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Filmi Girl's Top Ten Films of 2012! Now let's get ready to kick in 2013!!

I waiting to post this until Asim put up the episode of upodcast where we talked about our Top Five of the year. I was limited to talking about Hindi films only on upodcast but we all know my tastes run further south...

So, without further ado, here are my TOP TEN FILMS OF 2012!

10. Housefull 2 (Hindi)

My original review: is here.

The trailer:

I’m putting this on my list because I love comedies and they are genre that doesn’t get much respect but comedy is just as difficult (if not MORE so) to nail than drama or mystery. I laughed so hard in the theater at Housefull 2. I loved the stupid plot, the slapsticky performances, the songs, the bright colors, and the ridiculous over-the-top ending.

All in all, a fine film.

9. Agneepath (Hindi)

My original review: is here.

The trailer:

Agneepath was pretty high on many lists this year but I couldn’t put it higher - even though I really enjoyed it - for one reason. Priyanka Chopra ruins every scene she’s in. And it doesn’t help that the romance track is so slight that it needs to spark off the actors chemistry - of which there is none. Because Priyanka Chopra ruins every scene she’s in.

But other than that, this film was fantastic. Hrithik was intense; Rishi Kapoor was amazing; and Sanjay Dutt needs to give up herogiri and just move into villainy full time. I’ll be very interested to see what debut director Karan Malhotra does next.

8. Talaash (Hindi)

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The trailer:

Talaash was a film that wasn’t groundbreaking or anything extraordinary but it was extremely well made and featured an extremely talented cast putting in powerful performances. Kudos to Reema Kagti (and Zoya Akhtar) for making it happen!

7. Rowdy Rathore (Hindi)

My original review: is here>

The trailer:

I would happily sit down and watch Rowdy Rathore again right now - here was a film with heart, wit, villainy, romance, and... dancing shoes! Essentially it’s a Hindi language version of the southern masala that I love, even featuring Mumaith Khan. If you like that, you’ll like this. If you don’t, well, there’s always Agneepath.

Rowdy Rathore, as a film, had that same feeling of overflowing joy and spontaneous energy that usually accompanies a Prabudeva performance. I would love to see him team up with Akshay again. They seem to pair really well together. (Everybody: )

6. 3 (Tamil) My original review: is here. The trailer:

More than any other film this year, except maybe Aiyyaa, I think 3 was done in by audience expectations. In the case of 3, the overwhelming build up from last year’s viral video hit Why this Kolaveri Di could never be shouldered by this human-sized film.

It’s a very small, very human love story... with a fantastic soundtrack.

5. Kahaani (Hindi) My original review: is here.

The trailer:

Ever since Aladdin I had been waiting for Sujoy Ghosh to release a new film. With Kahaani, he did not disappoint. Everything about this film is wonderful, from the suspense driven plot, to the characters, to the way the city of Kolkata is captured on film. The reasons it’s at number five is that the ending left a little bit of a sour taste with me. (Not the part you’re thinking of, which I was cool with, but the reaction of Vidya Balan’s character at the very end.)

Still, I’m really glad this did well for Sujoy-sir and I hope that whatever it is he’s working on next will be delivered swiftly to our cinema screens.

4. Vettai (Tamil)

My original review: is here.

The trailer:

I think the subtitle of my review says it all: What is the Tamil word for paisa vasool because Vettai had it! I really enjoyed seeing Maddy and Arya playing a pair of mismatched but very loving brothers... but the icing on the cake was seeing Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul as two mismatched but very loving sisters! For being a great film that gives two heroines plenty of time to shine and, if I remember correctly, passing the Bechdel Test, Vettai goes up high on my list.

3. Student of the Year (Hindi)

My original review: is here>

The trailer:

While it may seem shocking to have Student of the Year so high on my list, please remember that this is not supposed to be an objective list and I happen to love high school films. I mean, I saw Disney’s Prom in theaters! I love high school films and Student of the Year is a fantastic example of the genre.

Plus, three fantastic debuts from three newcomers! It’s a fine return to form for Karan Johar and I hope he keeps making films with not Shahrukh Khan because he can do good work.

2. Maatran (Tamil)

My original review: is here.

The trailer:

As one of the comments says under this trailer on youtube: “surya acting superb ...he alway's rocking....”

For playing conjoined twins... no, for convincingly playing conjoined twins and for making me care about what happened to them and then throwing in a Leftie Liberal Message to warm my heart, I salute Maatran!

1. Eega (Telugu)

My original review: is here.

The trailer:

I don’t usually like effects driven movies nor films with CGI characters. I do, however, like movies with charismatic villains and herogiri and reincarnation and EVERYTHING TURNED UP TO ELEVEN.

Which is why Eega is my number one of 2012!

Kiccha Sudeep and SS Rajamouli zindabad! The film festivals can keep their boring Life of Pi or whatever, give me the LIFE OF FLY! EEGA EEGA EEGA!


Jess said...

The first time I saw Kahaani, I was put off by vidya's breakdown at the very end too, but on a rewatch I realized that moment says something very important and doesn't appear much in commercial films or revenge films. After everything vidya went through to get revenge, it still didn't ease her loss. Revenge may feel good on some level, but it won't bring back your loved ones. An important idea I think.

S said...

Eega was a revelation! I keep trying and failing to convince my American friends to watch it though. :(

Renuka said...

Agree with all your choices..Eega or Makhi (dubbed in Hindi) was my favorite as well for 2012!!

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