Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Gossip! Somebody call the Wambulance!

There's a good conversation going on over at Get Filmy's about some recent SRK comments on Hollywood.

Says GF:

No doubt, what SRK is thinking of is his children – like okay, maybe Aryan and Suhana aren’t going to break out the popcorn for Himmatwala anytime soon but there is a HUGE population in India and abroad, made up of both desis and non-desis who like Indian films because they are, well INDIAN. We don’t want Cameron or Nolan in Bollywood. We have Hollywood for that. And I didn’t feel cheated at all last year when I watched Kahaani or Student Of The Year or English Vinglish or Shanghai or Agneepath.

My comment? I agree!

The market for Hollywood and Hindi films are COMPLETELY different. It would be nice for Hollywood to give the same respect to Hindi films that they give to films from Korea and Japan but that’s not Hindi films being bad, that’s about Hollywood being too narrow-minded to understand an alternate style of filmmaking.

And don't forget that the movie business in America is far from booming AND not everybody is out seeing Chris Nolan films - audiences are just as likely (if not more so) to go watch Big Momma's House 6: Return of the Fat Suit as they are anything SRK is talking about.


This Mid-Day article purports to be about the desire of A-List Uncles to get a new heroine for every film but is actually an excuse to post cheesecake shots of some starlets.

Another reason is the age factor. Mehra adds, “If Salman does a film with Parineeti, the audience feels that the girl is very young. But if it’s a newcomer they do not feel that. These girls need a super hit or a blockbuster to get into the next level.”

Um… what? And there is also the consideration that, you know, Nargis has had trouble signing another film because she couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag.


As you can probably guess, I'm not too impressed with the Golden Kela/Ghanta Awards. They conflate "massy" and "over the top" with "bad" and - for the most part - only serve as an exercise in self-congratulation for the people who are "hip" enough to "get it."

(Damn, that's a lot of dick quotes.)

That being said, I had a giggle at this:

Worst Rip-Off/Remake

Barfi - every classic Hollywood film

Agent Vinod - every Hollywood action film

Teri Meri Kahani - Chaplin meets What’s Your Rashi meets Three Times


Tezz - The Bullet Train / Speed


ABCD has been getting a great response, which makes me very happy. I just wish I could have seen it…

I enjoyed this quip from Remo D'Souza:

Coming to your fave subject, dance, who is the best and the worst dancer in Bollywood?

Hrithik is a good dancer. I think Mithun Chakraborty is the best dancer in Tollywood [sic]. As for the worst dancer, I think it is Ajay Devgn.

I would have to agree. At least for heroes.

And apparently, both ABCD and Special 26 are doing well enough that multiplexes don't want to take them out of theaters for the sure to be flop that is Vivek Oberoi's Jayantabhai Ki Neighbor With No Pants.

I don't blame them one bit.


No double role for Saifu because Akshay already did it first. Boo hoo hoo… somebody call the Wambulance.

The last straw for Luthria’s film was when recently Akshay Kumar’s solo-hero role in ‘Khiladi 786′ was turned into a double role.

Really? That wasn't a double role, it was a punch line.

But I'd rather see a two hero film, anyways. Milan Luthria is such a plodding filmmaker that I don't know if he can be trusted to pull off a double role.


I'm really looking forward to this film!! It looks super-duper cute!


And a little WTF is this from Kadal… on first viewing I hated it but I watched it again and I don't know. It's actually kind of cool.


odadune said...

Amazingly stupid article about the starlets; Chitrangda's apparently committed to Sudhir Mishra's next; Aditi is in Akki's next masala flick, Boss (admittedly she plays the love interest of his long lost kid brother; the Khiladi doesn't have a love interest in it). Kajal doesn't seem all that interested in having a career in the north, the south keeps her busy enough.

ABCD and S26 and their success just embody the big tent, room for all, aspect of Bollywood so charmingly-heck while the media were trying to turn it into a horserace over the opening weekend, Akshay was off shooting a song sequence for Boss...choreographed and directed by Prabhudeva.

pedrotheapebomb said...

I will vote "like" on the Kadal video.

Sal said...

Whoa! That Kadal video is all sorts of gorgeous.

redblackladybug said...

Loved the Adiye song of Kadal!

(Laura) said...

Ok, "Adiye" is officially my favorite song of the moment - thanks for sharing it. :)

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