Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Gossip: Is Vishwaroopam out yet? What about now? Edition.

Are you in Portlandia?! SCREENING OF DON AT THE HOLLYWOOD THEATER on January 31st!! If you can go, please do! For me. It is one of my dreams to see some of these classic 1970s films on the big screen, like they were supposed to be seen.

In Vienna, Bollywood evenings at the Indian Embassy!

Also, there will be a Bollywood-style Carmen in Bradford in June!

No word on what the films are at my local theater this weekend. Usually they have the film listings up by Thursday but nothing yet. I think there might be nothing to see until January 25th. (VISHWAROOPAM!!!)

Photographer Jagdish Mali was found wandering disoriented in Mumbai.

His family says that he's not mentally ill and just forgot to take his insulin.

Akshay Kumar gives one of his I don't care about interviews interviews.

How has Akshay the actor changed over the years?

My weight is still the same. My fitness level is just as high. The only thing that has changed is my bank balance (smiles). That has increased. And over the years, I have matured as an actor.

Randeep Hooda has signed on to Kick

Salman Khan to open the Being Human flagship store in Mumbai.

Amrita Rao replaced by Manjari Phadnis from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

Asha Bhosle to make her acting debut.

Akshay at the Special Chabbis music launch...

And a song teaser for Mere Dad Ki Maruti, which looks adorbs.

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