Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Gossip: "Classy" edition...

Today we should all wish a Happy Birthday to Shahrukh Khan, who turns 47 years young today!

* The WSJ's review round-up of Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana. It looks like if you like those kinds of middle brow films, you'll like it. I have a feeling my take would be more like the Zee news reviewer.

* Yash Raj responds to the charges of monopolistic practices from Team Son of Sardaar.

We were indeed quite surprised to receive an intimation from Ajay Devgn Films' lawyers today saying that they had filed a complaint with the Competition Commission of India against YRF, alleging malpractice committed by us in connection with the release of Jab Tak Hai Jaan and thereby affecting the release of Son Of Sardaar.For a company like ours, which has maintained the highest standards of work ethics and fair play, this has really come as a shock.

* The Competition Commission is investigating.

* Poonam Pandey's debut film has a title and super "classy" poster.

Producer Aditya Bhatia says that the film is for adults only. "We are making a classy film. Amit has directed Jism earlier with Bipasha Basu and John Abraham and shown the stuff he is made of. Poonam Pandey's growing cult status is an important facet that we cannot overlook."

I think by "growing cult status" he means "increasingly successful fame whoring."

* SPEAKING OF! You know I can't resist a "classy" cat fight... Did Piggy Chops's team leak this story to the press?

An eye witness told Mirror, “Priyanka, who was supposed to dance to Yash Chopra’s songs had been practising hard since the afternoon. She had been sweating it out on the floor when, closer to the show time she noticed Kareena sailing in. This was her first public appearance post wedding, and Bebo simply breezed in and out without putting in even as much as a fraction of the effort or time that Priyanka had for the show. This irked PeeCee to no end.”

Apparently, Piggy was "professional" enough to go on with the show, despite being irked. Well then.

* Kochadaiyaan has been pushed back again - to early February 2013. But, interestingly to me, there will be a Japanese language release!

* A nice interview with Prashant Bhargava, director of Patang.

"I tried to really capture all the generations, whether it’s that 11-year-old kid Hamid wandering around and his relationship in terms of being a breadwinner in his family and what that means, all the way to the grandmother and the sister-in-law [who is] the matriarch of the family and the one that keeps the house going. I tried to bring a more universal perspective on it, but all of these relationships are very local and very intimate. What touches me the most throughout this process in sharing the film is how audiences react to the story. It’s a local story, but it has some universal truth to it."

ETA: I almost forgot the "classiest" story yet - the Playboy Club opening in Mumbai... that will feature "decent" Bunnies.


tokyoblackcat said...

Sorry for my first comment ever being something off-topic, but I'm really bad at the internet and wasn't sure where else to ask.

I love your 'Bollywood for Beginners' series, and I tend to show it to my friends when they want to get into this wacky sparkly world of awesome, but the index and many of the early posts seem to be gone! Any chance they'll ever come back?

Jurno Least said...

its not in Mumbai :(....its opening in Candolim Goa

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