Sunday, December 23, 2012

Filmi Girl's Top 10 Song Picturizations of 2012!

It’s always fun to look back at the year that was and I want to start with my favorite song picturizations of 2012. This isn’t a definitive list by any means and includes mostly songs from films I saw. Picturizations are fun on youtube but, in my opinion, context really matters but there are those songs that transcend the film.

So here we go in reverse order!

10. “Dil Garden Garden” from Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum

I have less than no desire to see this movie but the commitment to utter ridiculousness in this song picturization earned it a place on my list. I may not respect Tusshar Kapoor or his decision to make an extremely regressive comedy but I can respect (and celebrate) him and Riteish Deshmukh dressed up as dueling Austin Powerses and dancing on a brightly colored soundstage, intercut with heart wipes.

9. “Kukkad” from Student of the Year

There’s nothing quite like a good hero introduction song and this is a good hero introduction song! Student of the Year turned out to be one of my favorite films of the year and the liveliness and freshness that comes across here is a large part of the reason why!

8. “Dreamum Wakeupum” from Aiyyaa

Despite the bad reviews and the flop status of Aiyyaa, this song poked through the public consciousness and I hope we see Rani doing it at the awards shows. Its popularity proves that she still has both “it” and “oomph” but just needs the right film to harness them both.

7. “Thaiya Thakka” from Vettai (Tamil)

I’m including this one because it’s not that often we get treated to a sisterly bonding song. It’s so much fun to see Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul just dancing to please themselves. I know that recently there has been a lot of discussion about Bollywood and “rape culture” and how it depicts women so here is a note to producers and directors: ^^ This is how you do it without objectifying.

6. “Papa Toh Band Bajaye” from Housefull 2

There is only one word to describe this picturization: delightful. Not only does Farah Khan does a wonderful job with the choreography but it’s wonderful just to see Akshay, John, Riteish, and Shreyas in their pastel color scheme outfits just cutting loose and having fun. Everything has a buoyancy to it that makes this song linger in the memory.

5. “Shah Ka Rutba” from Agneepath

A large part of why I loved this song was nostalgia. Agneepath may have been a remake but it was a remake of a film from the 1990 and though the original is told using that older style masala style, it’s still steeped in the modern obsession with “grit” and drugs and street gangs. But this song brought us back to those wonderful epic, melodramas from the late 1970s, like Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, with the pathos and the use of traditional instruments. And even today, nobody sells a song like Rishi Kapoor. Nobody.

4. “Vaaya Moodi” from Mugamoodi (Tamil)

Though Mugamoodi ended up being a bit of a disappointment, the first half was almost flawless - very much including this song. The song itself is very pretty but what really sells the picturization is the way it plays with romantic song cliches. I love the breaking of the fourth wall from Jiiva and from the inhabitants of the “romantic” European landscape. Because it's a “crush” song and not a "romance" song, it’s fun to see Jiiva’s imagination get carried away with him. And, on top of everything else, look at how charming Jiiva is! Look at that charm on display!

3. “Aa Re Pritam Pyare” from Rowdy Rathore

I’m an honest person and I’ll be honest that even without the data from my dead hard drive, I can say for a fact that this was my most played song of 2012. Everything about this song is amazing and just bursting with energy. Plus, it’s Mumaith Khan. MUMAITH KHAN! I love Malaika Arora but Mumaith is simply the queen of item songs. And my heart. When she dances, she smiles like the summer sun.

2. “Kannazhaga” from 3 (Tamil)

I know it seems like I don’t like love songs but that’s not true. I can appreciate a nice love song as much as the next person (or possibly more) but Bollywood just doesn’t do them as well as it used to. Tamil films... well, not only was 3 my favorite soundtrack album of the year but this was an erotic picturiztion like you don’t see in Hindi films any more. At least not since Rishi Kapoor was romancing Dimple Kapadia around a bed.

1. “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” from Shanghai

Dibarkar Banerjee’s Shanghai was one of those new-fangled “Hindie” films that eschews sync-songs in favor of montages or if they do use sync-songs, it’s generally in an “ironic” fashion - like the other song from Shanghai:Imported Kamariya. But for whatever reason, “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” snuck in to the film and we’re treated to a sublime little slice of everything sync-songs can do. The lipsync from Pitobash and the way he draws Emraan Hashmi into the thronging, singing, dancing crowd gives us a real sense of a powder keg about to explode in the way no montage could have.

Of all the songs and all the song picturizations, this was the biggest surprise and my vote for best of the year.


Amaluu said...

Awesome round up! I LOVE that you included Thaiya Thakka (I can't stop watching that video - I even saved it on my DVR when we still had Tamil channels and refuse to delete it) and love what you said about Rishi Kapoor. <3

However the Rowdy Rathore song I just can't get into because the original is sooo much better. They even stole Prabhu Deva's step!

Filmi Girl said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed!! I had too much fun compiling ;) And THANK YOU for that link!! I can definitely see where you are coming from... Prabhudeva. He is just amazing. I cannot wait for ABCD. I just hope it comes in 3D.

I wonder if they will include a "Thaiya Thakka" ish song in the Vettai remake if it happens... that feeling from the song is something I haven't seen in Hindi films in a long time.

OG said...

hey FG, what do you think about Nani Koni from Maattrraan? awesome locations.......

I think it deserves a place, right? :)

Filmi Girl said...

@OG That was a close one!! I almost put it on there - if I did a Top 15, then for sure!! The locations were in Norway and I have a soft spot for Norway since I lived there for a time. :)

But that film will be making an appearance on my best of lists. Don't worry!

getfilmy said...


Also Dreamum Wakeuppam for me. Awesome list!

Dr. Dang said...

no fevicol :)

CoffeeQueen said...

Fevicol Se was awesome!

Melanie said...

I think Aga bai from Aiyya was a fabulous one too!! Rani!!

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