Friday, January 18, 2013

Get your violence on! Two new trailers...

Shootout at Wadala features John Abraham's shiny abs running around downtown Mumbai. This looks like it could be okay but I'm not sure how much I trust a "gritty" film that hangs on weak actors like John Abraham and Tusshar Kapoor. Don't get me wrong, I like John but I'm not confident he can pull this off. We'll see, I guess.

More important to my interests is this: OMG IT'S SONU SOOD AND HE'S DOING STUFF!!!!! SONU SOOD! SONU SOOD! *whistle whistle*

And Ram Gopal Varma's Attacks of 11/26, which actually looks... good. And by good I mean, really gripping. Also, Nana Patekar. Nana Patekar could make acting his way out of a paper bag into gripping cinema.

It's an interesting contrast, these two. One is glossy violence and the other is realistic. One we're supposed to take people dying seriously and the other one we're supposed to cheer the gangsters. How cool are those "anti-heroes" really? Like, would we all be cheering for Shahrukh's Don if we weren't sitting in our comfortable theater seats in New Jersey and London?

(Also: SONU SOOD!)

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