Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Gossip: Who listens to critics anyway edition!

How is everybody doing?! Things in Washington, DC should be back to normal today but I know my friends in New York City and New Jersey are still suffering. Stay strong! We're all thinking about you...

Here is what it looked like around my part of town, yesterday - wind blown and eerily empty for a Tuesday.

* It's a slow enough news day that the media outlets are gearing up for Aishwarya Rai's 39th birthday tomorrow.

Have some Aishwarya trivia!

And it wouldn't be the media without trying to ruin any surprises planned by the birthday girl/boy's husband/wife!

A source told a leading daily, "No formal plans have been made as of now, but knowing Abhishek, he might just surprise Aishwarya with a holiday in Goa, because both of them love the place."

Jeez, people! I hope Aish doesn't bother to read the tabloids.

* SPOILER ALERT (possibly) - I haven't clicked through to read the article but it claims to reveal Anushka Sharma's role in JTHJ. I prefer to be surprised about these things but I know other people love spoilers.

* Tarzan actor Hemant Birje got into a booze-soaked scuffle outside his colony.

* Tabu is back on the publicity circuit for Life of Pi. Nobody is asking about her wedding (that I've seen) but everybody wants to know why she hasn't been working.

"There`s not any specific reason, but there are many reasons, not just a single reason. Sometimes you don`t like the role, sometimes the director is not trustworthy or the producer is not reliable. At times the money offered is not good," she said.

* Ang Lee on Life of Pi.

The important thing for a director to know, Lee says, is that he’s not creating cinema, he’s initiating it. “There is an idea, then a group of people come together, and something is born. As the man in charge, I have to pretend to know what I’m doing. But in reality, I wake up every morning and pray to the Movie God, who tells me where the film wants to go. My job is to help it along that path.

* Oh, PC... on the one hand, she finally has a cause I can get behind. I very much approve of regular people being able to repeat a dress or outfit at fancy events because we're not made of money. But being able to gawk at super pricy outfits is one of the reasons we pay celebrities so much money!!

* Meet Anjali Patil, a young drama school graduate who gained some praise as a Naxalite in Chakravyuh.

Playing the Naxalite in Chakravyuh was not difficult for Anjali since, by her own admission, she had “leftist leanings”. “Though I’ve gotten over that phase in my life I can never be a Capitalist. Acting would never be my bread and butter. I can’t see myself as a Bollywood Movie Star living in a duplex with a fleet of cars parked in the basement. I will always be a misfit, though I wouldn’t like to play misfits all the time.”

SO CUTE! She sounds every bit of 23. ♥ I love that youthful earnestness...

* One of the more testy exchanges from the Jab Tak Hai Jaan press meet.

The actor was in a jolly mood answering few sensible but mostly nonsensical queries with his witty one-liners till he finally lost his cool. On being asked whether JTHJ would touch the Rs 100-crore mark, here’s what the angry actor said, “I don’t understand why you people (media) always tend to evaluate everything in terms of numbers."

* Vikram Bhatt talks 1920: Evil Returns and critics.

Well that’s a part of a critic’s job, right? That’s why a channel pays you. To improve by a critic’s standard is surely to fail. And today, if you believe in their (critics’) praise, you will have to believe in their insults too. So you have to take it as a part of your job. The critics will come, see and say things. Who listens to them, anyway!

* I'm kind of over Anurag Kashyap and his increasingly self-important films.

For those who are interested, Yash Raj uploaded a series of "making of" videos for Ek Tha Tiger.

AND for those with time to kill and who love cheezy teen soap operas, consider checking out D3: Dil Dosti Dance!

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