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Tuesday Gossip - Let's take a trip to Lake Chopra Edition!

I almost linked you to a post laying out the "Top 10 movies" coming out over the festival season but it was really just Son of Sardaar, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, and then 8 films starring B and C list heroes that nobody cares about. You're welcome. Any list of "top" anything that features Jackky Bhagnani but doesn't include the word flop is bullshit.


* There will be a tribute to Yash Chopra at the International Film Festival of India.

* The New York Times on Yash Chopra's romanticizing of foreign locales.

Mr. Chopra had a special affection for Europe, and for Switzerland in particular. He first visited more than 50 years ago, staying in bed-and-breakfasts all over the country. In 1971, he honeymooned in Gstaad with his new bride Pamela, apparently promising her that he would try to have at least one song or sequence set in Switzerland. But it was not till 1985 that he first filmed there (“Faasle”).  After that, there seems to have been no looking back. All told, Mr. Chopra shot scenes for 10 of his movies in the postcard-pretty nation, thereby promoting the country in India as a tourist destination.

* The Guardian takes on Yash Chopra in the UK.

The director also played a part in promoting Britain as a glamorous destination. His classic film Lamhe (1991) was shot in London and the Lake District. When he produced Mujhse Dosti Karoge a decade later, Chopra again returned to Ullswater to film aboard one of the steamers which ply between Glen Ridding and Pooley Bridge, reveling in the twisting lake, rolling fells and narrow, winding roads of the national park.

* Sadly, the final song for Jab Tak Hai Jaan - which was to have been set in the Swiss Alps - has been canceled.

* A look back at Dil To Pagal Hai.

Based on the premise that “Someone, somewhere, is made for you” (as the opening credits proudly proclaim), DTPH is a testament to the fact that romance was never the same once Yash Chopra put his signature stamp on it.

Interestingly enough, it's the same message and style of romance that Karan Johar refutes in Student of the Year.

* Aamir Khan meets cricketer Shahid Afridi on the Hajj! (Very cute picture!)

* Is another one of PC's cousins set to enter Bollywood?

* Abhay Deol prefers to play characters he can relate to.

"Relatability is more important than herogiri to me. Larger-than-life bores me. Most of the roles I have played are characters that I can relate to, even though in totality I am not that person." * Some unfortunate promoter is trying to get Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra on the same bill at a party.

* Not surprisingly, Nidhi Subbaiah, the girl who is starring opposite that waste-of-space Jackky Bhagnani in Ajab Gazabb Love, is willing to do anything to succeed in Bollywood.

"As an actress, I should not be putting any undue restrictions on myself. If a script demands me to be shown as a particular character then I need to get into its skin. People do ask me if I am okay about exposing for camera. Well, as long as the aesthetics are maintained, I don’t mind that. Tomorrow if there is love making, kissing or bikini scene, I won’t be bothered if I am sure about the people behind the film and their thought process to bring it well on screen."

Well, I will say that it's nice to see an actress just laying it all out there without the infuriating "bold" attitude of flasher queens like Poonam Pandey.

Can I also just add, somewhat on the same topic, that something else that has infuriated me the last few days is the attitude towards Sana Saeed and her character "Tanya" in Student of the Year. How can the same media that chastises actresses for not wanting to wear bikinis turn around and shit all over Sana Saeed for playing a "slut" and wearing a bikini in Student of the Year?! In just about every review I read there was some sort of dismissive variation on "the cute little girl from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai grew up to be a slut." SHE DID? Funny, because I saw the film and Tanya seemed mostly interested in getting with Rohan in order to please her mother/boost her own self-esteem. I wish these so-called critics would stop and read their own reviews and THINK about what they are writing.

Here is a trailer for Pizza, a surprise hit in Chennai! My understanding is that the young filmmaker got his start doing short films and this is his first full length feature film. I hope it gets subtitles and a DVD release soon!

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