Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Gossip: the Boondoggle edition

Attention anybody in Oman - Shahrukh will be coming on February 13!

And onto news!

The dust-up over SRK's comments makes US News and World Report. And his security has been reinstated but it has nothing to do with the flap with Pakistan. Nope. Nothing to see here, folks.

The Hollywood Reporter talks to Sonam Kapoor… about women in film. For some reason. Not to be glib, but shouldn't they have talked to somebody more active in the business?

THR: Do you think more women filmmakers will also help in changing perceptions?

Kapoor: Of course, but its also up to the man to see the woman with respect. If you look at our political scenario, the strongest leader is a woman -- Sonia Gandhi [leader of the ruling coalition government and head of the Congress party] and there are others too. But women also need to see themselves differently. Sometimes women also make stupid statements and this should also change. [Emphasis added for sarcastic purposes by me.]

And Shakti Kapoor's son claims he doesn't need a godfather in the industry. Oh, sure, because YOU HAVE A FATHER in the industry. There should be a tumblr dedicated to "Shit Star Kids Say."

Priyanka Chopra wanted to show the world what Bollywood is… so she made a song with Will.I.Am and wore booty shorts. I still think this song only makes sense if you assume "city" is a metaphor.

But PC sticks up for SRK, which is nice to see.

Asked if she would have got involved with more controversies if her surname would have been ‘Khan’, she said, “I get into controversies with ‘Chopra’ too. A big deal is being made out of nothing. You should be ashamed to even ask such a question in a country as secular as India.”

I wish we saw more of this ^^ smack down delivering PC and less of the booty-shorted one.

OMG OMG OMG! Prabhudeva back with Salman Khan?

Kamal Hasaan threatens to leave India over the banning of his film.

“If there is no secular state in India, I would go overseas. I think Tamil Nadu wants me out. What would change is my passport; I would still be an Indian.

I have pledged all my property for the film. I have lost my house because of delay in release,” he added.

Overseas the film has done very well. We love you in US, Kamal-sir!

Interview with Vinay Virmani, who is playing Jiiva's role in the Hindi version of David.

Well, you ended up gaining experience of not just a Bollywood but also South film set up. After all, the Tamil version of 'David' was being shot simultaneously?

Yes. In fact Bejoy (Nambiar) has been saying that the Hindi and Tamil versions films are different and made for two separate markets. What I really enjoyed about being in close touch with the Tamil crew was the fact that I worked with a lot of experienced people from the industry. I was interacting a lot with Jiiva since we are playing the same part in the respective versions. Hence, we were shooting simultaneously. Due to this, getting to know him personally was great. We have become great friends. He is one of those superstars who is so down to earth and I learnt so much from him.

If there is "Awards" in the title, you know who is going to be there! That's right, Shahrukh Khan launches the copycat Times of India Awards!

"Awards are a representation of our hard work and effort that we put in to entertain our audiences. I am delighted that The Times of India Group has taken a step towards bridging the gap between us and our fans worldwide.”

Awards to be hosted by Ranibr and Anushka!

And awards used as local political boondoggle...

The cost to taxpayers: $11 million, at a time when B.C.'s domestic film industry is in the tank and begging for help.

With the Indo-Canadian vote bound to be crucial in several swing ridings in the May 14 election, it seems clear the governing Liberals are using this event for political gain.

Oh ho! No wonder Aamir Khan has been going around talking about women alcoholics. It must be on his mind because Anushka is playing one in Peekay… ugh. I just read the rest of the article which is hounding her about weight loss. Maybe if we all stopped policing actresses' weight, they would be healthier.

She also added saying, “I am very tall, 5’ 9” to be precise. This means that if I really put on weight, I shall start looking like a giant. I don’t have the tendency to put on weight. I am a size 8, UK. To call me sub zero is ridiculous.”

Also, I'm 5'9" and the only time I even got near UK size 8 was when I was restricting calories to like nothing. Also, I was pretty crazy then. Maybe there's a pattern here...

Sanjay Gupta changes the names of the characters in Shootout at Wadala to avoid legal tangles. Um… shouldn't he have not used names like HAJI MASTAN without permission in the first place?! Sheesh!

And Sanjay Dutt is doing his own stunts in Policegiri.

Not that anybody cares but Grand Masti is being pushed back to June. (Which film? Exactly.)

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