Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday News Post

Another cool, autumn morning here in Washington, DC! We'll start with some sad news first...

* Yash Chopra has been hospitalized with dengue fever. Get well soon, sir!

* A quick thinking young woman outsmarts a scumbag trying to take advantage of casting couch.

"Viveki made the girl take acting tests. Once that was over, he asked her to undress for a photo session and demanded sexual favours from her," said Vinayak Savde, senior inspector (Nagpada). "Quick thinking by the girl helped her get out of the uncomfortable situation. She told Viveki that she was hungry and would like to eat first."

Oh ho!! What happens next...

* Aamir Khan talks to Christiane Amanpour on CNN.

“We believe that with information and knowledge you empower a person and hopefully that changes his actions as well,” Khan said.

* The lovely Daniel Pillai talks about Aiyyaa.

While the focus of the film is on Meenaxi herself, “Aiyyaa” is far from being a woman centric film, which it has been commonly labeled. To describe a film as “woman centric” suggests there is a female in the lead role and that the film mainly gives a serious perspective into the particular experiences of being a woman. But I’d call this movie “heroine centric.” It revolves around the story of the lead female protagonist(s) and its success lays on the lead actress’s (Rani Mukherjee) talent and star power.

* Meet the man who played Sridevi's husband in English Vinglish and will play Tabu's husband in The Life of Pi.

Just how Adil bagged the coveted role in Ang Lee's film makes an interesting story. "A very dear friend of mine Dilip Shankar was the casting director. He asked if I was interested in a screen adaptation of The Life Of Pi. I said, sure. Then at around midnight one evening I got a call from Ang Lee's casting director who said the director wanted to meet me. I said, 'Wow, where, when?' Ang Lee and I met at the Taj Lands End. The first thing I asked him is why he wanted to film this novel. It seemed like such an impossible novel to film. It still does. I don't know how he managed it. I went to Taiwan to discuss details and then we shot there."


* Rani Mukerji is not married thank you very much.

My name has been linked with several people, but 'upar waala' (god) will decide who will become my life partner," Rani said in reply to queries in a TV channel's show.

Dear Upar Waala, I am available. Thanks, FG

* But even God doesn't know when Salman Khan will get married.

"Even Allah Mia (God) would not be able to tell when Salman Khan will get married. I wish that our daughter-in-law should step in our home as early as possible, but it is not in our hands," Saleem [Khan] told reporters.

* And the A TO Z OF SAIFEENA FEST 2012!

H elipad: According to sources, a Gurgaon hotel has already been booked by the couple and they have also arranged to land on a helipad nearby.

Even I'm not invited but I cannot WAIT for this wedding.

* The lament of an old school poster designer.

“Many artists like me and our work have been presented unevenly, with shoddy re-prints and re-release posters through computers. Computers minimise human effort. However, the impact one gets by doing a poster manually is not the same whilst working on a computer,” Eswar told IANS in an interview.

* Flashback to some classic Pakistani pop music!

[Alamgir] would wear chunky belts, and Gary Glitter and Elvis Presley-inspired costumes. Lights flashed, cameras went mad zooming in and out, drummers went ballistic, concerts happened and Alamgir even fell off the stage during a high charged performance. It was obvious that Pakistanis were ready for a pop revolution and other singers were quick to take the cue.

Since I mentioned it earlier, here is the trailer for the Life of Pi - a book I had no interest in is now a film I have no interest in. And is that Coldplay in the trailer? This is like the exact opposite of everything I like - with the exception of Irrfan Khan.

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