Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday GOSSIP!

Hello and good morning! So, there is a lot of talk about Chittagong on the old inter-tubes but a little birdie involved with the film told me it's simply "okay" - though much better than the Abhishek version. If you chose to see it, keep that in mind.

Anyways... I tried watching Ishaqzaade and you guys... it was so dumb. Parineeti was great, Arjun was decent, and the direction was good but the story was awful!!! The whole premise of the two falling in love takes a bigger grain of salt than the entire plot of Kambakkht Ishq! And there was a glossy sheen over everything that made it seem like Lafangey Parindey but set in UP. I couldn't sit through to the end but, damn, it could have finished with a roller skating contest for the minister's position and I wouldn't have been surprised. Actually, I might have preferred that.

* Happy birthday to REKHA!!! Here's a slideshow of her looking gorgeous.

* Nice piece in Open Magazine about street kids and Bollywood dreams.

A few weeks ago, he stood shouting “maar sale ko, maar” as Suniel Shetty beat up the villain in Krishna. Bollywood for them is anchor, teacher, escape—the elsewhere realm.

But not the Bollywood of today. Shekhar had gone to watch the recent Imran Khan starrer, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, but he couldn’t sit through it. This was not his world, not the staple he had grown up on, it had none of the underdog-who-finally-made-it pull, a la Muqaddar Ka Sikandar or Deewar, both Amitabh Bachchan starrers. The rejection is mutual.


Bebo rejects a huge sum from a tabloid.

* They've booked multiple hotels to throw reporters off the scent.


* Jiah Khan signs a three film deal!!! WOO HOO! Y'all know I love Jiah... I think she's quite underrated as an actress.

* Malayali stud muffin Prithviraj gets oiled up and chats to koimoi.

You were shuddered with offers from Bollywood. What made you choose Aiyyaa over the other films that you were offered?

The script! I had never heard something as quirky and new like this before. I had decided that when I had to do a debut in the film. I wanted to do something that would prove my mettle as an actor. I don’t see a point in doping films that will have no strength in the plot and eventually will get unnoticed. The moment I heard the script of Aiyyaa, I knew that people will sit down and take notice. From the first promo onwards, people have gone crazy about the film and that is what makes me really happy.

* Rani Mukerjee is also on the interview circuit.

Their distinct Hindi accents with "aiyoo" at the end of words and their sambar-guzzling habits have been derided for many years, but Rani claims that her North-South love story is going to change the way South Indians are perceived.

"In this wacky film, Surya is that quintessential tall, dark and handsome guy, which novelists and storytellers talk up in their romances. I hope sensible people start putting this word out there," she said.

* Aishwarya Rai to do an adaptation of Rebecca with Mani Ratnam? Um... as much as I would love to see this, Aish is not the right person to play the unnamed narrator. She's supposed to be a young, naive thing... Unless Aish is playing Rebecca in flashbacks?! OMG AND THEN SHE GETS TO HAVE ALL THAT SAPPHIC SUBTEXT WITH THE WOMAN PLAYING HER LADY'S MAID?! I'm having vapors... Pssst... SLB, call me and we'll work on scripting this.

* Madhur Bandar-car pretends he didn't get called out for making yet another version of the same tired old story in Heroine.

After 72 days of extensive shooting and great team work, I am a happy man with the response Heroine has got. So to begin with, I am thankful to all of you, my audience, for whom I make my film. It’s not an easy task to make a film that is about your own industry and yet I am glad that everything fell in place.

Also, his blog tag is "Realistic Film Maker." Um...

* Manisha Koirala!

Did you consciously decide to move away from films?

Yeah, in a way, because I did couple of odd films and towards the end of that, I realised that I was not enjoying the routine; maybe some people can do that all their lives, working day and night, non-stop, 24×7. It’s perfectly fine with them. But I started getting little numb and bored. I wondered, ‘Is this what my life is all about?’ Gradually, I wasn’t enjoying the routine of waking up in the morning and doing the same makeup and running from one studio to another. So I took a break, went to New York and studied a filmmaking course. After that, I went to Paris and spent some time there. Later, I went to Nepal, but all this while I did one or two odd films. But I stayed purposely away from people and the media, because I started withdrawing myself. So it was a conscious decision.

She seems like a really interesting woman...

* A little 13-year old Pakistani Ajay Devgn fan who was apprehended crossing the border to India is finally being sent back home one year later.

Kashif's mother Kulsoom Bibi wanted him to undergo religious education in a madrassa in Lahore but Kashif, who wanted to meet his hero in India, didn't like it. One day, he ran away from home and crossed the border, where he was arrested by Border Security Force in September 2011.

He was sentenced to three months imprisonment and was sent to juvenile home but he was unable to accurately give his residential address which delayed his verification process.

Scared of facing his mother, Kashif said that from now onwards, he would abide by whatever she would say.

I know this shouldn't be heartwarming but it kind of is... I hope he's okay.

* Tusshar Kapoor wants roles like Barfi. Dude, you already played a mute character in Golmaal - talk to Rohit Shetty and I'm sure he can make you deaf for comedy purposes in Golmaal 4 - which I assume is planned for like 2014 or something.

* And Sallu-bhai does a guest appearance for Makkhi, the Hindi version of Eega.

I saw the promo for Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Whatever at the theater a couple of weeks ago before the Vikram film and the audience - which was pretty full - could not have been less interested. Heh. I agree with them. This looks like something that would be a fine time killer on Sunday afternoon on cable but not worth going out of your way to see.

Am I in the grips of Stockholm Syndrome or is this actually kind of hot?

Maybe it helps that SRK isn't trying to act all "youthful" but is doing his grownup smexy thing.


Moimeme said...

I know you're in the "getting back into the groove" mode, so I hope you won't mind if I make a couple of corrections.

1. The rumor of Aishwarya acting in a remake of Rebecca has already been officially denied by Suhasini, Mani Ratnam's wife, who said that he's finishing up his current film, and won't even think about what's next for another year.

2. Salman Khan *isn't* making a guest appearance in Makkhi -- the fly does a tribute dance of Salman's famous "towel dance" moves from MSK.

Great to have you back online again!

Filmi Girl said...

LOL! Of course I don't mind!! Unlike certain American presidential candidates, I like fact checkers. :D

I'll be caught up soon enough...

Thelondongirl said...

ok i am lo'ing that you see the Sexy in the JTHj song, I think you might need counseling, what did they do to you in the last month? you realise its SRK right, lol. good to have you back@filmigirl

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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