Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Gossip: Hyderabad Express

This article on the upcoming season of Smash popped up in my searching because of this line:

The first season of NBC's "Smash" was full of much-discussed moments, including a truly loony Bollywood fantasy dance number and a musical number set in a bowling alley.

Sigh. The article goes on to say that there will not be "Bollywood" in the second season, for which I am grateful, because from what I remember the Smash version of "Bollywood" was sub-par in execution and only "loony" in it's casual racism.

Remember when I had to block that one actor on twitter because he was harassing me for saying so? Good times, 2012, good times.


* I posted about this the other day, I think, but it hadn't been confirmed yet? It's worth posting again - Sonakshi Sinha opposite Mahesh Babu!! They should make a good pair. And even better, the article frames it appropriately with no catty remarks about not getting roles in Bombay.

* And it seems Sona might have snagged the Thuppakki remake! (Maybe.)

Vipul Shah's name has also been added to the mix as producer, which could be a good thing. He was on board for Force, which handled the terror aspect okay, but then he doesn't have an eye for good stories and I can't see him asking for improvements. I'm assuming it was John Abraham who was behind the content of Force. (See also: London Dreams and Action Replayy - though I might be the one person on Earth who actually enjoyed AR in the theater, despite the ridiculous story.)

Maybe we can get John on board to help with the Thuppakki remake? Wouldn't he want to help a Desi Boy(z) out?

* Another Hindi film for Puri Jagannath? (YES, PLEASE!)

* Shahrukh takes Chennai Express to Jakarta.

* Govinda hasn't given up on launching his daughter. (I hear Jackky Bhagnani is available.)

* Amjad Khan, whose controversial debut film Le Gaya Saddam was just released in November, to make a film on 15-year old Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot by the Taliban for speaking up on women's education.

* How to be gay, Bollywood style.

The hand must hang: Now, this is a fine art he no doubt developed over the years. Whether he is walking, fighting, drinking a glass of water, or even driving, the left (or the right) must hang just so, at the wrists, from hands folded at the elbows and held close to the torso.

They forgot one - be a man. Very few representations of lesbians in Bollywood, even by these stereotyped standards. I can only think of Hum Tum aur Ghost. Imagine being so invisible that you don't even get to see characters like you as the heroine's butch, car mechanic best friend!

* Shut up, Irrfan. The "Hollywood is so great" thing is getting old. We know they love you over there. We get it. Move it along.

Making of Fevicol Se... Bebo is soo~ooooo cute!


odadune said...

The Tamil version of Thuppaki faced some kind of protests from Muslims and scenes were cut as a result (though maybe not from the overseas print you saw). I would think that would make the people involved in the remake inclined to make it less controversial than the original, especially since Akshay knows perfectly well that he has a major fanbase in Pakistan, etc, and has been trying to get friendlier with them lately.

John Abraham would be interesting in the Vidyut role-he doesn't do scary-angry quite as well as Akki does, but he's one of the few well-known names in Bollywood who's both big enough and fast enough to be a believable threat in a fight scene with Akshay.

Also, I thought this was kind of sweet, though Akki's part in it was no more than common human decency:

Now there's a story about the power of escapist or "mass" cinema for you.

Thelondongirl said...

Navneet Nishan's role ( i hope i have the right one) in Raja Hindustani, is defo quids in for the butch stereotype, however she gets turned straight by Johnny Lever(of all people), though the character isnt out out, theres a strong overtone. thats the only one i can think of

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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