Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Gossip: YES I'M BACK!


Thank you for being patient with me as I took a month off to sort some things out. It's been a busy time for me recently and, thankfully, things are back to a "normal" level of busy so I have time and energy to write for you again.

While I was off I did watch a few movies and I hope to have some reviews written soon. Vikram's Thaandavam was, frankly, the best masala film I've seen all year. And, yes, that includes Ek Tha Tiger and Rowdy Rathore! Tamil films are really my favorite films these days.

I'm also that happy I missed most of the fuss over Barfi, which is exactly the kind of film I hate... I'm really dreading watching it for the 100 Crore Club series. Are they really sending it to the Oscars?! Ai yo! I would think something like Prakash Raaj's Dhoni would have a better chance. Anyways, I'll probably be avoiding most of the Jab Tak Hai Jaan promotional craziness for the same reason. Although since it's Shahrukh, I'm sure some of it will sink in. Sigh.

Anyways, I'm sure I'll be catching up with what happened while I was away for a bit so forgive any older news. It's new to me!

* Some really sad news to start with - Asha Bhosle's daughter committed suicide. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

* Bollywood movies have been banned in Nepal.

* Bollywood as an investment vehicle?

"I believe the idea of Bollywood is a little bigger than its product," said Shekhar Kapur, an acclaimed Indian film director and producer, who also directed Elizabeth and The Golden Age, starring Cate Blanchett.

At least internationally, yes.

* RANI MUKERJI! She's doing interviews!

Guess Prithviraj joined you in all this fun and frolic as well. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying his stint as your ‘dream man’! 
(Laughs) According to Prithvi, he has been a fan of mine for years and stays on to be so. On the contrary I didn’t know much about him though when I saw his video on the internet, I was amazed to see that he is such a big star out there in Malayalam films and quite a heart throb. Now that I have worked with him, I know for sure that why he is on the top. He deserves that since he is such a good actor. In fact he is one of the finest that I have worked with.

She's also pushing down the woman centric tag, probably because of the connotations it has.

"I would call it a romantic film, and I wouldn't categorise this as a woman-centric story," Rani said in a press conference here Monday.

Fair enough, Rani. I cannot WAIT for this movie! RANI!

* Siddharth signs on to Vasanthabalan and his Midnights Children has an Indian release date.

* Massive item number in the works for Himmatwala. Oh Sajid Khan, you know what I love.

* The Big B turns 70!

Generations of Indians, not just actors, look up to you as a role model. Does that put a huge responsibility on your shoulder? 

I am a regular normal guy and no role model, so I do not carry the burden of responsibility. The responsibility that I am aware of is that of protecting the name of my father and my family. I shall attempt and endeavour in all possible manner to comply with that.

There was an art exhibition to celebrate.

All the works have also been catalogued into a book, with stories about each artwork and how the artist has interpreted the actor in his work, [Sapna] Kar tells us. Says Pandey, "Each piece of art that you will see in this book, is a tribute to Mr Bachchan by some of the greatest artists of India. Each piece of art carries a little bit of their heart. Each unfurls a layer of the multi-layered personality of Mr Bachchan."

* A nice article on Indian dramas in Russia.

“Indian shows have been popular in Russia, Ukraine and several other Commonwealth countries since a decade. I was hooked to some that were were dubbed in Russian. But when I came to India, I got to watch them in their original form, which also helped me pick up Hindi. This worked in my favour and I soon found myself dubbing for several Hindi shows to be telecast back home,” explains Krilenko, 27, who dubs for Zee’s Pavitra Rishta.

* Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai 2 did some shooting in Oman.

* You guys, this is the kind of story I missed the most - rumors about has been/never been stars making preposterous "come backs". Fardeen Khan to romance nine heroines.

Of late, Fardeen has been trying to knock off the extra pounds for the sequel. "I do want to get in a better shape for the film. I have never been a six-pack-kind of guy, but I am a following an intense 45-minute workout these days. You will see me in a new avatar," he says.

Because 45 minutes a day is the key to a six pack...

* Yash Chopra getting ready to shoot his last ever scene - a romantic song in Switzerland for Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

* Anurag Kashyap mentions Doga! It seems like the Kunal Kapoor film is dead, though.

* Sunny Leone will host the South Asian Rising Star Awards in New York City. Hers has been quite the transformation from AV actress to respectable actress... it's pretty incredible, actually.

* Salman and his plans for Being Human... remakes and a Thums Up endorsement deal?

Trailer for Emraan and Neha's Rush, which looks fun.


the mafia kat said...

Yay! You were missed! Welcome back.... just in time for all the Aiyyaa publicity. Have you watched the Behind the Scenes video for "Dreamum Wakeupum"? Rani and Vaibhavi gel so well together, and that shows in the choreography. And what about Aga Bai? (Rani looks so much more dynamic on screen than Kareena in Halkat Jawani, but that's just me!)

Anyway, I'm just really pumped for this movie. I love how it embraces the ridiculous, while pushes female sexuality and race to the forefront.

Again, welcome baaaack!

(Laura) said...

You WERE missed. I really appreciate this blog and your insights and perspectives. :)

eliza bennet said...

Welcome back!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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