid liplock has given the kiss the acceptability it did not have before. That’s because kisses have been in mainstream Indian movies since the late 1920s with reigning screen diva, Devika Rani’s kiss with her off-screen husband, Himanshu Rai, for a full four minutes in “Karma” (1933) being the veritable stuff of legends.


Ayan Mukerjee on Wake Up Sid Part II Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani:

Revealing facts about his new film Ayan says, “In some ways it is very different from Wake Up Sid. But in many ways it is still the same world as Sid. YJHD is about trying to understand the needs and feelings of someone in his 20s. It is about life, love, ambition,friendship, happiness and home.”

But it will have songs… so, yay! But these songs may involve Dippy attempting to dance, so… boo.

I actually enjoyed Wake Up Sid, even if the material was the same old navel-gazing Boy Meets World nonsense. So I'm not writing this one off just yet.


One film I can safely avoid is Milan Talkies, which stars PC and Imran Khan… and directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia, whose style is so wooden and boxy. Him and Milan Luthria. They get praised but I don't see it.

Speaking of Milan, he's got a casting change in Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Again. Randeep Hooda is out; Abshimanyu Singh is in.


Vir Das and his band (!) are doing a promotional song for Raj & DK's Go Goa Gone. One of the films I'm really looking forward to this year!


While I doubt the quality of a film directed by Rohit Bal, I certainly can appreciate his vision.

"I want it to be a high power, emotional film. An intense love story. Actually, one subject tops the others - I want to make a serious film on two gay lovers."

You have my support, Rohit!


Casting news I'm excited about: Rajini in KV Anand's next film?!

And casting news I'm not: Neil Nitin Mukesh - shown in a mesh shirt - to play a cop.




Thank god it's... SONAKSHI!

Himmatwala is getting shit from all corners but I'm still hoping for the best! GO GO GO SONAKSHI! ♥ What a pistol she is!


Moimeme said...

Ooh, Sonu's injury sounds pretty serious, if it's going to keep him out of action for a month and a half. Injuries were the first thing I thought of when Sohail first floated the idea of the CCL. At least Sonu is reasonably young and fit. What about the more over the hill players? I wonder if this incident will prompt some kind of pressure from the producers of the various industries, to prevent working actors from participating in the CCL?

As for you rhetorical question, if it was Sohail who was injured, he wouldn't be able to start filming Salman's next movie, and all we fans would get to see of him would be those Thumbs Up commercials! :(

odadune said...

Poor Sonu! I'm slightly worried about him getting dropped from the Shahid/Prabhudeva movie, since that only just started filming.

The couple of Milan Luthria films I've seen seemed to ride on the performances and production design/location shooting (and sound design/film editing in the case of OUATIM) rather than directing per se. He deserves credit for choosing his technicians well and letting them do their job, but that's not the same thing as being a good director.

I don't believe Randeep was ever part of OUTIMA, but it is of course fashionable to trash on him post Murder 3.

Sonakshi is freaking adorable in the TGIF song, but if there's a Himmatwala picturization capable of making me go "whoa!" in the way that a couple of the ones from the Housefull franchise did, it hasn't been released yet.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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