Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Gossip: Hotty Naughty Edition!

Alex Pandian is coming to my local theater! WOO! First masala of the year! Let's hope it's a lucky one, like Vettai was.

At least for American viewers.

But some sad news first. Filmmaker S Raamnathan has passed away.

It seems Kamal Haasan has gotten himself into some trouble over Vishwaroopam.

Haasan’s ingenious plan was conceived in order to avoid the whole piracy loop and air ‘Vishwaroopam’ for the masses to enjoy it from the comfort of their homes.

10 January, one day before its theatrical release, the film was to be aired on the DTH platform at the rate of approximately Rs 1,000 per subscriber. The Tamil Nadu Film Theatre Owners’ Association protested heavily against this idea and refused to release the film in their screens, as they believed it would create no business for them when it was already out on DTH.

So for now the film is literally releasing – nowhere.

Ram Leela for November 2013?

Ayesha Takia disavows her father-in-law's statements on the murdered Delhi woman.

I'd also recommend listening to this NPR show on the topic. Anand Giridharadas and Sonia Falerio are the guests and they have a lot of smart things to say.

(And on a superficial note: Kangana Ranaut looks so much better in her "social activism" avatar than her glam one. Look at her curly hair! ♥)

Congratulations to Sunidhi Chauhan on her pregnancy!

No more item number for Neha Dhupia - though the article neglects to mention the delightful Hotty Naughty.

Varun Dhawan's mom gets mad if he takes his top off. Possibly the most entertaining story of the day.

Varun's co-debutant Siddharth has signed the Karan Johar-Anurag Kashyap film with Parineeti Chopra!

Do we trust Imran Khan's sense of humor?

MKBKM seems like a quirky, irreverent film. Sometimes films with a quirky, irreverent plot can backfire, wasn't that a worry while making the film?

Yaar any film can backfire. That is something which you can never predict as it's not in your control. For me, I found the story very entertaining and that's the reason I decided to do it. The USP of the film lies in its humour. It's a damn funny film.

Because nothing says "laff riot" like Imran Khan.

Do you know who does say "laff riot"? Whoever chose the picture to accompany this article on Aashiqui 2.

A unit member says, “It is a romantic film and the scene was apt for the story.”

Subtle form of resistance? I highly recommend clicking on the link if you need a good laugh.

Just no. This movie sounds like it's going to be a shit show.

Described as a "zany dramedy-musical" the story follows a Bollywood 'icon' arriving in London who - against all odds - wins the lead role in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet at Stratford-Upon-Avon.

It seems as it's probably based on this play.

And this would make a better reality series than film. I have a feeling. The "Princess" of Dubai is making her film debut.

Ram Gopal Varma to make Satya 2 starring John Abraham.

“The difference between ‘Satya’ and ‘Satya 2′ is that if ‘Satya’ was a story of a man who came to Mumbai in 1997 and got sucked into circumstances that existed then vis-à-vis the underworld, ‘Satya 2′ is about a man who comes to Mumbai in 2012 to create his own circumstances and to reinvent the underworld.”

Sujoy Ghosh talks Kahaani 2. Apparently the key word is: ACTION.

Sanjay Dutt and his new manager part ways.

Says a source, "Reshma Shetty thought she would do for Dutt what she did for Salman. A career turn-around. But for miracles to happen you need a two-way motivation. Salman listened to her advice, followed her guide, picked up the films and endorsement deals worked out by her. It was hoped that Sanjay Dutt too would fall into a more organized work pattern. But that wasn't meant to be."

Does this mean no more roles like Agneepath?

Murder 3 trailer... can Randeep Hooda possibly provide as much camp entertainment value as Emraan Hashmi? We'll find out, I suppose.

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Stuart Martin said...

In Imran's defence, although MKBKM was patchy and disjointed, there WERE quite a few genuinely funny scenes and dialogue

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

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