Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Gossip: The Khans better watch their backs edition!

Some odds and ends today but the REAL treat is the video... don't you want to know!

Do you know who I trust to tell me about how women feel about romance and marriage? Not SUDHISH KAMATH.

The husband here is not the usual wife-beater stereotype. He's the archetypical hypocritical, two-faced, passive aggressive Indian male chauvinist husband. The problem with archetypes is they always need an extra layer of humaneness that makes them more real. While Luv ensures that the husband, the villain of the piece, stops just short of hitting his wife, we wish we also saw his softer side. There's always a nicer side to every archetype. The Indian husband also buys his wife stuff, gives her money to buy things... all out of chauvinism, of course, but also... out of love. The fact that Luv completely omits the nicer side weakens an otherwise fantastic but indulgent film.

But I guess he does know chauvinism and self-indulgence.

I really hope I can find a full transcript of Javed Akhtar at the Jaipur Literature Festival because all the pull quotes have me nodding in agreement. I guess I really am a 70-year old curmudgeon at heart.

Aamir Khan speaks up for Vishwaroopam. I'll be going to see it today and my curiosity is just overflowing…

OMG The tag to this article on PC's new old film

KC Bokadia meanwhile wanted Priyanka to shoot a fresh song for the film, but the actress refused to comply.

“Bokadiasaab was keen that I do. The film has taken a pretty long while to make, so I did not shoot the song now,” says the actress. Priyanka is right. There is a huge difference in the way how she looked earlier and how she looks now and hence there would have been a huge continuity issue.

The changes in nose alone would have given us all whiplash.

This review of Bebo's style book confirms that it's the vapid exercise we knew it would be but declines to mention the most important part: ARE THERE GLOSSY PHOTO SPREADS?

Ranveer Singh sends a warning shot to every Khan in town with this song… I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ranveer has IT! This kid has the potential to break BIG, if only he's handed the right herogiri kind of script. The amount of charisma dripping from his every pore is incredible.


getfilmy said...

Aaaah Ranveer - was truly such an awesome performance. But you know what, only Salman can work a pigeon without looking like a damn fool. ;D

Filmi Girl said...

@getfilmy LOL!! Give him time... this kid is out to conquer the world.

Maya said...

I love Ranveer, he's so talented and so genuinely enthusiastic & happy to be an actor! Lol I don't think the Khan's need to worry simply cuz they (I'm talking Salman & Aamir mainly) are in a whole different league. When their careers fizzle out, it will be like a natural end. But I love watching Ranveer gush over Salman, its so cute & fanboy like. I think there's a video on YouTube where Ranveer just goes gaga over Salman for 3 minutes. :) Love your blog btw

odadune said...

I love how, in the reaction shots, Ranveer's leading ladies are all like WooHoo! and Prabhudeva's like, meh, I can't get past the lame choreography-that kid deserves better.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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