Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Gossip: Wax Figure Edition

It's so frustrating that online retailers in India don't ship overseas because obviously I need this book about Bebo's style.

* The IFFI is called out for snubbing regional films.

* HBO moves to India and teams up with Eros.

* The many frivolous lawsuits against Bollywood films...

They're really only out to drive home their message - there's good and there's bad. Sexy is bad, humour is bad, taking a dig at your nation's faults is very, very bad. But perhaps, the fact that any litigation against a celebrity, a song or a soon-to-be-released film automatically makes for an interesting headline, and guarantees the litigator the rather dubious 15 minutes of fame, may have something to do with this penchant for filing PILs? Upholding that view was the Delhi High Court, when they dismissed a PIL in 2010, that challenged the title of Dhobi Ghat, stating that there is no merit in it and imposed a fine of 25,000 on the petitioner for abusing the judicial process.

* Some speculation on Salman and a Punjabi film...

* The Khiladi is told to slim down before filming begins on Thuppakki. More important - slimming down the horrible anti-Muslim sentiments in the film. I can only hope somebody on the production team was smart enough to demand changes in the script. The last thing Bollywood needs are "sleeper cell terrorists" with Muslim names getting beat up by Akshay Kumar.

* My favorite Bollywood actress/trainwreck on inspiring fashion trends...

There is something compelling about Kangana - I love that she tries so hard at English and at being blandly "Bollywood" glam and yet... there remains something difficult about her that is impossible to erase. Kangs could never be a typical starlet.

* Q: Do celebrities use shapewear?! Speculation on this exciting topic...

(A: Who cares.)

* Emo tweets from SRK inspire some articles.

Enjoy Preity Zinta's emotionless, motionless, botox-pumped face talk about Ishkq in Paris.

* I'm putting this last so you can avoid spoilers if you haven't seen Talaash yet.

Oh for god's sake... lengthy outraged diatribe at Talaash because it means (SPOILER ALERT)

Aamir is telling us ghosts are real.

Talaash, simply put, endorses the supernatural, establishes bluntly that séances are real, the spirit world is constantly trying to reconcile with its living counterpart, and the reconciliation and therefore closure - real, mind you, not imagined psychological gibberish - comes in the form of an actual note from a dead son to his father who is racked with remorse.

One word: Fiction.

The author of the piece certainly has a right to be outraged at people who swindle bereaved people out of money but Talaash is very obviously fiction and not a documentary. Isn't this putting too much in the hands of films and film stars?


(Laura) said...

I just saw 'Talaash' last night. Went out of my way to avoid spoilers, then my girlfriend leans over and says, "Oohh, I think I figured it out...." and went on to explain her hunches. Of course this was WAY EARLIER than I would have ever figured it out. Because I suspend my disbelief like a mofo when I watch movies. So I basically brought a spoiler WITH me to the film. ;)

swilso04 said...

For me though, the twist in Talaash wasn't about ghosts being "real". It's about what Rani says, that the seances make her happy, so why should Suri care? He finally realizes that he deserves his own happiness, and he has to leave the world of reason and logic behind, and enter the realm of spirituality to find it. That spirituality is not literally "spirits", that's just the way his subconscious decided to communicate with him.

Or something like that... :P

Moimeme said...

Re the article on Talaash: it might have been a reaction to Aamir's statement at a press conference that Talaash is "more realistic" than masala films like Singham and Dabangg.

Filmi Girl said...

@moimeme Yes, I saw some rumblings about that quote from Aamir... and I suppose in some ways it was more "real" than Son of Sardaar. I would put the level of reality up there with Dabangg, though. Singham, SoS, Rowdy Rathore are more fantasy-based.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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