Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Gossip: The I know what audiences want Edition!

My review for Vishwaroopam should be up later today or tomorrow but, yes, I finally got to see it and, yes, I thought it was superb. After Thuppaki, which painted every Muslim as a potential member of a "sleeper cell" of terrorists, I was very wary of going into Vishwaroopam, which deals with a similar topic. But the two are worlds apart. Vishwaroopam has complex characters and a somewhat murky plot. There aren't clear cut good guys and even Rahul Bose, as the big bad villain, is allowed some moments of humanity. The difference between the two is that Thuppaki is about Muslim Terrorists (capital M, capital T), while Vishwaroopam featured human beings who happened to be Muslim and perform acts of terrorism , if that distinction makes sense.

Because of the sensitive nature of the topic, I can understand the knee jerk reaction to tar Viswaroopam with the offensive tag but, at least to my non-Muslim eyes, I think the distinction was clear enough. Whether or not it was wise to make a film about it is a different question... but I think the film accomplished what it set out to do.


Producer Sheetal Talwar calls the HIndi film industry spineless for not standing up for Kamal Hasaan.

Talwar says, "Why are filmmakers in Mumbai not speaking up for Kamal Haasan? Just because he is from the South? This industry is spineless. Don't they realize, this can happen to any of us?"

For your Race 2 news, any review that combines Ameesha Patel and tiresome running gag in the same sentence is okay by me. I recommend reading Get Filmy's recap and saving your money for something else.


John Abraham has three friends… in the industry. Heh. Nice wording there, OneIndia.

And more enjoyable John Abraham press.

“I have mastered the art of understanding what my audience wants… I know how to add that extra edge to a character,” he added.

Next to a picture of him topless on a jet ski.

Yo Yo Honey Singh to enter Bollywood in, like, a totally serious role in the David Headley film as, like, an intelligence officer.

Because nothing says intelligence like Yo Yo Honey Singh.

The Big B performed Jumma Chumma at the Stardust Awards with Vidya Balan and Priyanka Chopra.

Ranbir Kapoor is going to speak at Yale this year.

Shahrukh Khan is getting attention for a a controversial interview with Outlook. India Today has a snapshot of the responses on twitter or you can read this piece which calls him the Norma Desmond of Bollywood or this one which calls him out for using his flippancy as a shield against criticism.

Tusshar Kapoor is looking forward to still having work.

Dreay "This is my title" "No, it's MY title" shenanigans for Ram Leela.

Ranveer Singh on the Ram Leela poster:

"I think it has given the right signals about what kind of zone the film is in - dramatic, romantic, epic, massy, love story. It looks grand," the 27-year-old said here at the Stardust awards.

Yami Gautam signs a third film. This one with Sharman Joshi. It seems she is going to be one of those mediocre actresses who benefits from having an "edgy" and popular first film. We'll see if she lasts any longer than, say, Mugdha Godse.

I'm not sure if "evil dolls" is the smartest way to market Ek Thi Dayaan but I kind of want one.

And the "tiresome running gag" trailer for I Me Aur Main… do audiences really want another film about a man-child who can't settle down?

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