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Wednesday Gossip: Happy 12/12/12 Day!!!

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man himself... Rajinikanth!

* Ravi Shankar has passed away. Like many Westerners, I knew him through his work with artists like George Harrison and Alice Coltrane. Though I don't have a personal connection to his music, I know many people do and his music will live on.

* Manisha Koirala has had her surgery.

* The guys behind the Golden Kela Awards talk about their prescription for Bollywood. I don't agree with most of this but they make a few good points.

"The moviemakers have to stop taking the audience for granted. Right now the focus of the moviemaker is for the guy to buy the ticket. So, you and I got to buy a ticket, whether we enjoy the movie, whether we want to commit suicide after watching the movie - that's not their problem. So, that's why they focus on the numbers, everything's about the 100 crore."

* If you ignore the condescending title, which was a quote taken out of context, this is an interesting interview with Miss Lovely director Ashim Ahluwalia.

I think by default I ended up filling up a vacuum, just because I am one of the few right now whose films are outside traditional multiplex Bollywood, indie Bollywood, and even the old art house cinema. Those are the two categories that exist, essentially. Indie Bollywood - the cinema of Anurag and Dibakar (films that are big-ticket but not traditional Bollywood) - and traditional art house films, maybe like those made by people like Gurvinder Singh and stuff, who are making these NFDC kind of, you know, the classical art house film.

* SRK cuts his ties with Eros Entertainment.

The Devgn-Eros partnership also happened at a time when the Lullas had already started cooling off a bit with Shah Rukh over Ra.One’s tepid response,” said the source. Interestingly, SOS also marked the return of Salman Khan (who plays a cameo in the film) to the Eros camp.

* Bollywood heroes are no longer given nicknames... because...

According to filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, tags are mere creations by the media. Since there were few actors earlier, it was easy to label them into specific genres.

"These kind of labels are all media generated. These labels were created by the media, may be without the willingness of these stars. During those days (yesteryear era), we didn't have too much entertainment media, so there was very little choice and they created the label," Bhatt told IANS.

Media generated? Maybe we should generate some nicknames for them! Any ideas? "Buff Star" Hrithik Roshan? "Difficult Star" Ranbir?

* This article tries to find a link between Ranbir, Shahid, and Imran's new projects by saying they are all going "massy" but I think only Shahid's film could be considered "massy." The other two are doing middle-brow projects for the multiplexes.

* Star wives are earning their own money...

Sujata Assomull Sippy, a former editor of Harper’s Bazaar India who put Sussanne Roshan on the magazine’s cover, said the trend was “part of a wider female empowerment story in India”, as increasing numbers of women join the labour force. “When Sussanne married Hrithik Roshan she was just a pretty girl, but the minute she opened her store, her profile shot up. Women want to emulate her because she works,” she told AFP.

* Rekha is pulling a Betty White and doing a Snickers commercial that I much look forward to. I don't often eat American candy bars but I have to admit that of the (limited) options, Snickers is by far one of the better ones. Just not the peanut butter kind, which is nasty.

* Everybody's favorite... PLASTIC SURGERY PHOTOS!

* It doesn't matter which choreographer Saif works with, he still can't dance.

* Photos from Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur's sangeet.

* Rizwan Manji is still working!

PMR: What about Squad 85? That seems like a very fun project. What can you tell us about that?

RM: If you guys have ever watched Quantum Leap … it’s sort of like Quantum Leap meets 21 Jump Street. It’s a show about a police squad that in 1985, they time-traveled to the present. So now it’s this group of five … misfit police officers who still think they can do things the way that things happened in 1985, but of course it’s the present. They get a harsh reality of what’s going on right now. There are a lot of high jinks. I actually play the vice-principal of the school (where) they are doing their undercover work.

That sounds like my kind of film, actually... I enjoy a good, stupid comedy.

* If you weren't already worried about Anil Kapoor's 24 here's a tidbit for you... Rensil D'Silva, who wrote the blisteringly anti-Muslim Kurbaan is the head writer.

* Ameesha Patel wants us to know that she is going to ho it up in Shortcut Romeo.

“In her own home production Ameesha will be seen playing a dark negative character and a fast girl which is a very challenging role,” says a source.

It's worth clicking on the link for the picture she sent out to be used with the article.

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