Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Gossip: Under the Knife Edition!

Sigh. My Khiladi 786 review to be posted tonight after I've had some time to mull it over. The short version is: I really enjoyed it but then I really enjoy loud, shouty Akshay comedies. Of the loud, shouty comedy genre, Khiladi 786 is a fine specimen and Himesh doesn't ruin it too much, putting in an inoffensive comedic performance that put me in mind of those roles that brothers of famous actors end up doing, Rajendra Nath or Anoop Kumar-style. We all know it's a charity gig but why not let him do it.

Anyways, I have a feeling my review will be the only one that isn't massively snotty like all the others. Do click on that for an example of the least helpful way to review an Akshay Kumar comedy film.

* The Times of India runs through the top scandals of the year.

2012 brought another controversy for King Khan of Bollywood. The actor was accused of entering the grounds drunk and also and misbehaving with the Wankhede stadium officials. The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) banned SRK from entering the stadium for five years. Few days before the Wankhede controversy, the actor was seen smoking on April 8 at the Sawai Man Singh in Jaipur which raised many eyebrows.

Are you ending things too early, Times of India? There's still three weeks to go! And Sanjay Dutt and Sonu Niigaam just got raided by the Tax Man.

And Shahid Kapoor got himself a nose job.

AND Ameesha Patel is suing her family over some property related to her breaking and entering charge a couple years ago.

* First look of Besharam.

* I don't still don't really like Deepika but she's starting to grow on me... and if she keeps giving interviews like this that talk about acting instead of her boyfriends, I think that trend will keep up.

"I think the role is more important. It is a misconception that a glamorous role doesn't require acting talent. It's a bit strange, because I think at the end of the day, any kind of film -- whether it is glamorous or 'de-glam' (non-glamorous) - requires acting. Acting is acting," Deepika told IANS in an exclusive interview.

True that, girlfriend. I hate seeing films that don't bother to cast an appropriate actress for a "glam" role. Sometimes any bimbo will do but sometimes you need some substance there... even if she is in a backless evening gown.

* Aamir Khan has postponed the final shooting for Dhoom 3.

* Hrithik Roshan explains that he does adaptations not remakes and, you know, he believes it.

The actor insists that he would never act in a direct remake of any Bollywood or Hollywood film, and that is one of his conditions while signing films. “I don’t do remakes and this film is not a remake of Knight And Day,” says the actor, who also had to answer some questions about remakes when he was shooting his last hit, Agneepath. “Even Agneepath wasn’t a remake; it was an entirely different script,” says the actor.

That's one of the many reasons I love Hrithik Roshan. He really thinks about things like this and believes in making movies. It may sound like bullshit but he's totally serious. I appreciate that.

* I love Prabhudeva.

“I believe in expressing more than impressing. Whether here in Bollywood or in Tollywood, I will always like to express what I feel and with this mantra slowly and gradually I shall succeed in all my films.”

And that is why he is the man he is.

* Global novelty PSY will be dancing with Salman Khan at the opening ceremonies of the Celebrity Cricket League. They will be dancing to some Salman hits. I hope that includes "Dhinka Chika" and "Soni De Nakhre."

* Daler Mehndi's son is making a Bollywood debut.

"This is for the first time that Hindi cinema will see an original sardar playing the protagonist. So far only actors have donned a sardar`s look on screen but it will be great to see an original sardar in the film. I am representing my community and it is a great moment for our community," Gurdeep told IANS.

His picture is pretty great! All the best, Gurdeep!

* Ali Zafar apparently wants to get in shape to do action films but, honestly, he'd be better off leaving that to men who have trained in martial arts for years and instead try to find a role as their slick, urbane second hero who delivers the killer dialogues. Play the Saif Ali Khan to somebody else's Akshay Kumar, is what I'm saying Ali.

* Luke Kenny's (REMEMBER HIM?) zombie movie will beat Go Goa Gone and Rock the Shaadi to the box office but considering it's a film by Luke Kenny, I don't think the other two have anything to worry about.

Also, give me my Kunal Khemu movie or I will hurt somebody.

* Shut up, Claudia Ciesla. You don't understand that you were brought in as a novelty act and even as an item you were pretty terrible. I saw "Balma"... it was boring until Asin stepped in.

* I kind of want to hang out with Anu Aggarwal now.

Have you married? 
Anu: It is not that I do not believe in the institution of marriage but I haven’t met a guy more attractive than myself, yet. I love to spend time with me. I have made friends with myself. 

That is the best "next question please" I've read!

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Dr. Dang said...

I watched Aashiqui in Metro Cinema in mumbai few years before immigrating to USA permanently and remember Anu Agarwal. It was an interesting read.

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