Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday News Post: Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos edition!

I went out to see DC United play last night! They made the playoffs this year, which is really exciting!

It's always fun to be in that big, cheering crowd of fans! And a big shout out to 19 year old Andy Najar (#14), who was really full of hustle last night. He's going to be a big talent...

Anyways, in film news!

* Shahrukh Khan says Ajay Devgn isn't his enemy and there is nothing he can do about the screen distribution.

"It's the producer's lookout. Ajay mera dushman nahi hain. Screen distribution mera call nahi hain".

Fair point, brother. This isn't Ajay vs. Shahrukh but Ajay Devgn Films vs. Yash Raj Films.

* The MNS are disrupting film shoots again.

[Ram Gopal] Varma said, "I truly think it has become a fashion in terms of political and other parties to protest without even knowing what the film is. If they were sincere in their intent, the least I'd expect from them is to have a dialogue with me on my intent.

* Here is a very weird interview with Priyadarshan...

"In hindsight I feel Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal should've never been made. It worked in Malayalam. But it didn't have the potential to be remade. The Malayali actor Dileep could carry the original. Shreyas Talpade for all his talent, couldn't carry the film. Like I said I blame no one except myself."

Um... So, what Priyadarshan is saying is that Shreyas couldn't pull in the crowds BUT Priyadarshan only blames himself for that for making the film in the first place... but Shreyas couldn't carry it. But he doesn't blame him. *my head explodes*

I actually really liked the song promos for KDM and Shreyas Talpade is a fantastic actor - don't put this on him, bro.

And then there is this gem: "I feel I've made enough films. Now I want to concentrate on quality. I feel my next Hindi release Rangrezz is a step in the healing process. It's turned out well. Besides Jackky Bhagnani the film has some really talented newcomers."

HA HA HA! Jackky Bhagnani and "quality" in the same paragraph.

* Aiyyaa director Sachin Kundalkar's next is a teenage love story.

* Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of my favorite interview subjects. He's always so candid - and answers the questions he is asked.

Well, that is the sad part – the fact that we are slotted into categories. Someone who is a superstar would get paid humongous amounts for doing a role which is similar to the ones that he has already done before. People like me would get slotted as character actors, and due to this, the money that we would be getting would also be less. This is not right. I feel you should get paid according to your talent and there should be no categorisation of actors.

Being talented is not about being born into a particular family. It is not as if you are born into a certain actor’s family, so you will be good in acting. Anyone can do good acting; it depends on ability.

* According to Anupam Kher, Anupam Kher has been selected by the Hollywood Reporter as one of the five most talented actors in Asia.

Other four actors are -  Li BingBing (China), Lee Byung-Hun (South Korea), Iko Uwais (Thailand) and Aaron Kwok (Hong Kong)," he wrote.

Not that I don't believe him but I couldn't find a source, if anybody wants to link to it in the comments. Also, that list is kind of "we only see Asian movies on the festival circuit" bullshit. My list would definitely rank all of these guys over Anupam Kher:

1. Vikram (India)

2. Asano Tadanobu (Japan)

3. Choi Min-Sik (Korea)

4. Arya (India)

5. Lee Jun Ki (Korea)

Not to mention Surya, Prabhudeva, Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Rishi Kapoor. Yes, Rishi Kapoor, who is a phenomenal talent.

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