Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Gossip: Catfight edition!

This is going to be short today because some of us stayed up too late watching movies... I don't know who would ever do such a thing. Certainly not me. Um...

* Why are Southern masala remakes so popular?

Film scholar and historian Rauf Ahmed believes it's not about value judgment, the return of tasteless, mindless cinema or catering to the instincts of the lowest common denominator but just a reaction to an overdose of a type that was destined to play itself out. "For over a decade, post DDLJ, mush ruled. Love and romance, Khan-style rocked. Exceptions apart, it was the flavor of the day and the audiences loved it. Loud melodrama, violence or anything overstated was considered cheap. Action-films too were sent to the cleaners because B-town only copied Hollywood without their technical virtuosity, panache or flair".

* The media has Deepika and Anushka at each other's throats over boys and roles. Also, Dippy takes over as the face of Garnier's Skin Naturals from Priyanka. I wish all these actresses would stop associating with lightening creams.

n fact a leading actress, who had refused a project which went to Deepike recently made a catty remark while speaking to this newspaper off the record: "She (Deepika) is good at grabbing projects. Wonder why no one notices it."

* Amy Jackson on the BBC.

* There are some Bollywood wax figures in Washington, DC! I may have to check those out this weekend!

* Poorna Jagannathan gets a role in HBO's Criminal Justice! Good on you, girl!

* Aamir talks Talaash

"I don't think that a suspense drama does not have any repeat value. In fact, the audience is liking the film more when they are watching it for the second or third time. The film has not got 100 percent positive response as many people may not like the supernatural films, but Talaash has repeat value," he said

I love me some peppy Kajal Agarwal!! ♥ I hope this does well for Ravi Teja.

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