Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Gossip: Blame Saif's Numerologist Edition!

GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY! Apologies for the slew of 1990s music tweets last night. I watched two back-to-back documentaries on the 1990s scenes in Seattle and the UK and it was a total trip down memory lane. And then I ranted about how sucky One Direction is. (SERIOUSLY WHAT IS THE POINT OF A BOY BAND WHO JUST WEARS NORMAL CLOTHES AND STANDS AROUND?!)

Don't blame me, though, blame the fact that there are no new movies in theaters this week. What, like Race 2 is too good to release on January 18th and have to wait for numerology reasons until the 25th when - sorry, Saifu - I'll have to pick Vishwaroopam instead?


On to what little news there is!

Swara Bhaskar talks about her career.

"Deepti ma'am and Farooque sir were a great pleasure to work with. Just watching them both at work was a big lesson for me. They are both so effortless and easy in front of the camera and their performance is so fluid and convincing. That is a great lesson for an actor and the toughest thing to achieve in one's performance," she said.

Farhan Akhtar calls out the stalking into love aka the DDLJ trope and the Times of India has two columnists respond:

Unfortunately, the hackneyed script of romance — male domination and female submissiveness — is far from over. In most of these heroes refuse to take `No` for an answer and continue to pursue heroines, a kind of behaviour which borders on stalking. Akhtar is absolutely right in urging women actors to refuse such demeaning, stereotypical roles.

Salman Khan signs a 500 crore deal with Star India.

India Today looks at actors going against type in 2013.

Sanjay Dutt's Saamy remake has a title: Policegiri

AND SRK has lost his police protection and decided he is no longer facing serious threats. Shouldn't these heroes be paying for their own security?

Trailer for Nayak, which came out last week (?) I wish we were getting this instead of ANOTHER week of stupid "rustics are hilarious" Matru.

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